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Everyone, its Matt well, he was mr. mpw and welcome to today’s. expert secrets, video in this video we’re, going to have a quick discussion. I suppose it’s. Gon na be a bit of a rant. If I’m honest about why and how the industry seems to be so negative and toxic at the moment, and hopefully how we might have a solution: hey everyone, its Matt Williams, mr.

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Ve got coming all the time. So today, a little bit of a rant and for those of you who follow in the channel it’s been a while, since I’ve done this and I actually went through a phase of doing them quite regularly.

So here we go, engage wavy, arms mode. I guess I’ll, try and keep them down for those of you get really upset about that again. I suppose this is another one of those things that I just don’t understand why the industry in particular is so negative, and I would go so far as to say to use the word toxic in certain circles.

Now we’re in embryonic industry. There are lots of people join in the industry and there are a lots of people who have joined the industry and have now exited and again, if you’ve been watching the channel at all and if you haven’t.

If you’re, not aware of this, go back and look through our playlist go back and look through the seven ways to a successful seven six steps to a six seven steps to a successful drone. Business is easy for me to say, go back and look at the other playlists that we’ve got and look through that content, because one of the reasons I think people seem to be struggling and then exiting is that they are come into the Drone industry thinking that there’s, a gold rush thinking that I suppose there is a gold rush in a way that’s exactly what seems to have been happening.

Lately. People coming in thinking that by getting a drone by getting a PFC o by having a , they are going to get work. And I say: if you go back and look at the content, we’ve, created about making a successful drone business about not kind of expecting an overnight success.

There are no such thing as overnight successes guys, okay, even when you look at kind of the channel, maybe and people look at that and go wow. He’s got a thousand followers in a few weeks. Yes, but there’s.

Seven years of graft that’s gone on behind that too, get it to the place where it is, and you know the drone industry is no exception. All of the other industries out there. You know it’s. The same you have to have some expertise and all you have to be super passionate about it, to the point that you wave your arms around on camera and not worry about making a dick out of yourself in front of everybody.

Sorry that wasn’t, particularly PG or and more PG than I am sometimes, and you’ve – got to embrace that now for those people and – and I think the reason I’m going down. This line is because I’m trying to drill down into why the community seems or certain patches certain niches within the community seem to be so negative, seem to be so toxic and I think it’s, probably because people are expecting As I say, this Gold Rush, they’re, expecting to make money straight away and they’re, trying to either put people off or knock people down who are trying to climb up who are trying to learn and grow.

And that’s, why this channel was created in the first place, we were so sick and tired of seeing all of the bitching and complaining and nitpicking and, to be quite honest, sometimes offensive comments that would be made on the Facebook groups in particular, And some of the other forums on the internet that actually we said you know what this isn & #.

39 t fair. If we want, as a community to create an industry which is gonna be successful, which is gonna thrive, which is going to allow all of us to build and grow successful businesses that are going to potentially change the lives.

For some of us who are in that industry, then actually, when someone comes on a forum and asks a question, why do they get shot down in flames at the end of the day? If that person has asked that question the way I look at it and the way we look at it within our business and those, you know that those of us who are behind the channel making this happen the way we look at that is that, if someone Reaches out on a forum and asks a question one: it’s, taken quite a lot of guts.

Probably, to put that question out there, particularly in front of those of us who know the answers, who seems so unwilling to put the answers out there in a pleasant and Carman an hour there are in those communities.

I know a number of people who are always helpful and are always willing and able to offer the advice and they give that away for free and that’s. Amazing. There is an element of that, but it just seems that the toxicity and if I want us the same personalities over and over again seem to jump on people and say well.

You should have been taught this by your own Kiwi, your Anki. We must be, and it’s like well yeah. Maybe – and I dare say there are some poorer n Kiwis out there than others, they all have to hit the same standard as you know, applied by the CIA, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they teach in the same way it doesn’t necessarily mean that they get the same information across so they ‘

Ve got the same experience, but it also comes down to potentially to the individual. Don’t forget, and it might be that that person, hasn’t picked up on that part of the course. It might be that that person hasn’t assimilated, that piece of information or it wasn’t.

Given to them by their training provider in a way that made sense to them in a way that allowed them to go okay, yeah, I get that and yeah an element of that may be that some of the young Kiwis don’t.

Have those anecdotal stories like we may have like I bring out on the channel quite often that you know from full-sized aviation and from unmanned aviation and from the business world, because they haven’t got that experience that’s, not their Fault necessarily because actually the information is out there in the air navigation order.

The information is out there in the cap 7 to 2, as it is at the moment for operators to understand. But you know what people are asking the questions. Why or the community shooting them down, because not only is it taken a lot to ask that question they’ll, probably be as we’ve seen from the start in the channel a few months ago.

Really now there are hundreds of people who want to know the answer to the same question that they then ask, and they don’t ask it because they see how other people are being treated when those questions have been asked.

So please please one. If you’re watching this and you are on those communities and you don’t, ask a question: come to us and ask the question: as you’ve seen I don’t name people. We just answer the question as obvious as it may be to some people it isn’t obvious until it’s obvious to you.

It isn’t obvious until you know the answer. Okay, so for those of us in that position, where we’ve got that knowledge don’t, keep it up here, share it with other people. That is the first thing I would suggest, and actually we’re getting this on the channel right.

There are the same characters who are negative on the Facebook groups and are negative on the forums come on to our channel, come on to how it mails and try and be negative to us. Tell us that we’re teaching people the wrong things.

Tell us that we’re. You know we’re, not putting the correct information out there and it’s, absolutely wrong. The interpretations, the the knowledge, everything that we have got, that we’re trying to put across on the channel is correct and if those characters have got enough time to be doing that, then do you know what leave them to it.

I would suggest send us your questions. We’ll, get them answered, let those people fight with each other in the forums and come and join us on the channel. Now, on top of that, and from this really so there’s been a couple of things that happen.

If you watched our video about a our powers and a couple of the other associations a few weeks ago, if you have been following along with the channel and watching the comments we have been bombarded with, people saying, are you why don’t you Set up some kind of group: why don’t? You set up some kind of Association so that we can all get together and we can get the people who want to learn and build and grow and help each other together, so that we can help each other out now.

That is exactly what we are doing. We have already offered out 60 free spaces to our operating safety case course. That will be a you know, 50 hundred pound course once it comes out, but we ‘ Ve got 60 people from the community from just from subscribers to the newsletter on the mr.

mpw comm , who are coming for that training in November now we are announcing officially in a few days time an industry day where we will be inviting 150 people from The subscriber base to come and learn and build and grow will be a full day.

We’re, getting one sponsor in for this initial event, we’re, paying for the costs for the venue and the a/v hire. We’re, getting one sponsor in so that they can come and they’re going to come and they’re, going to do a little talk to everybody so that we’re aware of what they do.

But they’re, also going to pay for the teas coffees biscuits lunch. That kind of thing that’s. The idea – and this will be the first one where you don’t need to be a member. You don’t need to pay an annual membership fee or a monthly membership fee.

This will be too totally free. We’re gonna get together. We’re gonna. Do some networking we’re, going to answer a load of questions? I’m gonna try and get the ca there to have a panel with the CIA so that we can ask them questions from the community for an hour or so, which would be incredible if we can pull this off and I don’t doubt for a second that we can.

We’ve already had those tentative conversations and they seem quite up for it and it’ll, be the biggest conference out there. Really it will be totally free for you to attend. If you do want to know more about this, go over to mr.

MP, w comm go down to the bottom sign up to the newsletter. The only way to be invited is to go onto the newsletter kind of subscription if you like, and we will when we get the kind of dates and venues it’s.

Gon na be in December sometime mid to mid-december, probably because we think that doing it then is probably not going to impact people it’s. Probably people aren’t gonna be stopped from coming because they ‘

Ve got work on because it’s, obviously short days and poorer weather and we held in the Midlands so that it’s central essential as we can get it, and it should be a great day where, as I say, we can Just answer questions we’ll run through you know the current state of play of the regulations we’ll, run through the future state of play of the regulations we can touch on the OSC.

We can answer questions for you there and then, and it you know, hopefully build an incredible community of people who want to help each other out who want to network and have realized that. Actually, that is the best way to build a successful business so hopefully useful.

If you did like the video, please give us a thumbs up. Don’t forget double thumbs down. If you didn’t like it subscribe to the channel, if you haven’t drop your thoughts, comments, questions down below and get in touch with us on the social channels I’ve, been Matt.

Williams, fly safe and blue skies.

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