Drone Flight Training Westchester NY – Drone Academy Live

by Jose
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are the next big thing and they are taking over in hundreds of industries across the globe, from commercial videography to arrow inspections, real estate, agriculture, maintenance, surveillance landscaping and hundreds of other industries.

are changing the way the world does business. Now you can take advantage of this growing opportunity when you become a professional pilot, even the FAA called being a pilot, your dream job of the future and the demand for pilots will only continue to increase, get ahead of the boom and train today.

To become a professional drone pilot professional drone pilot courses are now available from professional flight instructors in the sky. I network right here in your city. You will spend a full day learning and flying with one of our professionally trained flight instructors, and once you’ve completed your class, you will receive your drone operators ID card don’t, wait.

Class sizes are small and limited call today to register for the upcoming drone pilot training class

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