Drone Flight School: Session 101

To start , let’s, sync up your to your sky. Viper drill! Put your drone on a flat surface.

This is important to make sure your drone knows how to center itself.

Next turn on your drone by connecting the wires or switching it on test to make sure you,’re synced up by pressing up on the left, thumbstick just enough to see your propellers spin to charge your drone disconnect the two cables on the back of your Drum next plug your charging cable into the correct connector plug your charging cable into either computer laptop or USB charging adapter, and when the light turns green, your drone is ready for takeoff.

Here are some tips on how to keep your sky Viper in top shape? If you have a or video drone, you can attach the safety guards to the bottom of the drone.

Screws are included in case of propeller breaks, we’ve included, spares the video have a screw in the center of the propeller, while and skydivers have a screw on the side of the propeller to replace a propeller on the Nano drone pinch, the Top of the propeller near the center and firmly pull the propeller away.

If your drone has a trouble taking off or balancing inspect your motors make sure they’re clean and free from bits of dirt string or other stuff that might have gotten caught in them.

So that’s, just a few quick tips on taking care of your drone wan na, know more check out the sky, Viper or videos by clicking our links.


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