Drone Flight School Episode 1: Introduction

by Jose
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What’s, going on guys, Billy here and today I’ve, got a fairly special video for you. It is the first episode to my new drone flight school series. Now this video is going to be fairly short. I expect it to only be around 1 or 2 minutes long, but I want to take this time to announce to you guys that I am in the works of a brand new series.

Obviously titled drone flight school within this video. There are a few points that I want to hit, the first being that I know that I have plenty of series on my channel geared towards beginner drone pilots, more veteran drone pilots and also just accessories having to do with drones.

But I wanted to have one series where I really bring everything together and make a nice high quality video. Now it’s, not to say that all of my other videos, aren’t high quality. I really do try to put as much time and effort into them as I can, but they really only take me a day or two to make with this series I like to spend a week or maybe even a couple of weeks per episode with.

That being said, I really can’t. Give you a timeframe on when I’m, going to be releasing episodes, but just know that I’m gonna try every single Sunday to put out a drone flight school episode in this final part of the video I’d like to extend a question out to you guys, let me know what you’d like to see from this drone flight school series.

Now I have a bunch of different episodes written down in my notes, app from things like the pre-flight checklist. All the way to the intelligent flight modes, just a lot of different things that I can hit regarding DJI drones and even turns in general, but obviously it’s up to you guys to viewers as to what you want to see.

So if you have any different ideas for different episodes, definitely leave me a comment down below so anyways that about wraps things up. As far as this video goes, I hope you guys enjoyed definitely like and subscribe.

If you’re new around here and make sure to, let me know down in the comments what you’d like to see from this drone flight school series, I really can’t, wait to make it for you guys, But anyway again and that’s about it, and I’ll talk to guys later, peace, [, Music, ]

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