Drone DJI Mavic Mini Landing on Water Test FAILED!

by Jose

Assalamu 'alaikum Welcome to my channel. Today I want to test a floating kit for the . Since I often fly my drone in the area with many trees or over the lake or river, do I need additional equipment for my drone. I also installed the swim kit and propeller guard. So let's start. First try, I'll let it off the ground. In all honesty, I'm a little nervous because this is my first time. oh … did you see that? I didn't do that, it's just circling around, so strange. It seems unstable even though the wind isn't blowing that strong. I can see it is fighting the wind hard. Just look! she circles around again herself Yes landed But it didn't land entirely on the water, half of the landing skids are still on the ground.

Let's try again Landed yes, but it is the same as the first landing. This time I try to land a little more in the middle of the river. Let's see what will happen. Oh no! The back is wet. After the accident I dried it and tried to fly again Thank goodness it still worked. And I tested it again but this time it wasn't over water but only over the grass and the float kit and propeller guard were still in place. And it's still the same as the first test it fights strongly against the wind. as you can see, I didn't check it, I just flown it up to a height of 1 meter and let it drop But it just freaks out like crazy up and down and spinning around by itself.

I just feared it would actually crash. And then I tried to disassemble the floating kit and make it fly. It flew perfectly. It's not as wild as it was before. So my conclusion, The floating kit does not work. The runners, which in my opinion are made of styrofoam, are very light, so that they can easily be carried by the wind. It makes these lightweight runners like a heavy load for the drone. Second, the runners cannot keep the drone floating on the water. That's why my drone is sinking. This is my experience and opinion. Maybe I did something wrong or didn't set it right. If you have a different opinion or experience, just write your comment below. Don't forget to subscribe and thank you for watching Wassalam.

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