Drone Discussion #6 | How much can a 107 pilot make?


What’s, going on guys, Brian, your drones unlimited? So this is not going to be a crazy long, video or nothing. So this is all about a job that I’m doing today. It’s Saturday and I didn’t really plan on working today, but I have the dog I have my boat attached to the truck, but I just pulled up to the vacant land shoots that I need to do with my drone.

I only suspect I’ll, be here for thirty minutes, or so I probably burned one pack on the Phantom, but I just wanted to show other pilots. This is this is all it takes to make some money. I’m, actually wrapped to this and going fishing jobs like this are super easy.

Don’t, throw them away. You know everyone’s, so hardcore about construction and mapping and whatnot, but you can’t. Give away these easy vacant shoots like this, so I’m gonna. Do this job shouldn’t. Take me too long.

I got my dog with me, but I want to knock this out and then I’m gonna go fishing a little bit later, so we got the dog with me. So I want to knock this out real quick, but do it right got the boat here drones all hooked up, ready to go SD cards in their flight checks? Good! You know that’s.

Our vacant land. We’re, going to be shooting it’s, really pretty weather’s perfect today beautiful Florida weather on the greens finally pop in blue skies. So here it is phantom4. We’re all ready to go and we’re, going to knock this out real, quick, alright, so I got the drone up and I can’t juggle the phone and controller at the same time.

So we’re, going to knock it out and, like I said it’s only that vacant piece of land here, so we’ll burn one pack and I think that’s all we need all right. We just finished: we’re at 26 % left on the battery.

That’s. All we’ve burned, so I only used one battery pack. It’s, still a little bit of juice left, but enough to land it back safely, and now we can go fishing got some great footage. Show you guys just saw that and my dog is whining.

I think he’s ready to go so now we’re gonna go fishing and get out of here, so that was a quick 100 bucks, 150 bucks. I still have to edit a few of them and then deliver it, but other than that we’re done.

So I was here for about 20 minutes 25 minutes, and now we’re, getting the hell out of here: [ Music, ], [, Music, ]. Alright, guys we’re back. Okay, that was an easy day. We went fishing got to play with our drone and we’re gonna make some money.

So today we’re gonna make about 125 bucks. I was there for what 25 minutes or so a little longer, because I’m making a video for you guys there. Now we’re back. I’m tired, but hey 125 bucks. All we got to do is edit.

Some photos throw the drone clip on Adobe, do a couple, little quick, edits and then deliver to the client. I don’t, see that taking more than 30 minutes really to edit about 10 photos. When you take the photos, you just want to make sure there is close to perfect as possible that’s kind of obvious drones, like to the pictures of drones like to be canted, so you’ll notice having a lot of beginner Drum businesses, where their images are crooked, their horizon looks like a marble with slight slide off the end of it.

So with that this was only real estate. This is super easy. This job was actually something of like a bottom-feeding job, so real estate, the real estate industry within drones – to me, I think, is the bottom-feeding market compared to inspections, construction, roofing, stuff, thermal agriculture, those are bigger, money, bigger payoff jobs.

Obviously, you need a better drone to handle those jobs and better camera systems, but as far as the real estate goes, there’s so much easier. They can be hard. You know if you do interior stuff, it gets a little difficult depending on the clients, but as far as vacant land and outside drone stuff, it is super easy.

I mean you just saw what we did today. 25 minutes twiddling my thumb’s around. I’m gonna make 125 bucks. If I can do this, anyone can the only problem is. You do need to be tech savvy if you’re, not good with computers.

If you don’t know how all these all this stuff works in here, video cards, if you don’t know how to work Adobe, you need to get up on that now. What we do drones unlimited is what almost every drone company does.

Now, the only difference between me or drones, I’m limited than other companies, is that we offer a franchise solution which is actually licensing so drones. Unlimited has a franchise solution for qualified drone pilots who want to run their own business.

Now you’re good at computers, editing. You know how to hold yourself and talk properly and you can fly drones. Obviously you’re. The perfect pilot for us, and all you have to do – is go to drones. Unlimited org fill out the pilot application and we can send you or go over some options for you.

If you want to run your own drones, unlimited business out of your area, you’re, your own boss. You procure your own clients. You can leverage our for you, so you, don’t need to pay for your own and of course, I’m on call for you.

If you guys have any questions at all, so we do have a licensing solution. I don’t advertise it much. It will be available very soon, so that’ll, be coming within about a month or so from today. If I had to guess, but all that’s in the works, but I just wanted to show you guys look, this is the life of a drone pilot.

You can have fun. You kind of set your own hours depending on the weather. Weather is king, so the weather determines everything around your business. You can’t. Do nothing if it’s raining every day. You’re in trouble, so Washington.

I’m. Sorry, I’m sure you guys are probably suffering on the drone industry over there. With that rain, I used to live there and the Navy, but I’m back in Florida love what I do here and that’s. It guys so very simple, quick video I want to go.

I wanted you guys to see. Look drone pilots can make about a hundred bucks an hour even in the bottom-feeding industry of real estate, and you just got to be somewhat good. You just need to know basic stuff line, your image up, good lighting and the settings on your drone and then some editing here back at home, and you can make a hundred bucks an hour easily very easily.

I don’t. If I can do it, I don’t know why anyone else can’t. Do it. This is kind of silly that I fly drones and make money other than that. I’m, very thankful. Somebody all reached out to me. I had a Albert from heads up solutions in Canada reached out to me, sent me a lovely email and how he started his company and stuff, and it touched my heart.

I did cry a little bit. I got a little watery. Eyed – and I do appreciate thanks Albert heads – up solutions in Canada: what’s really strange them? I’ve. Had people make me stuff, I don’t know. If you can even see that I mean I got a 3d printed antenna holder for my my phantom, so I thought that would suit.

I can’t believe people are making. So I appreciate that that was in Gainesville from Tony or no not Tony um Tommy, a sling from Gainesville sent me this. So Thank You Tommy. I appreciate that. I did get another thing for my fpv goggles I’m.

Not I can’t quite put it on there. I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s like a marijuana. It’s, a marijuana vent for the fpv goggles. I thank you. I just I don’t want to put it on there. If I get caught with that, I’ll get judged.

So I don’t want to be a pothead on my goggles, but I definitely appreciate it. I think it’s awesome. So thank you guys for the free stuff. I never thought I would get free things from people like especially 3d printed made stuff.

So thanks for making that for me, but thanks guys that’s, it drones in limited org, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and all that stuff, and I hope I can help you all out. If you have any questions, comment below subscribe to us and I’ll – do my best to spit out more videos.

This building that I’m in is actually the store is gonna, be the drones unlimited headquarters. So this is something I’ve been working on for like four years. I’m, also a real estate agent, but I do more drone work than selling homes in Florida.

So hey, if you want to sell your home in Florida, hit me up. You know I think I’m, the man I can do it for you. However, I do own a drum company, and this is my baby and I want other drone pilots to excel like I have been, and I think it’s easy, and so, if you have any questions reach out to me guys, you know where to Find me no thank you albert again, heads up solutions and canada.

You, the man, you touched my heart with that email. Thank you very much, and if y’all have any questions. You know where to find me so that’s. It thanks guys [ Music, ]

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