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Come regen everyone, matt williams, mister MPW, from mister MP, w comm – and this is another mini rant. I guess about airspace denial for drone operators, everyone, Matt Williams, mr. mpw, and welcome to this video a really short one.

Today we have just had someone contact us and and say that they were being denied the kind of use of a piece of airspace. They weren’t being allowed permission to operate side, a flight restriction zone, an F I was ed and as quite rightly they’ve tried to do is to get permission to operate inside the frz, as we all know that we need To do now, then the issue was the person got in touch because actually they’re flying right on the edge of the ATS edge somewhere.

That shouldn’t be affecting the flight plan, the you know the operation of aircraft. They asked us to take a look to see if there’s, anything we could do and Joe what I dived in and started to fight the corner.

As I’ve done in the past, I can’t. Do it for everybody, but I thought you know what I’m gonna try and get this done, because normally I can talk sense into a chief flight instructor into an accountable manager, as we’ve done at learn an octal Airport.

If you’ve, not seen that video there’s, a link to it in the description below, but this time Leicester aerodrome, I’ve, just spoken to the airport manager at Leicester, aerodrome, Leicester, Aero Club, a place where, if I’m honest I’ve flown into in the GA world a number of times in the past.

I used to fly a puma in two very regularly because if I want us to make great bacon butties, but we used to find that all the time on the way from RAF Benson to Northern Ireland, particularly if the weather was bad, we’d.

Stop in at Leicester, they were always really friendly, always really accommodating great place to be in a great little Club, but they are definitely denying drone operators access to their airspace. The place that and the airport manager agreed with me on this.

He said yeah. Okay, I can see what you mean you want to operate in a place called ode B and I’d pulled up there, because I was aware that there were noise abatement procedures for Leicester, because I’d flown there.

A number of times – and I knew we couldn’- t – fly over the area that the drone operation was going to take place. It’s. Gon na take your place in the place in the center of a town called ode B or a little village called ode, be just outside Leicester, which is under a big red noise abatement and avoidance zone.

So here’s, the thing GA aircraft, general aviation aircraft, such as those flying from Leicester, aerodrome, cannot fly over owed me. They can’t fly over the sin well anywhere near where this drone is gonna be operating in the center.

Not only that we’re limited to 400 feet, so their argument is Saturdays, are really busy for us. There’s, lots of circuit traffic and it comes close to there, but the circuit traffic by their own admission cannot fly over that area.

Now I understand fully the implications of the fact that actually had the circuit traffic might not under the prefaces, and the a navigation would have to comply with the circuit for the purposes of air safety.

I understand that so they might deviate away, but that’s. Why has drone operators? We stay below 500 feet? It’s. A congested area. Civilian aircraft can’t come below 400 feet anyway, we can’t. Go above 400 feet boom there’s, the deconfliction.

If things go wrong, then we we have the option of coming down or moving out of the way as drone operators. So if I’m gonna go in to bat again, I’ve asked the airport manager to get the chief for an instructor to call me because I’m gonna fight this I’ve already Spoken to the CAA, they’re now aware of it.

So this is another one. So we’ve now got London, Oxford Airport and their operators who operate Battersea heliport, who are starting to discriminate against drone operators versus GA and commercial air traffic.

The same seems to be happening at leicester aerodrome. They seem to be now starting to discriminate between GA and drone operators. We all need to share the air safely, so there is a four-mile drop it down below in the description below if you are being denied access to airspace.

If you have been all you’ve heard of people drop it down in the thoughts and kind of questions comments section below, should I say car you can tell them pissed about this drop them down. In the comments section below let’s start to get this list together of places where they’re, denying drone operators access.

Now I’m, not saying that it’s. It should be yours and them it really shouldn’t. We should all as a Jo operator and as a commercial operator and as a drone operator, be able to share the air within the bounds of the air, navigation or and what’s safe and sensible.

But in this case there was no reasoning with them that weren’t interested. We’re, not gonna be able to a fly, a drone there, and – and we absolutely can so we’re, taking it to ca. We’re, bringing it to you here.

If you’ve had similar. Let us know it’s, the fifteen twenty one for MFCs fifteen, twenty one, I think, is off talking my head. I’ll drop. The link down below anyway fill that in, if you’ve been denied airspace and let’s, let the CAA.

No! I’ve been Matt. Williams fly safe and blue skies.

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