Drone destroyed on Ice Water Fall Crash :/

by Jose
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Hey, what’s up guys, wanted to show you this really crazy? Video, since the weather’s kind of getting cold, it’s. Got me thinking about this experience. It’s. One of my first major kind of devastating drone crashes – I haven’t shared this footage with anybody.

This happened about four or five years ago, when I was first starting out, and I was flying for my first time in the winter, and I learned some very valuable lessons. So here we go. Let’s. Check out this clip.

I might be able to repair this yeah. You’re fine. I lost my gimbal, though don’t make for some awesome video. Maybe I will show it just like yeah, I might be able to busted hey that doesn’t even turn on.

Oh yeah, you’re, turning it on yeah. It turns on man that took it like a champ duh, oh gosh, more. It can’t, get sponsors — kavitha, no, no inside its crack. I hear shattered glass right there yeah. This is the smile of a guy $ 15,000.

Just smash the pieces. Alright. So, as you guys could tell, I was not a very happy camper. After that that happened, the guy says my first crash I ever had, and it was pretty devastating was the point in my life where I was like you know.

Is this something that I should be doing? Is this? Am I crazy flying my family’s, livelihood on the on the drone? I was doing this full-time at this point, and so it’s pretty intense, but a few things I learned that you guys can learn from too is that in cold batteries on drones, do not like the cold very much.

So what happened is I have telemetry and basically it tells me when the drone battery is running out. Usually my I was getting about. You know 10-minute flight times, actually about 30 seconds it was telemetry was going off saying that my batteries were already dying.

I’m, like this. Can’t be possible, so I try to differ different set of batteries and a different one, and I got to a point where I was like. There must be a malfunction with my telemetry and really my batteries are good, so I decided to chance it.

I started flying and flew. I got like a couple passes in and then boom dropped like a rock, so I learned a good lesson: keep your batteries super super warm. When you’re flying in the cold, keep them in the car.

Keep them in the you know, hold it like holding underneath a heater in your car like just keep them nice and warm, and the next thing is when you crash, it really stinks, but you just have to pick yourself up and keep going.

Everybody crashes: it’s, just part of the drum biz. Luckily, drones are much better than they used to be, and so that doesn’t happen as often, but still when it happens, it can be devastating. Just keep on going.

Keep on trying and yeah, hopefully this video helps you guys out a little bit. We’ll, see you later, hey guys. What’s up before you go check out this video right here? It’s from the good line. It’s that ice, climbing video that I was helping them with.

Also, I shot a video in Peru for Animal Planet, but my drone decided to fly away over the Amazon forest. I actually have a free training that you can check out. So click on this look for a pop up sign up there and you can check that out and we’ll, see you guys later.


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