Drone Crash Autopsy, Shower Pump Fix, Our Equipment – Boat Maintenance Monday

by Jose
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Hey guys welcome to another episode of maintenance Monday with sailing doodles on this one going to go over the drone crash. We have some extra footage from it. We can be found out why it happened so stay tuned for that, but at first I thought I’d.

Show you some of the equipment we use here to film with we just got some new equipment pretty excited about it. Hopefully it’ll help our content go even better, but here’s. What we have this is the drone.

Obviously we’ve had some issues with that we’ll, go into that a little bit later. Has some great footage, though this is the camera I used to use primarily it’s, a sony a6000. I’ve, actually already gone through one of these lenses and that’s, my backup lens and no it’s, just a wide-angle lens.

It’s, good for up close, but but obviously not for far away. Honestly, it’s. My iPhone 7 is this quite a bit. It takes pretty good video, but it is not good in low-light. This is a lot better in low light.

We have the two GoPro Hero: fours would prefer to get the Hero 5 because I hear they have image stabilization. These are a little shaky, so when we can upgrade, we will we have this Fuji waterproof camera use that some not a whole lot.

Lately, this little tripod here and then this thing is pretty cool. We just got this: it’s like a little image stabilization, but the camera on top and it so it doesn’t shake. You know, in your hand, shakes whatever it does pretty cool with that, and this is just a little cheap camcorder.

I regret buying it 150 bucks is H, do they all have to deal, but it’s, pretty poor quality? I don’t even know what brand it is. It’s, a like a knockoff whatever, but you know it’s, a good backup. We need it a little bit Mike for it.

Oh yeah, on this camera too. It has a little shotgun mic there. You go: okay, just a couple more pieces of equipment that we use here. This is an in reach by DeLorean at two different versions. This is the better version is $ 300 or so it’s.

A GPS tracker, receiver and communicator, it will bluetooth to your phone and you can send text messages via gp5 via satellite, so it’s really handy. When you’re, not in phone service, you can also download weather for an additional fee.

The two different subscriptions $ 25 a month. I think you get 50 text messages $ 50 month to get unlimited, so it’s, really cool and recycle or main now Garmin open. This is the audio-technica microphone that we use do all my voiceovers on and then it does pretty well.

I’m sure there’s better ones, but for what we’re doing it’s. Okay! Well, now, back to our shower pump problem, we had a few weeks ago. Haven’t really worked on it. Since you know most time we just jump on the water to clean up, but it is nice, be able take a fresh water shower.

I mean out again, so I think I have the wrong pump. It’s, a diaphragm pump and whatever is telling me, I need an impeller pump for this kind of operation, but one thing people did recommend. Thank you guys, by the way for helping us follow your suggestions and everything.

Hopefully this will work. One of the most common things we got is lower the pump as much as it can. So there’s, less pressure. It has to overcome pulling air up and stuff like that. So here we go, you can see the pump.

It is about a foot to half, maybe two feet higher than the shower basin. I can’t lower it all. The way to shower level is there’s, not enough room in there, but I am going to lower it as much as I can and we will see if that makes a difference well success.

It works. Thank you guys so much for all the comments and helping us get a pic, so what we did lowered the pump as much as I could so the output. Now I mean input comes into the bottom and then that’s.

The output and I removed a section of the hose, so it’s left to pull through and I removed. There was an inline filter right here, which I removed. You know it could have been. You know it’s, an old filter.

It could have been just having a you know, an air gap in here or something it was pulling air it’s a bit of water on the bottom. I need to get a better like pantyhose or something like that, but we don’t have any on the boat, but that is a t-shirt wrapped up there.

So hopefully that will filter some. This up Seco clean, i off very nothing and thats. Our pan is dirty and usually cleaned anyway, but now we have shower in big shower and not have like scoop it out the old way that’s gross so were livin in the 21st century.

Sweepers, Oh, what our century this is, and now to the drone crash. Thanks to a great viewer named dawn, we were able to find out what happened and why and we were able to recover the last 15 seconds of footage which we ‘

Ll show you in just a moment. The radio control unit for the drone operates at 2.4 gigahertz, which is actually the same frequency as most Wi-Fi repeaters. So there was a bit of interference from probably the mega yachts around and their Wi-Fi boosters on this chart.

The solid blue line represents the distance of the drone from the controller. The red colored shaded line represents the signal strength to and from the drone. As you can see, the signal strength drops off as the drone gets further away as we expected, but as the drone comes back, the signal does not get as strong and it drops off quite a bit in a few places.

The main problem, however, was intermittent motor failure. One of the motors was intermittently failing and caused the drone to lose control. Obviously, a drone cannot fly very well on only three motors, but here is the actual last few seconds of the footage you can see.

It turns pretty low resolution for a moment. At least you get to see what happens. It hits our forced a drop straight to the deck. This is the aftermath of the drone. You can see lots of broken propellers, the gimbal is sheared off and of course, one of the motors is not working properly.

I’ve been able to put it all back together, but I’ve yet to test fly it to see. If it’s going to work or not, but if you’d like to help us get a better drone check out the show notes and there’s, a link there.

Well, thanks for watching another episode of maintenance Monday with the stanley doodles be sure to check out our full-length video every Thursday and our live chats every Sunday afternoon.

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