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Are you interested in becoming a professional operator? Dart offers expert training courses both online and in-person in over 30 cities. The phantom and inspire flight training course is an eight-hour in-person course, where you receive hands-on flight time with one of our expert flight instructors to learn to use your equipment safely legally and confidently for pilots hoping to use their to make money. The FAA requires that you pass an exam called the airman knowledge test. This two-hour exam is quite complex and requires vigorous study, you’ll, be tested on reading, aeronautical charts, identifying airspace, understanding, aviation weather and much more.

Our UAS ground school course is offered both and online and is designed specifically to teach you to pass this exam. All students will complete the in-person training automatically gain access to the full online UAS ground school course signing up for a UAS professional operator. Certification package includes two days of in-person training, the full phantom and inspire training and the UAS ground school course . You also gain access to multiple online courses, including aerial photography, insurance for drone pilots, legal issues for drone pilots, the full online UAS gravel course, and much more. This package is designed to help you stand out among other professional drone.

Looking for something more customized, we offer custom private training for groups such as police and fire departments and corporate teams. Our flight instructor can come to your location and customize the course to your group’s needs. Dart is the national leader and professional drone training and we look forward to getting launch into this exploding. Industry.

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