Do You Need Commercial Drone Pilot License?

So as you uh many of you know, i got a drone for christmas, a air 2.. Pretty cool drone and i’m still learning how to use it and i’ve been using here and there and i went on youtube and started watching some video how to use it and and get some more information about it. And then i find out that i have to register with the faa, so i went under register and then i find out that if you using your drone and you’re making money from those videos, guess what you have to have a pilot license for the drone. So i signed up for a course.

Well, i signed up for the exam and then i started uh getting some information about. Where can i study and what do i need to know and there’s just so much that you have to know? Basically, it’s almost like a regular pilot license, there’s so much information. That’S it’s crazy really. Is.

I didn’t expect that you have to know so much if you want to fly a drone. If you don’t get the license, you get, you might get a pretty big fine from the faa and from why i see on youtube. Faa been contacting some youtubers and they’ve been getting in big trouble, so yeah so uh. I study study and i have uh exam coming soon, we’ll see what happens so. What i want to do now.

I want to show you some of the questions that they have and those questions most likely going to be on my test. So let me point it out to you. For example, what hazards to aircraft aircraft may exist in areas such as devil lake moa, and then you get this chart this map pilot map and you have to find out everything about devil’s lake and see what kind of uh what kind of dangers you can get To it, there um some other questions with the atc authorization. You are operating a small unmanned aircraft, approximately four miles southeast of elizabeth city original airport. What hazard indicates to be in the area?

So here’s the airport and you have to find you have to know from all the little markings what kind of hazard uh you might get into there in the airport terrain elevation. So you have to know everything about terrain elevation, uh, which frequency should be used to monitor airport traffic in the vicinity of major airports when the towers close and there’s uh numbers, and you have to know which frequency and it’s a 1 18 65. I know that already another one uh, what’s the current condition for chicago midway airport and you have multiple choices to pick and you have to figure out from these letters and numbers. What’S the condition this is the weather forecast, so you have to know all the little all the codes for weather in order to figure out. So it’s a it’s a lot of stuff.

I better, i better just stop making this video and i better start studying this, because if i don’t i’m not gonna pass and if i don’t pass, i won’t get my license. If i don’t get my license, i can uh record uh drone footage and put it on youtube, and i think you would like the if i put some uh drone footage on youtube. So i’m gonna study now bye, a remote pic piloting comment designates another person to act as a visual observer who is responsible for ensuring the visual observer is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the operation, the faa, no, the visual observer, no, the Remote pilot and control: yes, that’s the answer: what the current condition for kmd airport, okay, so the current conditioner sky, 7, 000 feet, overkill visibility, one and a half statue mile rain. That’S the answer! You have been contracting to inspect tower located four nautical miles southwest see they go.

They switch between nautical miles to statual miles back and forth and there’s a little markings on the maps, and you have to know that as well um. I just don’t understand why they don’t stay either with nautical miles or statue miles, because in marine charts, everything is in nautical miles and aircraft pilot charts. They switch back and forth same thing. They switch the elevation, they switch between the sea level and the ground level, and also, you have to know the special symbols uh. So you know which one it is damage.

Lithium batteries can cause increased endurance, uh, no, a change in aircraft center of gravity and no and in-flight fire. Yes, that’s the answer. One of the signs of dehydration is sense of well-being fatigue, blue fingernails. The answer is fatigue. A military aircraft can be identified by a green and dual picked: white rotating beacon, white flashing sequence, lights, a white and red rotation beacon.

The answer is a green and dull picked white rotating beacon. So it’s been it’s been days since i started getting ready for the exam, and i can’t study anymore, my brain’s, fried and tomorrow morning, it’s the day, i’m going for my exam yep, i’m just gonna go and have a drink. Now, hey you guys. So today is the day i’m going for my test. Wish me luck, i’m nervous!

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