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So do you really need a drone license to fly a drone for your YouTube channel, [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause ]? So it’s been a bone of contention for probably the last five or six years in the drone industry as to whether you can use your drone to put footage on YouTube or use it as part of a show real.

For example, if you intend on doing the PFC or in the future without actually having a PF Co in place, so we spoke to the CIA about it. Let’s, dive on in and take a look. So, as I shoot this, we are rapidly approaching 5,000 subscribers on the channel, which I just simply can’t believe thank you to all of you who are subscribing to the channel at the moment, just a quick one.

When we hit 5,000, we’re gonna have a video coming out, but we’re, going to be giving away a 700-pound training package which will get you your GBC and your a to CFC training for free in association with our Partners over at hub comm, so please make sure you subscribe to the channel and when we hit 5,000 we’ll have a video coming out.

That shows you how to enter and how you could potentially win there’s. Six hundred and ninety nine pound training package, so I think worth pointing out going back to the start of all of this, a lot of people who think that you currently need a PFC, oh for monetizing, on youtube and things like that or if you’re going to use your drone footage in a monetized video on YouTube, get that from the teaching that we used to give, and that was from the CIA sentiment, their intent within the regulations a few years ago, and it has a set.

You change subtly in the last 14 months, those people aren’t necessarily wrong, just perhaps not up-to-date, with the latest information and guidance from the CIA. Now, bit of background on this, it all came out of the cap, six five eight, which was from the model aircraft safe guide to flying in that cap.

Six, five, eight, it very, I think. Clearly, at the time defined, you know Amanda operation, smaller Monday aircraft operations and model aircraft flight and and when the commercial element of that over rode, the rest of the things.

So if we take a look at the definition within that of aerial work, they said initially the CIA said initially that time to take aerial work. All the smaller Monday aircraft and rockets require an air navigation order permission from the CAA.

They define aerial workers being undertaken. If any valuable consideration was gained from the flight itself, and then they went on to explain that so, if volleyball considered is defined as any game, you may make from the work undertaken in even simpler terms.

If, because of flying your smaller manned aircraft, you’re better off at the end of the day than you were, when you started, you’ve, probably been doing aerial work. Now, probably doesn’t mean you’ve, definitely been doing aerial work, so that was the first slight bone of contention in there.

You may ignore any gain of nominal value at pints of beer, for instance, but a crates of the same is probably valuable. Consideration and again, probably is in there, which did allow a little bit of flexibility in there and actually, when we spoke to see about this a few years ago.

You know five six years ago now, when people started asking these questions, they did consider that if you are monetizing on YouTube, because you could make quite a lot of money from it potentially at that point, then if the drone flight was being done for the purposes Of going on to YouTube, then you probably have or will receive valuable consideration for it.

So that meant that really you needed to be considering getting a PFC. Oh, if you wanted to monetize those videos, they then point you to the cap. Seven to two and the UK see a policy on light. Unmanned aerial vehicle systems which really doesn’t exist now, so the cap 72 is where we go to, and this is, I think, where the changes I have come in recently.

This is a new version of the cap 72. If you’re watching the video live only came out a few months ago in its latest edition, or certainly the kind of amendment to it. So this is where we then go in the cap 72 to and it’s, the meaning of commercial operations, and it goes tell them to define or take the definition of commercial operations from the O navigation order.

So if you look at that, it’s, saying that a flight by a smaller Monday craft, except a flight for public transport or any operation of any other aircraft, except an operation for public transport which is available to the public, which generally our drone Flies where it be or which, when not made available to the public.

In the case of a flight by small man, unmanned aircraft is performed under a contract between the smaller manned operator and a customer where the latter has no control over the remote pilot or, in any other case, is performed under a contract between an operator and a Customer where the latter has no control over the operator in return for remuneration or other valuable consideration, and it’s the bit in there.

Now that the Syria referred to. Yes, they still mention remuneration, they, yes, they still mentioned valuable consideration, but they also mention a contract between a customer and an operator or a contract between an operator and a customer where, ultimately, the customer has no control over the operator.

So it’s. One of those things that, because of those definitions, now, if there’s, no contract taking place, what the CAA are saying is if you are flying for your own purposes, if you’re, going out and doing the flight and you’re not being paid for it there and then you’re, not doing it for any kind of valuable consideration there, and then you’re going out.

You stick into the drone code, then technically you can use that footage, and actually this comes down to. If you think about it. Logically, the whole point right: we should be allowed and are indeed allowed by the CIA to fly our drones for our own gain.

For our own enjoyment, and actually if we take the footage and the photos from that and put those onto a YouTube video, then you know as long as we’ve stuck to the drone code. Technically we’re, not conducting a commercial flight.

We’re, not going air, it’s under a contract between ourselves and somebody else and conducting that flight for commercial purposes. You know it all comes down to stick into the drone code and obviously having things like landowners permission.

So you’re, not conducting trespass. We did a video on that a while ago. That got a lot of interesting comments and that was really good to see but yeah. Ultimately, you know the CIA don’t want to stop us going out and flying without having to have some kind of permission that isn’t.

What this is about, of course, those permissions do, allow you to then potentially monetize. They do allow you to have proper commercial insurance in place. They do, I think, more importantly, as we move forwards into the new regulations when they come into force later on in 2020.

They allow you to get closer to people and involve people. They allow you to operate potentially inside built-up areas, congested areas which you can’t do without so stick into the drone code without any kind of license in place for any kind of permission from the CIA in place is quite difficult.

If you want to get certain shots, but certainly if you’re out in the open and you’ve got permission to fly there, then the CIA, and we, as we have spoken to them about this. They don’t. Consider using shots on YouTube as a commercial application.

So if you are doing that, if you want to do that, you know you know where, where those definitions come from, if anyone asks you about them, the cap, six, five, eight and then the cap, seven two to the air navigation order, article seven, you know you Are not conducting a commercial flight with that drone? Therefore, you, don’t need a PFC.

Oh, unless there’s, a contract in place between you and someone that you are collecting that data or that footage for there we go um. Any questions on that, please drop them down below interests. Your thoughts and comments on this as well be really interested to hear what your thoughts are on.

I know that we divided opinion on this, but this is the sentiment from the CAA at the time was doing the video and again very important to get those messages out to you as a community, because a lot of misinformation out there – and obviously you know – I Own one of the companies I own is a training company, so we want to encourage as many people as possible to do a course, and I’d love to be able to say yes, you definitely do need to do your drone training course and Get a PFC Oh, to go on flights to put stuff on YouTube, but technically you know so I’m.

Not gonna lie to you as always trying to bring it to you, as it is bring you the right information, even if that is ultimately to the detriment of sales within the other company. So there we go. I take thoughts, comments constant down below.

Please keep your questions coming in that’s, where all these are coming from. Couldn’t be doing this without you. Thank you for helping us. If you’re watching this live, get it up to 5,000 subscribers, which is absolutely insane don’t, forget to follow us on the discord server as well link to that down in the description below lots of great conversations and a good Community going on there and please give the video a thumbs up if you liked it thumbs down.

If you didn’t subscribe, if you haven’t, and I’ll see you in the next one up with Matt Williams, fire safe and blue skies. [ Music ], you [, Music, ]

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