Do YOU Need A Drone License? NEW Drone Laws [2020 UPDATE]

If you’re flying a drone in the uk, then you might be wondering about a drone license and if you need one, this video will explain how to get a drone license in the uk. When you need a drone license and how much it may cost to obtain a drone license a quick reminder for everyone out there.

We don’t make up these drone laws, regulations or rules comment in the comments section below help. Other people out give your own thoughts and opinions but be sure to be polite here’s, some quick categories on the screen for you guys to check out and skip to the time code that corresponds to the category you need.

So if you only need a specific part of this video, you can go ahead and jump straight to it. What is a drone license? A drone license, allows drone operators to fly their drone for commercial purposes.

In the uk, a drone license is called a pfco permission for commercial operations, although, under the new uk drone laws which are due to start on the 31st of december 2020, two new types of drone license are coming into play: an operational authorization and also an a2 Certificate of competency, the term pfco, will become obsolete past the 31st of december 2020.

. Do you need a drone license to fly your drone in the uk? Well, up until the 31st of december 2020, if you’re planning on using your drone strictly as a hobby, a drone license is not required in the uk.

As long as you follow the caa regulations, the link to that will be in the description below this means. You can still have a great deal of fun without the need of a license. However, as soon as you use your drone commercially, for example, if you’re beginning to be paid for work or you’re, getting some other kind of reward, you need a caa drone license to fly legally as part of the new Uk drone laws, the definition of which type of operator will require a drone license, will change with the size of your drone and where you can fly it becoming a more important consideration than whether or not your operation is for commercial purposes.

So this does mean that certain hobbyist drone pilots will require a drone license most likely an a2cfc. If you jump over to our blog, which is linked in the description below you can see more information.

So how do you get a drone license to get your drone license in the uk? You conduct drone license training with a caa approved provider. Here at heligai we are one of those caa providers. We’re. Also an nqe and recognized assessment entity.

Heligai runs online drone training courses through its black box elearning portal. Black box is new and provides both gvc and a2cfc courses. You can book them now and start your training. Today i’ll pop the links to those in the description below the most common question is: how much does this actually cost to get a drone license to break it down the a2cfc costs around 209 pounds, the gvc, typically around 624 pounds and the Pfco well that doesn’t run anymore, so you don ‘

T have to worry about that. However, these prices may change so be sure to subscribe to the channel and keep up with all the news. Is the drone license the same as drone registration? Simply no, it’s.

Not a drone license and drone registration are completely two different things. The way in which you use your drone decides on whether you need a drone license commercially. Then. Yes, you need a drone license.

If you’re a hobbyist, then no you don’t remember this. Will all change in the new uk drone laws so be sure to keep up to date. Remember that the caa do not actually issue the licenses. You have to go to a provider such as heli guy.

If you’d, like more information about drones and the upcoming news subscribe to our channel and drop a comment in the comment section [, Music, ] below you,

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