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Everyone it’s, Matt Williams, mr. npw, and welcome to this week’s. and industry news section in the news today. Rogue drones are to be targeted by a new high-tech, detect and destroy unit set up by the Home Office.

Also, the CAA registration dates and mechanism have been announced DG. I have got an announcement set for next week. What could this mean and as part of our commitment to start bringing some real world aviation content to? You is Mike Katie’s, incredible Drako to be reborn so first up today, the government have this week announced that rogue drones will be brought down by detect and destroy under plans for a new national counter force to prevent gatwick style disruption.

The new mobile special unit is to be set up by the Home Office and will be available to any force, all law enforcement agency in the UK to counter potential drone threats, threats at major events or malicious attacks, such as the chaos which was allegedly caused By a drone at Gatwick Airport last Christmas, the unit is expected to have military-grade cameras, radar and radio scanners to detect rogue drones similar to those deployed by the Army at Gatwick last year, not that they found anything but anyway, the idea is that they can bring Them down, potentially by using electronic jamming equipment and shoulder-launched bazookas all sounds very exciting.

These bazookas are designed to fire projectiles which deploy a net as they get near to the drone which is designed to ensnare the drone and then float it to the ground using a parachute. These drone bazookas with a hundred meter range, have been tested by the , allegedly at Heathrow, while a more powerful version capable of reaching 300 meters is being developed.

The planned unit is part of a three-year counter drone strategy, which includes a new international standard for a manned aerial vehicles, where all of them will be fitted with geofencing. This tech uses the drones built-in GPS to stop them being able to fire over sensitive sites like power plants, airports or prisons.

But how will they stop someone intent on disrupting disrupting infrastructure in assets when, ultimately, they’re unlikely to be used in a consumer drone with these built-in defenses? Anyway often the criminals are not as stupid as we sometimes like to think that they are Brandon Lewis.

The government’s. Uk security minister said this government is proud of the UK’s, burgeoning drone industry and will do all that we can to ensure that the UK firmly establishes itself as a world leader in this industry aside.

It seems from sensible regulatory oversight and a ridiculous registration mechanism, which leads me nicely on to the second article. For today this week the CIA announced their final plans for the UK drone and model aircraft, registration and education scheme, the damar areas, and that was just for you al James.

The new scheme is due to go live now on the 5th of November. It costs nine pounds for the applicant to get an operator ID anyone who is responsible for a drone or a model aircraft that has a camera on and always more than two hundred forty nine grams needs to go to the CIA’s to The proper link in the description down below and register as an operator of a drone.

This applies to drone operators and model aircraft operators alike. It’s, a nine pound annual fee to have your operator ID, and your operator ID must be displayed on your drone or model aircraft at some point in order for you to fly it legally.

Ultimately, I suppose so you can be held culpable and that aircraft can be traced back to you if it is found somewhere. But again, this raises the whole point: our people who are going to be operating these drones and model aircraft nefariously for a legal kind of intent, going to bother operating any way or are we just taxing people who are going to be operating safely and legally? In the first place annually there’s, a 9-pound fee to be paid.

There is also a flyer ID, so anyone who wants to fly or operate an aircraft model aircraft or a drone has to get a flyer ID now at the moment. The way that happens is once you ‘ Ve got your operator ID.

You can go on to the ce o –‘s. Websites. In fact, you don’t need your operator ID. You can go on to CIA’s . You can get your flier ID by passing a twenty question test. The learning four, which is available on the CIA’s and you can take the test as many times as you want, which again raises the question: is this actually going to prove that people are competent or are people just going to keep trying It and trying it and try it until they get 16 out of 20 questions correct anyway.

The flier ID scheme is free. There is no cost associated with that. Once you’ve got your flier ID. It lasts for three years, so it doesn’t line up in any way with the operator ID that you need to get.

There are certain organizations who will be allowed to register operators on behalf of the operator, such as the British model, fine Association Association and a ARP, as they can collect the 9-pound fee on behalf of the operator, and that means you also then, potentially, if you hold A PFC or permission for commercial operation, don’t need to do the 20 question tic test, so you can get your flier ID without doing that under an exemption from the CAA, which doesn’t exist, yet it’s.

All a bit of a mess, we have a video about it. All that explains it in detail. We’re, not gonna. Do that here and spend another 15 minutes doing that, go and check out the video down at the description below one of the things we did ask for CA about this week.

As soon as the kind of process was announced whereby people could go and sign up through a membership organization that they’re already, part of is that we said as an N key. We we collect all these details from in our case over 2000 people.

So can we register those people on our behalf and we can we pay that for them the ca said they would go away and look at it. They got back to us today and announced that, yes, certain people will be able to bulk upload flyer, IDs correction operator IDs.

However, for some reason they excluded NQ e’s from that they were explicitly excluded, but you can a certain limited companies and membership organizations of 200 or more upload your operators on behalf of the operator.

Again, all the mess go and check out the video we’ll, go back the CA on that and we will keep asking them the questions and trying to get the answers and bringing them to you. So next, in the news DJ, I have announced that potentially next week or they’ve announced that next week there will be an announcement.

Is this potentially the announcement of the Mavic mini? He’s. The Mavic mini gonna come in under that 250 gram exemption, but then I guess because it has a camera anyway, are we going to need to register anyway again your thoughts and comments down in the question below we in the comment section below we will be Bringing you that live as it happens.

If it goes ahead on time – and hopefully, as I say, is them haven’t many, it should be quite exciting. We’re all looking forward to seeing what drops, but, as always, no one really knows yet what is definitely coming from DJI.

Finally, today we should all be learning and growing an aviation aviation knowledge in order to become safer and better airspace users. Now there is a huge community of large aviation youtubers and one of which is a gentleman called Mike peytie over in the United States.

He created an aircraft called Draco, an incredible, very short takeoff and landing aircraft kind of jet turboprop powered aircraft, absolutely insane invention. That was big in the aviation community.

Unfortunately, Mike had an accident and crashed the aircraft a couple of weeks ago, he has announced that he will be rebuilding or bringing back Draco, but it looks like a be coming back, bigger and if it was even possible better than before it’s Worth checking out Mike and his very very frank account of the Draco accident using the link down below, and I think, even in the drone industry, the drone community.

We can all learn from his honesty and his humility. You know we all need to be open and honest, and we all need to share information. We all need to kind of learn from each other so that we don’t make mistakes that other people have made so go and check out.

My channel check out Draco follow that story. It’s, an incredible story. It’s. Gon na be amazing to see what he builds, hopefully in time for Oshkosh neck Oshkosh next year, and we’re, hoping to be there too to see that aircraft and bring it you on the channel.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the mister npw podcast. It looks like it’ll, be a pretty wet and windy weekend in the UK this weekend. So is an ideal opportunity to get caught up on everything. Get some learning done.

Links to that are also down in the description below please don’t forget to give the video a like, if you did, give it a double thumbs down. If you didn’t subscribe to the channel, if you haven’t mr. Bell button next to subscribe, icon to stay up to date with everything we’ve got coming all of the time.

I hope you’ve had a good week and have a great weekend. I’m. Matt Williams fly safe and blue skies.

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