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Everyone is Matt Williams for mr. npw calm and welcome to the start of what is another fairly significant week in the UK, in particular for the drone industry. This week we ‘ Ve got probably the first maverick minis London.

If they’re, not gonna come kind of to you this week they’re gonna be with you next Monday, and also don’t. Forget drone registration goes live tomorrow November. The fifth. If you’re watching this live, I hope you got a good weekend, despite the poor weather that we had here.

So without further ado. Today we are going to look at the Mavic mini dispelling a bunch of myths which we’ve. Seen people talking about over the weekend, everyone Matt Williams, back with another video about the Maverick mini at some point.

I promise we will stop talking about this drone, but it is a bit of a game changer for us all for the industry and actually, I think, as we’ve, seen more and more coming out about it. Actually it’s proven to be less and less kind of the toy side of things that people were thinking that it’s.

Gon na be in a bit of a novelty item, actually to being something that can pack fairly powerful punch in a very small form factor. But there are a few things that we need to be aware of, particularly in the UK.

I am going to concentrate on the UK so and I ‘ Ve just lost two thirds of the audience from the international sphere, but actually it’s worth staying kind of up to date. With this, because you never know you might be charming to see UK things you need to be aware of, if you do want to bring your drone here so without further ado now everyone seems to be thinking and from what we’ve.

Seen in the forums and the groups over the last couple of days since the market money was announced that, because it comes under 249 grams, it therefore exempts you from a bunch of different things that otherwise, you’d, need to be aware of.

However, in the UK there is very little actually that the Maverick Mini coming in at 249 grams exempts you from in terms of the legislation, so let’s break it down. Probably the most important thing that people need to be aware of is that your requirements under the air navigation order, the law as it applies to operating in the airspace in the UK, is unchanged.

It doesn’t matter. How heavy your drone is the size of your drone between zero and 20 kilograms? It is laid down in the end that we need to do certain things and actually, because the mavet mini is capable of collecting data, it has a camera on it.

We’re bound by articles 94, which covers model aircraft primarily and article 95, which covers small unmanned surveillance aircraft. So we have to abide by the regulations within both of those now this is easily broken down for most recreational users in the drone code.

So you can find that at the link down below, go and watch the drone code that will be kind of changing over the next few days as drone registration comes in more on that shortly. And you need to be aware of a bunch of different things.

Need to keep the aircraft with individual line of sight. So actually, with this drone, I would argue you’re, probably not gonna be able to take it more than about 100 meters away before it gets too far away to sea.

For the purpose of avoiding collisions and that’s, the key doesn’t need to be a speck in the distance. You need to be able to see it for the purpose of avoiding collisions, that’s, where the rare craft person’s, vessels, vehicles and structures.

So I’d, say that’s. The most important thing to be aware of the other one with this drone is that it doesn’t have any lights on it, necessarily so actually that is kind of a double whammy. Not only is it tiny, but it does how many lights to be able to orientate it to be able to kind of see where it is against a tree background.

If there’s, trees or kind of confusing in the background, it actually becomes quite difficult to spot, so they’re. The main things I would say that you need to be aware of the other parts. I suppose separation distances.

We are still kind of have to abide by the standard separation distances. So if you’re, not operating commercially, you can ‘ T fly this drone in congested areas. So all those people who are buying it, you know, with the whole, fly anywhere that DJI put out there.

Actually, yes in places in Canada and America, potentially that might be true. But in the UK you have to abide by the separation distances which are laid down the a navigation order and kind of broken down for people in the drone code.

So we can’t fly it in congested areas. You can ‘ T fly it within a 150 meters of a congested area, so you are gonna have to find a fairly open space to go and fly this aircraft, even though, yes, it comes in under two hundred forty nine grams that is irrelevant.

Okay, it doesn’t mean that we can go and fly it wherever we want in the UK. Now then, on to the PFC a side of things, you will need to fly this drone as a commercial aircraft under the auspices of a permission for commercial operation.

If you want to operate it in a congested area and even then, as you would, if you don’t have a PSEO, you still need to abide by the standard separation distances so 50 metres from any person vessel vehicle structure, not under your control.

Just because it’s, tiny doesn’t mean that it ‘ S, got any kind of operating safety case attached to it. Yes, I agree that the risk is probably lower from a drone like this kind of been able to fatally injure somebody, but still from 400 feet and uncontrolled descent of an object weighing 249 grams could potentially, according to the kinetics proved fatal.

So you will still need a PF co to operate this commercially. You ‘ Ll need the insurance that requirements that come along with that, and that is the only way you’ll be able to operate this inside a congested area.

I’d, say we’ve. Seen some people saying: are it’s? Gon na be amazing? I don’t need a PF co to fly this commercially. Not true you do. If you want to operate it commercially, the other thing to be aware of it, doesn’t exempt you from operating inside hordes inside flight restriction zones.

You still need to get permission from gnats and all the control in authority to be able to operate inside a flight restriction zone. So it’s, a case of picking the phone up going onto the Nats portal, whatever it needs to be for the airspace you want to operate in.

If that airspace is on the FRS that map again link down below, you will need to get permission to be inside the FRC, even though the aground is really light, the other one – and this is pretty much the only thing it does exempt you from in the Uk is the requirement to register, as a drone operator now bear in mind that’s.

If you only own this drone, if you don’t own anything else, if you don’t intend to operate anything else. If you only have a maverick mini in your arsenal, then yes, potentially you don’t need to register as a drone operator get your operator ID 9 pounds a year that you put on the aircraft itself and then do the online assessment and get Your flier ID, if you don’t, already have an exemption from that more on that in previous videos and decor, and basically, if you don’t PFO or some other equivalent training, you are exempt from doing that flyer.

Id section of the drone registration scheme, however, bear in mind that the drone only comes in at 249 grams in its stripped-down state, so the second you put the sticker pack on the second, you put the prop guards on all of a sudden.

That means that the aircraft is over 249 grams, so you would therefore need to register it and that’s, a really important point. You know, I think people might not be aware of this. There’s, also potentially two different battery weights out there, depending on which version of the aircraft you get, one of which the 30-minute flight time battery puts you over 249 grams, so make sure if you are going to kind of use just this drone That you are aware of your requirements under the air navigation order, so go and check out.

The drone code is my kind of advice. If you’re new to this and you don’t understand what the air navigation order is make sure you’ve, got permission to fly in any flight restriction zone so in and around any airfield and make sure I Would still suggest that you do go and register your drone as much as it pains me to say that drone registration opens tomorrow, the 5th of November, if you’re watching this live and yeah actually do you know what I don’T think there is pretty much any way around dodging that you know a second, you wan na plot prop guards on.

As I say, the aircraft is over 249 grams, a second you put the sticker pack on. Second, you put a big the big battery and it takes you over so as excited as we were to hear that there’s, a 249 grams. The practical reality of it is that if I’m, honest be on the safe side and go and register your drone as a as much as that pains me as much as you hopefully seen so far, my rants about how this isn’t going to capture the right people, etc, etc, etc.

That’s, a topic for another video, not here, but that’s where we are, you know, need to be aware of those things. The other thing is to be aware of. In the UK, in particular that next year June 2020 and there’s, a fairly big F around that at the moment I admit – but if we switch over to the e asset regulations, then actually you ‘

Ll probably need to register this drone and yourself as a drone operator anyway, because any device be it under 250 grams is irrelevant if it’s under 250, but it’s capable of capturing photos and video capable of capturing data.

Then you still need to register. So do you know what like so much as it pains me just get it done? Pay you nine pounds. Unfortunately, hopefully you ‘ Ve got an exemption because you’ve done a PFC.

Oh, so we’re, not that and you can go and fight this aircraft still an exciting machine. We’ve got unboxings going, we’ve got tutorials. Coming we’ve got the kind of set-up guide come in, we’ve got a master class coming on it and because it is so incredibly powerful, particularly for the portability of it and the form factor.

But yeah. You need to be aware that actually it doesn’t really in the UK, exempt you from much just the requirement. If you’re using a stripped down version to undertake the drone registration, I hope that’s.

Helpful just need to clear up like say these kind of rumors and conjecture, as always happens when new things come out because there’s, so much confusion and misunderstanding around the regulations and a lot of that comes from regulator.

It’s, not for those as a community. We’re trying our best, but we just thought we’d, get that out there, so they’re. The main things you need to be aware of, if you’ve, got any thoughts, comments, questions please drop them down below don’t forget you know what’s, do give the video a like if you did double thumbs Down if you didn’t subscribe, if you haven’t, and I’ll see you in the next one I’ve been Matt.

Williams, fly safe, blue skies;

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