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The new rules that are inbound from the first of November 2020 and you just buy a maverick mini and crackle [ Applause, ], everyone that was just company welcome to today’s. Video. So today answering a question which lots of you are asking and came in a couple days ago, from Cal carpenter on the channel and Kyle says hi thanks so much for all the videos they’re, really helpful.

You’re welcome. Could you do a video or just a quick comments on everything you can do with the Maverick mini after the first November, without doing anything apart from guessing the ? So let’s dive on in and take a look.

You see it’s quite clear from there, the new rules and ba-ba-ba-ba by our regulations. What do you got to do lots of different things to be able to fly your so before we dive on in and just work out, which one of these very very strange and, quite frankly, probably need to go to prison characters? We’re gonna listen to you and which one’s right or not, and just quick one please never get to give the video a like press that thumbs up button now smash it.

If that’s, something you fancy doing and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, please it really helps us out press subscribe button press the bell burn next to subscribe, icon steps date with all of the information we’ve got coming all the time to help you out so the Mavic committee.

Then it’s. The drone that we tend to get asked questions about the most I would suggest the Mavic to pro is under the one that comes up a lot on Medicare too as well, but we’re gonna do with them. Have it mini this? I will do or the little videos about those if you want those drop down below and use a hashtag mister mpw, and i’ll know that you want to well papa hashtag mr.

MP, w in the comments with the drĂ´me that you want to Know about – and i will start to do those the more of those that whichever one gets the most comments I’ll. Do that one first and then go from there? I think that is a to do.

Stop that down below this one for the Mavic mini though so them havoc many when we get to so at the moment the Mavic mini is, I say, one of the only drones in the UK, which is kind of an off-the-shelf consumer drone which we don’t need to register as an operator to fly because it’s under that magic, 250 gram cutoff it’s, two hundred forty nine grams flying weight or tuna 49 grams at the moment, which means that we don’t need to register, which is brilliant.

However, if you have a maverick mini or you buy a maverick mini after the first November 2020, when the new ESA regulations kick in. In order to fly that drone, you need to make sure that you are registered as a drone operator, so you will have to have completed the de maras, the drone, a model aircraft registration education scheme, the drone registration scheme in the UK.

I will drop a link to that down below you know. You need to make sure you’ve done that got your operator ID and stuck that operator ID on the drone itself in accordance with the instructions and that you have a flier ID as well.

Unless you have a PFC, Oh or another qualification which exempts you from that, so in answer to kind of Kyle’s question, what will I be able to do with my Moffett mini after the 1st of November, without doing anything apart from getting the Drone, this is what you &: # 39 ll, be able to do [ Music ], so that’s it nothing at all.

Legally anyway, you won’t, be allowed to find that drone and why won’t be able to do that. I hear you cry because we can do that now. Why have we got a register, a drone? It’s under 250 grams because it ‘

S got a camera on it. Under the new regulations, it doesn’t matter. What weight it is if it’s capable of collecting data, you need to register as a drone operator and get the operator ID. So hopefully Carl that answers your question.

Hopefully that answer the question for a lot of people out there once you’ve done that and you’ve got your operator ID still get the drone. All that sort of stuff you’ll need to make sure you abide by the drone code, make sure that you fly legally and safely by following that drone code, which you have to undertake anyway.

If you’re doing the flier ID system, you have to go through the 20. The 20 question examination, which means that you should have a baseline knowledge which will keep you and everyone around you and your drone safe.

I will pop a card up in the corner and a link to down in the scription the walkthrough guide that we have for the damara’s, that drone registration scheme. That literally it was you exactly what you need to do to register it there.

We go hopefully that answers that question you’ll, be able to operate it in the drone code after the first November 2020. As long as you have got your operator ID and your ID, if you need one but not a lot else.

To be honest, it’s. It becomes a bit of a paperweight, I suppose, on a desk somewhere. Unless you do that – and I know that’s, a lot very frustrating for a lot of people. I’m sure in the comments you’re gonna go nuts and a lot people give me like they’re, taking away our liberties.

Do we realize what we’re, giving away right during this, and I get it? I totally understand the frustrations. I understand that a lot of people think of this as a toy, but that is the way things are going.

Unfortunately, if it flies – and we can put a camera on, it – have to register as an operator, but I don’t have to do from our camera. When I’m walking, I get it alright guys. I understand the pain, but that’s, where we are.

If you’ve got an issue with it: speak to the CIA BT local MP. Try and get things changed, because that would be for the better we’ve. We’ve tried a lot in the past when the drone registration scheme was first talked about.

If you’ve been following the channel, then you ‘ Ll know that this is something that we petitioned hard for, but there we go. We unfortunately didn’t win that one and so get behind us get behind.

You know yourself and the Hobby in the industry and and start to lobby, if you feel Bement Lee against this, but there we go. Hopefully that’s useful. Let me know if you want me to do more of these dropper thoughts.

Comments. Questions down below, please don’t forget to give the video a like. If you did thumbs down. If you didn’t subscribe, you haven’t and I’ll, see in the next one. Either Matt Williams fly safe blue skies, [, Music, ]

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