DJI Mavic Air 2 with actual footage by a professional drone pilot. The best drone to get!

by Jose

Hi and welcome to the latest edition of CTV, I’m Howard Frankland, camera electronic, and today I’ve got my good friend and acclaimed pilot with me, Michael hello, Anna from arrow, hello, Michael, I’m, good, dance, Howard, excellent. So today, thanks to CI Kennedy and , we got you got the latest nice little product here from the Mavic air not actually coming out for a few days, but will happen, they’re ready to go and we’re really excited by it mark where you’ve been. This is small man. I know it’s so you’ve been already testing this for a few days. Tell us about it.

What do you think I mean this is a compact Iran, which has so much features packed into this. This is crazy. To be honest, I had to really enjoy this, and especially with the camera and the size, it’s just fits in your hand. You know it’s such an easy to fit in your backpack and, of course we get a great backpack with that small carry case as well, which is for everything facing, especially with the camera, which is my favorite thing, which is it’s a half a sensor in building To this as well and has 48 megapixel camera in which is really megapixels, so if you’d be interesting to say once we can blow some up and do a decent sized print exactly yeah. Definitely so we do some HDR bracketing as well, and so you can get some really good, in-depth details in this.

For sure yeah that’ll be cool, interviewed, Rodney, low, light stuff. We have yeah, so we did some night flying as well, especially with the video as well. It has 4k 60 frames per second and in 1080p, which is a high definition. You can go up to 240 frames per second, which is a really good for slow motion, shots which we should not be able to get before in the previous models. So it’s really great for that food.

That’S fantastic! What’S the battery life? Oh! Oh! I mean this is the best way.

You know how you can see the size of this battery, it’s just so small and so much goodness packed into this get up to 34 minutes of flight time. It’S really good, and also in this little case, yet you had three batteries, so you could go out flying for over an hour and a half exactly yeah, and I was, I normally fly a normally thirty persons time. I bring my back, but this time when I was flying, it was so much better. So we get so much power left in this as well. It’S impressive and you just control it all from the missile to control just with your phone yeah.

That’S right! It’S just really quick put it up, set up ins within two minutes time, you’re up in the air, so that’s pretty! Well, that’s great cool and you’ve got quite a few products. Why would you use this one compared to your others? Ah compactness?

So when you fold it up, you know it’s just really great. So it’s quick trip, you put it on your backpack, you up and running and a quick shoot. You see the moment get the up. That’S it most of stabilizers lock and when you forget to be windy or things like that, it hands really well compared to previous models. I has better senses, so it has the advanced pilot system, guidance and also scanning systems.

We just has really good control. Yeah yeah cool and if you lose control a bit you can get it to come back, Fei yeah. Definitely there isn’t a home point, it’s back yeah! So that’s one of the good features in DJO. It’S definitely made that Omaha definitely and I think the best feature which nobody’s talking about it’s a stealth mode still most in the next model.

It’S a really good one grid grid drone. I had saw in different drones and I really like this – and I can’t wait to actually have my hands on this yeah cool. Let’S go! Take you for a floor. Yeah awesome!

Let’S go just [ Music ], [ Applause, ], [, Music ]. That was awesome. Senior fly, the joint, that’s fine! How far can you fly this thing before? It goes out of range um with the new box sink, which is the auxin 3, which you can actually fly up to 10 kilometres further and kilometres yeah.

I will recommend you to fight ten kilometres, but line-of-sight is always the best thing. So it’s that’s a regular regulations in Australia. Will it take long to get ten kilometres out like when you run out of battery you probably might yes, you come back yeah, of course, and that will run really fast to get to catch up to it. Yeah, that’s cool and Michael. What sort of people are gon na buy this who’s gon na use this one, as opposed to all the other beautiful products from DJI I mean this is built for everyone to be honest, um.

So for someone who’s, a beginner has a great pack of features in building this, as we spoke about guidance systems, HDR HDR, video as well. This time, that’s building in the filters find more combo. So it’s really good for beginners, as well as professionals like myself, because I’ll be using this for sure who can fly these things. Do you know the license? I mean I know you’ve got a license, but how does that work?

I’M best thing is to do. Is to check the castle to get all the regulations and the requirements, because one CIHR yeah yeah cool this this one. You don’t need that chili, so you can use it for your personal and trips as well and depending on your no-fly zones and your local areas, and then you fry them. So this one’s got the follow me mode as well, so that it can follow you when you’re doing something it does DK. So it got advanced tracking system three-point all this time built into this, which is really much better and improved from the last previous models.

What does that mean? Follow me um. So that’s pretty cool, so there’s few different tracking options, so you can do like a bit more. It’S kind of fun, cool videos and also you can put it up and ride your bike and you’ll start following you and with 360s around you. So yes, so if I wanted to go, do some crazy mountain biking or something I could get that to follow me and would follow me everything I’m doing and watch me fall idle.

Definitely add it for me: it’ll get this so many cool shots, but the best thing about is also having the tracking system, as well as the safety features which is a ps3 built into. So it has a better system, Auto guidance and also avoidance system, so which is really good for that. Oh that’s, great yeah! What about the GPS is great. It’S really good stable and as long as they have a good opening area where you can actually calibrate it before you take off that’ll hit make a big difference for sure, oh great, and you kept on going on a bit.

Hyperlapse yeah tell me about it. Yeah! I’M when it comes to time lapse and hyperlapse, I’m on the big fans – and this actually has 8k hyperlapse, which is really good details, especially for different kind of shorts II, mean song, write shots and also we do get. Especially, if you tell me this or totals a pack of the mints, but there’s no mints and so on, it’s pretty cool to see the size of the camera and the ND filters become it so a half inch sensor and having those ND filters. It’S really good, and that comes to the fly mode.

Combo it comes so so you get this one little kit here to fly more combo yep and we’re gon na have those available at camera. Electronic from the 15th to may have stock readily go that’s gon na be 1899. You get in the box all this stuff, so you get the bag. The remote, the drone spare propellers three batteries, batteries, yeah, that’s been good charger and the ND filters. That’S pretty cool and if you just want the drone, then it’s $ 14.

9 and yeah 15th of May they’ll be flying out the door. I can’t imagine yeah, it’s pretty good, definitely should go grab a hand on this and camera trying to the best place. Now. We’Ve always been coming to you and how’s it look after everyone, so yeah, that’s good cool! Well, thanks a lot Michael.

That was great thanks again to DJI and see I can release for helping make this possible and ask big media for doing a great job again. Filming us today and we’ll see you next time. Thank you thanks for tuning in again, today, guys we’ve been having a lot of fun making these videos, if there’s anything else, you’d like to see or anything else you’d like to know about, please give us your feedback. We’D love to hear from you and take it onboard check out our camera electronic comdata. You subscribe to our YouTube channel camera later on.

Each channel Instagram Facebook, Twitter, we’re on all of them also got two great stores: 3:24 Murray Street 230, stealing strip with lots of knowledgeable staff, come in and say, g’day and we’ll help you with anything. We can. We love photography and everything about it. Videography, thanks for tuning in we’ll see you next time,

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