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What’S poppin brand-new drone just dropped in hey guys, Danny from dancetube TV, and you can expect brutally honest tech reviews on the channel. Now I have flown many many a drones in the past and if you’re new to the channel, I focus a lot on drone content. But I also have lots of other tech content as well, so make sure to subscribe and smash that notification bell, but in today’s video I’ve got my first impressions of the Maverick air 2. Now this drone is the newly released drone from DJ. It can shoot 4k.60 frames per second 1080p 240 frames per second, and it offers many other features that I’ll be covering in future videos.

So when I initially took off with the Maverick air 2, it definitely brought a smile to my face. It feels like that authentic DJ experience that I’m sure a lot of pilots out there know it just takes off perfectly it handles really well in all wind conditions and it’s just a solid flight experience. So I flew the mini a couple of days ago and it was getting blown around a lot. It was definitely struggling in the wind and then to compare it to the air that thing just cuts through the wind.

It doesn’t even seem to be affected by the wind and then, when it comes to using the DJ fly app. I’Ve used that app before the mini now and it’s a decent, app, very simplified. There’S not really too much to it. When you’re using the Maverick mini, so I guess I was a little bit skeptical of how they are going to make it a more advanced experience with the Medicare 2, but it’s actually really well done. You know I love how they’ve got the options off to the right.

You just tap on it and you just kind of scroll through the different options, it’s all in the one spot and then, if you want to track, you just literally draw on the screen. So you don’t have to go to a separate menu and start doing that process. You just draw on a subject and you’re ready to go, so it’s actually a really simplified process in a very easy to use app, but they also made it more advanced than the Mavic mini, and it definitely gives me more options in terms of customizing the image. The settings and obviously the features that are available as well and then when it comes to the photo and video quality, I will dive into this a lot more in future videos. This was only my first test, so I only really got to test it during sunset.

So it’s actually quite a low-light test. There were points where the Sun was completely behind the clouds, and this was a good test for the low-light capabilities of the Mabika, and I was really really impressed with the colorscience, the dynamic range and the features that are available to me as a pilot. So I used the slow-mo feature of 240 frames per second 1080p. I also had a chance to use the 48 megapixel steel option, which is actually just 12 megapixel photos multiplied so yeah, that’s fine and everything the photo quality was fantastic, though. Overall, I was really happy with the different options.

There. You’Ve got just a steel option, a smart option and then you’ve got the 48 megapixel option, as well as a few others as well. So quite a comprehensive selection of things to do when it came to the 4k video as well, really impressed with that. It looks fantastic, even in low-light it looked beautiful. I was really happy with the dynamic range and just the overall image.

It was just beautiful, I’m still yet to use all of the features, but it was very easy to navigate through the different menus as well, which was something that obviously improves the overall flight experience very easy to just draw around a subject and track them very easy To change between all the different modes and, like I said just before the flight experience was phenomenal, so it really just takes out a lot of that stress of trying to set up the shot and kind of dive into it. It’S just very simple to change on the go now I remember when the mavica 2 was released and I originally saw that new controller and I thought myself. Oh it just looks a little bit cheap. It doesn’t look as good as the previous controller. Now it’s funny how a photo can sometimes betray something in a particular way and then, when you actually hold the product, when you actually physically get your hands on it, it’s got a completely different vibe.

Now this controller is built extremely well. It’S very sturdy, and the initial thing that I didn’t like that kind of slide up phone holder is actually amazing, because it means that I can have my phone in its case. I don’t have to take it out of its case, which were a lot of owners. They would know the pain of that, it’s so frustrating to have to take your phone out every single time. The other thing that I really love is that the cables actually tucked underneath that slider, so you unplug it and you tuck it around the back and it just sits there nicely, there’s no obstruction.

It’S not kind of hanging down. It’S just tucked behind your phone. So I really loved that I also really loved the buttons on the controller and just how it feels in the hand it’s actually really grown on me and I’m extremely impressed with this new change. Another thing that I was a little bit disappointed by when I originally saw the announcement was how they’ve basically tried to streamline their Mavic range, all their Mavic drones. Now look the same.

You’Ve got the mini. You’Ve got the and then you’ve got the medic 2 pro a medic to zoom. They all look the same and that’s really good for consumers who just want to kind of go into a store and figure out low, medium and high range Mavericks. That’S really easy for a salesperson and its streamlines the whole process, but I really did love that elegant stealthy of the original maverick air. It looked like a luxury sports car and it really did stand out.

It’S probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing drones. I’Ve seen on the market – I really love it, but the Maverick air 2 just feels very familiar, which is fine, but it doesn’t really have any unique character to it. Now, for most people they’re not going to care about that, but for me it was just a little bit of an annoying change for them to kind of try to streamline it and just make it really easy for the lowest common denominator for the user. That wants to go in and just buy a drone is here the low, medium or high. So that’s fine.

I’M gon na accept that I am struggling to get my head around the gimbal cover for the Maverick air 2. They always seem to do this. They change the gimbal cover with basically every new release, which is fine, but this one actually has like a plastic bend that kind of tucks underneath the camera and pushes it forward. It’S just a little bit odd to get used to, but it definitely does secure the camera nicely in the gimbal cover and when it comes to the size of the drone itself, as you could imagine, it sits between the Mavic mini and the Maverick 2 range. So it is kind of hitting that midpoint I actually really loved the size of the Maverick air, its sturdy in your hand, they’re folding mechanisms feel fantastic, and it is a really nice size.

It’S not too big, it’s not too small. It’S definitely struck that really. Nice balance, that’s the end of my first impressions of the Maverick air 2. I’Ve been very impressed with it so far so make sure to subscribe and smash that notification bell to keep up-to-date on my future navigate to videos.

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