DJI – M200 Series – Search and Rescue in Extreme Environments

– Out here, in our line of work, our most important commodity
is definitely time. There are so many examples of how drones have revolutionized
so many industries, and is
definitely no exception from that. Today, we're using the Matrice 200. It's 's newest aircraft. It's a series of drones built to withstand the harsh conditions that we work in. In the past, tied to the
ground in other vehicles, or in the air by expensive helicopters. Now, with the advent of drones, we're able to scan larger areas in less time and less manpower. Historically, the only
disadvantage has been battery worth but the improves on that using a two-battery system allowing us up to 35
minutes of flight time with one gimbal.

Also, the new self-heating
system inside the batteries ensures that we can keep flying even in subzero temperatures. The entire is built for efficiency. It's foldable
makes everything easier from transport to take-off, making sure that we can be in the air within a few minutes of arriving on site. This far north, in the winter time, we only get about four hours of daylight. When people's lives are at stake, having an aircraft with
thermal capability is crucial. With the ZenMuse XT, we
have eyes in the dark and can keep scouting
throughout the night.

It's new compulsing
system allows us to fly heavier payloads even in windy conditions. We've been able to bring radios, food, and even medical supplies
to people that are stranded in places that are very
difficult to reach. And with the onboard FPV camera, we still have visibility even though we've replaced
the gimbal with supplies. My favorite feature is definitely the ability to mount two gimbs at once on to the Matrice 210. With the X4S and the XT thermal camera mounted side by side, we're able to capture two different images in a single flight.

That way, we can analyze thermal images in much more detail by comparing them to the higher resolution
footage from the X4S. Obstacle avoidance is another feature that I am very excited about. The built-in flight autonomy system can recognize obstacles both below and in front of the aircraft. This has helped us maneuver
through tight spaces like if I shoot the rocks which makes things safer for our climbers because we can go in beforehand and scout out the best place of entry. The series has
outperformed on so many levels. It's the most versatile aircraft
that I've ever worked with, yet it still delivers
the power and reliability that I would expect from
an industrial platform. Most importantly, it gives
us more time in the day and out here, that's what saves lives..

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