DJI – Introducing the DJI Digital FPV System

Absolute freedom flying like a bird is a long cherished dream of mankind Flying an FPV is a breathtaking experience and brings us closer to that dream than anything else. Today,’s analog.

Video transmission only offers low image quality, which results in a generally poor.

Flying experience, Even if the task seemed impossible, has developed a low, latency, HD digital transmission system.

The system consists of four highly integrated components.

The light and compact air unit is easy to assemble and has an internal HD video recording The robust FPV HD camera offers a 2 1 mm lens.

The FPV goggles are very comfortable to wear, and the display offers transmission in HD resolution with flowing 120 frames per second, An integrated video recording records.

What the pilot sees The remote control with eight channels can be configured via the FPV goggles.

It also offers the HDL remote control protocol.

Overall FPV pilots can enjoy a better flight experience which combines HD image quality with low latency.

The digital system supports eight channels which allows the simultaneous flight of eight pilots. The system is incredibly robust and offers uninterrupted transmission, even in the event of collisions with obstacles.

The user, friendly spectator mode lets fans experience the action right away.

Dji has integrated everything into one complete solution so that you no longer have to spend hours.

Searching must spend for the right components.

Everything fits together to get started right away.

You are ready.

The digital FPV system from DJI allows you to fly faster and with more confidence.

I can finally see the other drones clearly on the track.

No matter, if you are a beginner or a professional experience, an immersive FPV flight experience in HD with the digital FPV system from DJI .

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