DJI FPV | Unboxing and Activation

Welcome to the – Unboxing and Activation. Open the Combo and take out the products and accessories. Download the Fly app by using the QR code on the Scan the Fly download page on the official . You can also download DJI Fly from the app store on your mobile device. Before using the battery for the first time, connect it to the charger for at least a minute to complete activation.

Connect the goggles to the battery of the goggles. Remove the gimbal cover and the protective film on the gimbal camera. Press the aircraft power button once then press and hold for two seconds to turn on the aircraft. Turn on the goggles and remote control in the same way. Connect the OTG cable to the USB-C port on the goggles and connect it to your mobile device with a charging cable. Open after successfully pairing the aircraft, goggles and remote control the DJI Fly app and follow the instructions to complete activation. If you have purchased or intend to purchase DJI Care Refresh, please complete the purchase and the binding within 48 hours after activating the . Once activated, make sure you have the Intelligent Flight Battery, charges the remote control and the battery of the goggles. Read the user manual carefully, to be fully prepared for your first flight..

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