DJI FPV Drone Combo Unboxing & Spare Batteries

You’re watching , and today we are going to unbox the fpv system. This is the fpv combo pack, so stay tuned and we’ll check it out. [, Music, ], [ Applause, ] all right. So everyone probably knows is in the fpv game. Now this is the combo pack, which includes the fpv propellers, the remote control and the goggles that you need to fly fpv now i haven’t opened this yet so i’m actually going to be checking this out for the first time right now.

This box here is a secondary box that i don’t think actually comes with this. I believe this kit, we’ll find out in a minute, comes with one battery and one charger, so you can charge that battery and there’s a pretty good flight time on this thing. From what i understand so that shouldn’t be too bad. If you only have one battery, but this kit comes with two additional batteries, as well as a three three port charger, so that you can charge all three batteries at the same time and the two extra batteries. But i don’t think this comes in this kit.

They are two separate things. So if you’re gon na buy this uh combo with the with the goggles and the drone and the remote, you may want to get this as well. So, let’s get into it here. I’Ve already uh cut the tape and i have peeked inside, but i haven’t actually gotten everything out and played with it yet, which is the whole point of making this video so that i can finally do that because i’m super excited to do it. So, let’s figure out how the box works there, we go.

Okay, you ready here we go boom there. It is that is the fpb drone which, if you’re new to fpv this, is going to give you the best of both worlds, flying a mavic or flying an fpv drone in full acro mode. It does all of those things. Let’S take it out and check it out and again i have not flown it yet so here it is, it’s a very stocky little thing you know with the mandalorian being big right now. This reminds me a little bit of a mandalorian spaceship like they’re, not super streamlined, they tend to be kind of squatty and bulky, and oddly shaped you know, could you see this coming in, but it’s pretty cool looking, it’s definitely a unique .

It does have the battery already in it, so the battery is right here you squeeze these things and the reason i know some of this is because i’ve watched some videos already and some seen some literature about it, but this battery goes in right here and plugs In the back now, that’s a pretty interesting and unique method. If you look at the way the battery goes, it’s a little external plug with two ports that plugs directly into this port in the back. So the the frame is just holding the battery in place. There are no connectors inside of this, like there are with other dji batteries, where you shove them into a slot, and they make a connection on the end. This one you put into the slot here and then you actually have to plug the connector in right here and i think that’s going to be the same for the charging port.

It does have the usual dji lights on the back like so which is cool but, and it also is part of the landing gear. So if you take this thing out, it’s not going to sit as straight as it is with the battery in so with it out. It kind of sits on these back two motors on the on the arms out here, but with it in it sits more, upright interesting, very interesting . Now this does include a gimbal guard and i believe there is a one axis gimbal on this thing now i haven’t really taken the gimbal guard off or figured out how to do that yet so it has a little piece of tape, we’ll go ahead and peel That off and put it right there and then i’m thinking you might squeeze it usually there we go set it right there and then the actual camera has a piece of tape around it. Keep it all nice and clean.

Put that right there actually we’ll just get those out of the way. So there’s your camera there’s a one axis, gimbal that levels the camera so that as you’re flying and the thing’s on it’s gon na. If it tips forward, the camera will tip up to stay level and keep a field of view in front of it at all times. So we’ve taken that off, i believe, there’s some little ports down here by the way. This is not a full review of this .

If you want to see that i’ll make another video that is a full review of this quadcopter. This is really just the unboxing, but this thing’s also pretty heavy. I need to get it on a scale and see what the weight is here are. As i said right here in the top, these are the goggles, and these are the 2.0 version of the goggles.

They look very similar to the 1.0 version, but i think there are some improvements on these, but they sit right there on the top and there should be in the box um a strap that will go over and around your head to hold them on. They also have little little protection pieces on the lenses here to keep them from getting scratched, etc and there’s nothing like brand new goggles. They feel really good. My old goggles have you know, kind of sweat, stains and stuff like that on them, so we’ll set those over here.

These are very, very uh kind of futuristic looking when you put them on or nerd looking depending on what you think and then next, as we open further into the box, what’s down there, there’s the new remote control, so this remote control is a much smaller form Factor than their current um fpv uh air unit remote has this flip up antenna, which is pretty nice kind of gets out of the way has a wheel here that you can turn has the two gimbals or not gimbals sticks that go into the gimbals and thread In so that’s nice that you can actually unthread them so that this is a low profile, if you’re going to put this in a bag or something it makes it easy has the little hook. So you can hang it around your neck so that, while you’re flying, if you want to let go of it, you can lots of buttons on it. We’Ll go over all those in the review, but very video game inspired style controller, very solid in the hand and nice material. I like this kind of half plastic, half rubber kind of feel of these materials here, so there’s the remote that comes in it, and now we have four additional boxes here in the box, and you can see that those four boxes contain the accessories and such so We’Ll go ahead and get out the these two. These two are our propeller boxes.

I believe they have an a and a b on them and the a and the b are going to indicate where these propellers go. There is on the actual, quad you’ll notice. Actually, there’s a sticker that says a right there and a right there. So it’s going to tell you: these are the a’s with the red, stripes or red lines on the motors, and the bees must go where the there is no red line. They usually make it pretty obvious where the propellers go and they make them pretty easy to put on as a matter of fact, let’s go ahead and get a propeller out and take a look at it.

So it looks like it comes with three of the three of the b’s. Oh i’m sorry nope, four, four! That’S a full set! Well, two full sets of the b’s so um, because you’ll only use two of these. Now these don’t have the these.

Don’T have the red stripes so they’re going to go over here and i would guess you just kind of put them on and twist yep and then put this one on and twist and it’s kind of a feel thing you’ll feel it go down. There’S a spring. It’S spring-loaded and then it won’t twist one direction. It will twist the other direction and those are on now very easy to change out. You know just like any other dji quadcopter slash drone and then here are the a propellers and there are also four of those.

So, basically, you have one complete full set. So if you break one or two or three props, you should be in good shape. These propellers, as you’ll notice, have this red circle right here and that’s going to match up to the red circle red little lines on the motors. So we’ll go ahead and put these two on just for fun. So you can see what it looks like with the props and again push them down, you’ll kind of feel.

It will only twist one direction and put this last one on push down twist and you can see they have a nice tight fit right. There there’s a little bit of that metal. You can see through the connector there. I like the way that looks very clean, nothing on top of it. The props are tri-blade props and they look very, very rugged, pretty rigid, not a lot of flex to them.

So, let’s put that down right here and then let’s see what else comes in this combo kit, so here is this box right here this box contains what what’s in this box. Oh, this looks like a good one. This box has, let’s see what this thing is. I don’t even know oh, this is, as i mentioned earlier, the strap that goes on the goggles, so you’re going to take these two velcro bits here and you want to make sure that you have it in the right orientation. So there’s going to be a top part and there’s going to be two side parts, so this top part will go around like there.

This side part will go around like there and this other side part will go around like there and then they’re all adjustable because they’re velcro. But at this point you can put the thing on your head: nice solid, fit. You can see right there, it’s actually a little tight, so i’ll loosen that one maybe loosen these two just a little bit there. We go feels really good, not a little bit of light leak on the bottom, but not really other than that, and i’m under some serious lights. So that has the strap.

Also in here is a cable. This cable goes into the goggles and has a usbc connector on the end of it, and so basically you’re going to connect this into a battery that has a usbc connector, which is really nice usbc, i’m so glad everybody’s finally starting to adopt that it allows you To plug this into well right now, it’s a dji battery. I need to see if it’s capable of connecting to other types of batteries, because their old one had an xt 60 connector that connected into a lipo battery with an xd60 connector. So a little bit different situation there, but a little more elegant, and then it also has this uh cable, which is a usb a to usbc, which i’m sure is for charging things such as the remote control, because i think the remote control probably has yes a Usbc charging connector right there and then, let’s see this is a us power plug that goes into a us wall socket or north american wall socket sorry, canada. This works with you, too didn’t mean to leave you out, and so we’ve got that guy there.

I guess i can just leave this off or not. For now, this is probably going to go into the battery charger is my guess, and then we have a oh. This is a usb c to usb a female connector and i’m guessing. This is for connecting your um connecting to an android phone to do updates and such there are two spare sticks in here. So in case you lose one of the sticks.

You’Ve got two spares in that little thing this is oh, this must be the two of the antennas that go on the dji goggles. Now i have the original pair of goggles. These antennas look a little bit longer. I need to compare and see, but these these look like they’re slightly longer than the original dji goggle antennas, which i would assume is a good thing, although it may make them a little bit more may make the thing a little bit more difficult to store. You know if you’re putting it in a pack or something you might actually have to take those off, i’m pretty sure, there’s going to be aftermarket antennas too, that do different things: different sizes, different lengths receptions, etc.

Here are the other two antennas that go. They say dji on the end, and these are threaded kind of like a coaxial cable, so you can just thread them right into the goggles like, so you want to make sure to get them all the way in there. So they have a good, solid connection. Don’T over tighten them but tighten them enough so that they kind of stop and they’re hard to turn at that point, so there they are, and if you didn’t look like an ant before, you really really are going to look like an aunt now all right, i’m Not talking about your dad’s sister, either all right, so this cable here we also have some instructions in the book in the box. Here’S the quick start guide and i might be having to refer to this, to get it all set up and looks like that’s everything.

That’S in here, and then here is [ Applause ] a shell now i’m not 100 sure, but i believe what this looks like is a replacement shell for this top part here. So i don’t know if it goes on top of this. No it doesn’t. It looks like you can actually unscrew these little screws right here. If you can see them and take this shell off this shell is semi-transparent.

It’S you can see through it. It’S a little bit smoky or frosty frosted or smoky, but it looks like this. Shell will go on top of it, let’s say you’re racing with somebody else, and you want to have a different look for your drone, so the two of you can tell them, apart by visual line of sight. That’S how you would do it just by replacing this or the other thing you could do, is put a sticker on it. That’Ll make it really obvious who it belongs to me all right and then finally, last thing in the box is this box here box in a box this box, i’m gon na, guess the charger and perhaps the battery for the goggles yep there is the battery for The goggles this is a lipo battery, i’m gon na guess it’s a 2 or 3s battery, probably a 3s.

I need to verify – and i need my glasses to be able to read back here, but it has the little button to indicate the charge state of it. It has an on off button and it has a usbc connector that you would use to plug in here to power your goggles, so you plug this in turn this on, and that would power your goggles, don’t know how long that will run it for we’ll test. It and see – and then also in here in this box – is the charging uh transformer that allows you to plug into the wall. So that’s what this cable is for. You’Ll plug this into here and you will plug the other end into your battery.

So, let’s see, let me go ahead and pull this battery out and set this down, so it looks like the way this will work. Is there? Is this little, as i said here, a connector that has two ports a positive and a negative port, and this guy it looks like it can only go one way, plugs in right there and then plugs into the wall, and then that’s how you’re going to charge This battery, if you don’t have the multi charger so that will allow you to charge one battery at a time, and i suppose you could probably leave this in the quad leave it in here. Pull that out like this and then charge it while it’s still in the quad. Yes, you could do that, so you don’t have to take it out to charge it.

If you don’t want to it’s it’s up to you and then finally, so that’s everything that was in the fpv combo box again a little bit confusing just to note that the fpv combo is not a fly more combo because it does not come with the extra Batteries that a fly more combo comes with, and you know a whole bunch of props. It comes with the basics you need with the goggles the remote the drone charger. One battery looks like eight props battery for the goggles. You know all the basic stuff you need to get in the air, but only one battery, so if you are wanting to fly additional time beyond just one battery, there is this little box right here and this little box contains, i believe, based on the picture. Two additional batteries and a multi-charger, so let’s go ahead and open this guy up, so it looks like if you you know again, you would probably ideally want to buy both of these.

I do understand that the goggles will be backwards compatible with older dji air units and that the older goggles will work with this drone. However, this remote will be backwards compatible with the dji air unit, but the old dji fpv system remote will not work with the new drone. That’S my understanding at this point and right now i haven’t even flown it yet so i could be mistaken on that, but i’m pretty sure that’s right, because i heard it from dji directly uh two batteries in this box, just like the other one, have the little Connector there, on the top and also in this box, is a multi-port charger. So it looks like this multi-port charger will connect to this cable right here, you’ll plug this in like so, and then you will be able to charge three batteries using this. So there’s three one: two: three ports that you can plug the batteries into and they’ll all sit um, probably like.

So if i’m guessing one so there’s two, let’s see if we can get the third one in there it’s over here for the moment and yes, all three of these will go in at the same time as you can see, and you just kind of squeeze them Down like that, and then you would plug this in and i’m going to guess that they charge in series meaning that it charges one then charges the next and charges the next it doesn’t do them all at the same time is my guess, based on previous dji Multi chargers, so that’s it. There’S uh the unboxing of the dji fpv drone combo. This thing is, i think, going to change the world of fpv. I think a lot more people are going to get into it. As i understand, this will fly much like a mavic flies in its basic mode, and then you can take the training, wheels off and fly it in acro mode and do all kinds of crazy tricks.

I have not even spun up the props on this yet, but now that i’ve done this on boxing, i’m going to go. Do that if you haven’t checked out my full review. You’Ll definitely want to do that because i’m going to go into a lot of depth on this thing, but i just wanted to do an unboxing to show you what you get if you buy the dji fpv combo and what you don’t get meaning the extra batteries Where you need to get the fly more kit, which is this guy here – love to hear your comments about this entire setup? If you like this video, please consider subscribing to ready, set drone, and thanks for watching we’ll see you next time you

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