DJI FPV Combo – First impression

by Jose

I will never go with such a faster drying but because we now the fawning hi I’m martijn and this is the three, 10 years really combo the bowl on means this year’s fpv dream. And the google’s. Fpv recipe for first person view in other words, you can see with the google what the throne sees during the flight and that basically just means that it looks like it, you are on the kite yourself [Music] the dj fpv looks, different out than That you’re used to drones from this year no longer has that duller grayish color, but a good black color that is quite handy for those who are next to you to get the throne and pay because he is probably a bit, easier to see in the sky In addition, yes, it looks, tough, but, also, a bit square and dark, perhaps because of the battery it contains.

This is the battery when I saw it and I thought at first, we can fly 45 minutes to maybe an hour. Unfortunately, that is not the case that he had 20 minutes on a charge and it actually mainly indicates how much power, this dream needs, to be able to fly, he can practice fast overtaking, at 100 km per hour and yes; has.

So you put all that power in that: big battery, for, need, but, must, you want to know how the images. We look like and what it feels like to fly the thing, then I also haven’t done it yet so the steering is in then I can.

Tell you what it is like and I also tell you what is in the fpv combo box, if you buy the things what makes it this year for sound if your base they do and yes exactly why, we a lot of backslash, 0 no [Music], It does [Music] [Music] [Applause] hello broken, faster, too, have you been having it, had your way about the shells they racing the heartbeat is starting slowly now to get a little lower again.

We them with the joure, jurgen yes, to that last stunt, we pass them, yes, I found it too, well, really, genuinely exciting to fly with, this drone, I am used to other drones of his, you but they are a lot slower that speed makes it, it really is a very different experience anyway with, those bullets, on, it feels, much more, like racing with a drone instead of flying, in order to take beautiful shots, make, because, you make a nice movie and it also feels a bit, like in the past with your steerable car that the playground scratches with your buddies really that the that the element is what is fun instead of that, you necessarily make beautiful images, well it is not.

Has is 150 degrees so you can see a very, very much and he has rock star that two point zero as this you call it and the kind for stable images well I was maybe not that great stadium yet with my waist flying through the wind But must I say that the images actually look quite smooth, in addition, it has hdl transmission and that is for data transmission over long distances dream can in principle fly up to 16 kilometers and then you still have a connection and there and tears that Is super fat antennae, for on the google’s, it’s whole.

Very important because I want her to send the video image from you quickly so that you can keep seeing it on your google’s, you want to keep control and not lose connection and you want it to happen quickly especially with that Big one recovery members of the dead this is not a delay in the images yes, ever since, they, could, they lag behind then I probably would have flown against my camera in the shot of just this you have, for example, has, three, positions where, you can fly and every file Is good for something, otherwise you have the and position the estonian position and the and positions and position is for photography then flies in reasonable, slow for photos, does not have to fly fast, mirjana, leaves still quiet The there are the middle position For video, it flies quite fast there and then it can make very smooth and relaxed images and the control of the drone is actually quite high and that m position yes, that is real, hour position in which I have just flown then A is super fast and d and he also reacts very, very quickly to the movement

Source : Youtube

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