DJI Film School – Drone Preparations for Motorsport Shots

by Jose

Welcome to the World Rally Championship! In this video series we give you tips how to film with the Inspire 2 at motorsport events. In the first episode we show you how to prepare the Inspire 2. We talk too the best flight routes and positions for the team. Before leaving to the location, all batteries should be fully charged and enough undamaged propellers, lenses and clean ND filters are packed. Don’t forget the cleaning utensils, formatted SDs and SSDs, remote controls and displays. I always check the location for the flight in advance. If it is a GEO zone with flight restrictions, do I have to activate it beforehand.

It’s also a good idea to use the DJI GO 4 app connect to the internet and download the maps, so that you can later refine the flight route and view it better. Good time to go! Usually the WRC video team already has the most interesting locations for us explored. These locations include tricky curves, bridges and ramps. To create smooth and complex recordings, it is essential to have one pilot and one at a time Having a cameraman just taking care of the gimbal.

In order to coordinate the recordings, you have to work closely together, before and during the flight. “Flight is good, give me more space.” “Okay, I’ve got it.” “Swing around.” “Okay, fly faster.” “OK.” Arrived at the location finds the best place for take-off and landing and then goes off the flight route, for a clear path. Keep a safe distance between the aircraft, Spectators, crew members, trees and other obstacles. Now let’s prepare the . Checked the , motors, and propellers on their condition and makes sure the compass and IMUs are calibrated. Checks the lens and sensor and uses an ND filter if necessary. Take another look at all the settings in the DJI GO 4 app. I always check the stick mode and the starting point setting of the return function. In addition, I make sure the height, distance and the flight modes are activated and all keys are correctly assigned. For starting in a dusty environment we recommend using a landing pad. This will keep the lens and motors clean, while the aircraft takes off. I like to call out loud when the takes off or lands, so everyone around me knows.

“Drone flies up!” Even if the Inspire 2’s FPV camera is used for navigation is useful it is important to always fly in line of sight. When the position of the team is not a clear view on the incoming cars, it’s helpful having an assistant with a radio, who keeps an eye on the drone. “Car is coming.” Alternatively, it is recommended to use the Pay attention to the noises of the arriving cars. To rehearse our recordings we use the security cars, which before the race drive through the sections or we just imagine the cars. This helps in refining the tracking shots. We are done with our preparations. Time to take great pictures of the rally! In the next episode we’ll talk about that Composition of good drone shots. We also talk about why the post-processing plays a major role in every recording.

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