DJI Drone Pilot Tracker App!

Welcome to the new look studio, stroke bedroom. Now I need you to pay attention and take actions. This is quite serious DJ. I have shown off a new app, the broadcast a publicly available app, which will allow phone users to ID and track the flight path of a nearby drone. The concerning part about this is that it will allow the phone user to see the location of the drone pilot, but many people aren’t used to drones so when they see when they ask what is that?

What’S it doing, why is it there now has developed a system that starts answering these kinds of questions. We call it remote identification is a way for anyone to remotely identify a drone in real time. On a smartphone. You can see information like the flight path of the drone, the location of the pilot and an ID number for the drone, which is like a license plate. This helps address safety, security and accountability for drones and the people who fly them by letting authorities and anyone curious have access to this information, and anyone curious have access to this information and anyone curious have access to this information for drone pilots.

This means that accountability becomes the rule rather than restrictions. Now, I’m all for this app in a limited sense and the app shown in the video just displayed is only a demonstration product with no scheduled release date. As of the time of recording this video, it is capable of displaying the drones drone, pilots, location, but the and other global regulators will have to decide what information is shared with the public. I say I’m for some track ability, for example, if the drone is within 50 metres of the phone oan, which, if you’re flying legally, you won’t be because you’re not allowed. Certainly in the UK within 50 metres of somebody’s home or a person.

And if you hover in place for 60 seconds so say, you’re lower than 50 meters, you’re close to somebody’s house and you hover in place for 60 seconds, then you should be able to ID that particular drone. The pilots location should only be visible to the the . The public shouldn’t be able to see it, because the only people who would download this app in order to see where a jones pilot is is some busybody with something against drone users and that you know, could lead to escalation of a conflict between. Obviously, a member of the public and the drone flier the app should also if it is going to allow these sort of things educate, non drone Flyers on what is and isn’t legal. Luckily, you have until the 2nd of March to have your say and be heard by the FAA by following the link in the description down below the reason that I’m commenting on this.

I know it’s and the FAA, which is an American organization or branch of the government, I’m not exactly sure what it is, but when it comes to things like drawing laws, normally what affects America will affect everywhere else.

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