DJI Drone Flight Simulator | Can It Make You A Better Pilot?

by Jose
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What’s going on everybody? This is Dave from steel. Somebody joins flight Academy. We are at Florida drone supply Florida. Joint supply is our efficient official equipment vendor and they got the DJI simulator up here, and I thought I’d, spend some time with it getting to really go through it and seeing if we like it or not, we get a lot of questions Regarding this item, is it good? Is it worth the money? Is it worth getting, and so we wanted to take a look at it and we’re gonna talk about some of the features functionality of it tell you what our opinions are.

So we’re gonna step. You through exactly what we think about this. So let’s get started all right to start off with. We can use any remote controller. We want to use this right. Here is a phantom 4 Pro remote.

You can use them inspire one or two remotes. You can use a maverick remote. You can use the sentence remote. It doesn’t really matter you. Can it’s, anything that you wouldn’t you have, and you want to be able to get accustomed with your own remote, that’s.

What’s really cool about this? So we’re gonna go up the skills training that we really kind of see that skills, training, free flights, entertainment applications all seem to be doing the same thing. They all have the same modes and modules you can go ahead and use select from different aircraft, all the way from the original Mavic and a spark to Mavic to phantom for pro inspire 1 inspire 2 and the mitrice 210 RTK system with multiple sensors.

So let’s. Select that so you can see it has a option that’s, really great to have free flight. Basically, you can and you can fly in different areas. Like a farm, you can select the hangar, a city, an island, a mountain forest custom scenarios, let’s, go ahead and hit it’s reported a hiker went lost in the forest.

You need to operate the aircraft to search for the target and report to the Operations Center, that’s. What the hiker looks like pay attention to the clues, provided the target may be just around and that’s, his vehicle, that he was where was last seen, so we’re gonna start our mission and again I really love this Version from on the ground, where the actual pilot perspective, what’s great also about this – is that you can switch the mode from people hold all the way to sport mode to a tee mode, and that’s.

Really, you know you don’t have to necessarily do it on a search-and-rescue mission, but you know it’s really nice to be able to see multiple modes and being able to have a realistic view from the pilot perspective.

Now you can change the views by hitting the pause button. You can change and see your device. You can see the actual app itself, so you can toggle between them. Now, the only pet peeve that I have are I haven’t just a couple.

Small pet peeves is that, like I wish that you can have telemetry and this screen right here, you have to go to that screen or that screen to get to telemetry, but other than that. I really like it now.

The only other thing that I from a search-and-rescue standpoint, if we’re, going to try to make this a real and a real training module, is to be able to offer and see the different sensors. Now it gets a little unrealistic that a mitrice, 210 or TK is using an iPad with the go for option.

When we now know that we really need to you be using the the power tap, especially with multiple sensors and/or, a thermal camera and will be able to love to be able to see the thermal camera image to be able to Train.

But what that said. Nevertheless, you know you really can go ahead and learn to search and grids. We can really set up pass along the hike and really look for that person. So this is really great training for desk type of application.

It’s, changed aircraft that’s good to the inspire to again a module, hover test flight route test and a really nice power grid, inspection scenario, Public Safety tests and a internal aircraft skill test.

So it’s. Really has a lot of different functionality to this, and I we’re, really liking it so far and you can walk through the preparation of the aircraft. A couple little quirks that we see in here works refers to the m600 pro a couple times and six batteries with different aircraft, but i think that where our software is, that’s, not up-to-date, so we’re in P mode.

It walks you all through all the different things that you need to do prior to flight calibrate the compass even fly the aircraft through a B C and D, with its head facing forward, set the flight mode to a and set the flight altitude to 2 meters.

So it’s, giving you very specific instructions on what it wants you to do so wait there’s 2 meters and we’re just going to go ahead and fly the route now. In our opinion, the controls in certain applications and certain tests is a little fast and a little sensitive, but that is nitpicking compared to real life.

I mean there’s. Only so much you’re gonna be able to do to simulate there’s, no substitute for the real thing, but nevertheless this is very nice to do when you, if, as a substitute for not being able to fly outdoors, you Can see in this mode right here it’s, even showing me what the stick commands are that I’m actually doing in real time.

You know we could go in free flight mode. You can do fly different things that can fly a farm, hangar city and I on the mountain forests and even custom scenarios. So let’s, go ahead and select the mountain areas and simulates the landing gear going up on the inspire.

Let’s. Go fly over this way and try to get some really cool different type of shots. That’s, cool right there and fly up the mountain again. You can switch the interview in the middle excellent graphics.

Think that graphics are really good, not a fan of the behind the aircraft view it’s, not really realistic. Now, as you can see right here, we are distance of five hundred thirty meters, approximately sixteen hundred feet away and for actual line of sight.

You can see it’s, not realistic. We just can’t see it. So I’m gonna start, bringing the aircraft back and to where we can actually start seeing the aircraft there. It is right there and that’s. Actually at 371 meters, some 5000 feet now.

I know that in real life we can see them inspire one. Inspired too we can. You know I can see it with my own eyes, probably closer to 2,000 feet. 1,800 feet for sure, so it’s, not exactly 100 % realistic.

But again, very nice and again I can’t state enough. How is that? You can practice an a/d mode so just like what we do in our flight Academy, which is heavily concentrated on being able to fly manually in Adi mode.

This really kind of really simulates that really well it’s. You know we consider that to be like a puck on ice and we, you know, we highly encourage when people fly to be able to be as proficient in the ADI mode as possible, and that’s really really really good again, you could practice Regaining orientation from further distances away, doing different, controlled movements to see how it’s, going to be able to regain yourself your orientation.

So a lot of great things that you can’t simulate when you can’t go outdoors and fly Time Trial. Time trials are more for like for fpv racing. So, for those of you who are into fpv racing, you can go ahead and polish your skills so for the FBD racers that want to really test this out.

We like this module, it really does have realistic responses and your practice going up hills, downhill, banking, left and right. Changing terrain altitudes. We really like the banking angles. So let’s move on next again, we love this powered view.

It really is outstanding. If you want to go ahead and switch over to the different views, let’s say you have a visual observer and you can go ahead and really fly. The aircraft fly. The monitor. You can really learn that’s perception and this get those controls done and get the touch, and you really really like this, so that’s, our little demo.

We hope you liked it again. There’s, no substitute for the real thing there’s, no substitute for real training, real instruction, real practicing. But you know when you are in an environment where let’s, say you’re up north and you know it’s.

The winter months are very difficult to be able to fly. You know when you really can’t not fly very often this really kind of helps. You maintain your firing proficiency and I think it can make you a better flier.

Now again, you could walk through the tutorials and you go through two different setups. So there’s, a lot of value into this now. The other thing that you should take into account is having a really good setup for this.

So like, we really feel the the need for a larger monitor, for the real experience is very valuable, and this also requires a pretty powerful computer. So when you’re, going to go ahead and budget for this type of a system, they keep that in mind.

And if you have more questions regarding this system, please feel free reach out. We’ll help you out. We’ll, get you help, get you set up on it and get you going. We do are definitely gonna head recommend using a system like this and it’s.

Gon na be become there’s, some different options for training that we’re gonna go forward with it. So, thanks to our friends that Florida drone supply for letting us use their system and like always, we’ll talk to you again thanks again, if you’d, like this video and like to see more free videos in the future, please Subscribe to our YouTube channel and while you’re at it, if you’re interested in free lessons on how to fly, drones, discounts on drone equipment, discounts on insurance or access to our exclusive drone, video library check out our .

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