Difference between a Drone OWNER, a Drone PILOT, and a Drone PROFESSIONAL.

by Jose

Hey guys, it’s towanda here your african drone professional and i’m here with a quick video just to explain a little bit more about something i shared on one of my platforms recently about the difference between a a and a drone professional so here’s.

Some quick definitions, a is someone who’s purchased a drone. Now you can buy any type of drone, whether it’s, a small drone, a professional grade drone or an industrial grade drone. Okay, so from small to launch you buying, a drone makes you a drone owner now don’t owners make up the large majority of the global consumer.

Drone industry, okay and oftentimes. A drone owner will buy a drone. They’ll go home, you know, go on youtube. Uh google watch tutorials about their specific drone, and these guys are normally self-taught, so they teach themselves how to fly this truck right now that’s.

Okay, as long as you fly, your drone, within the confines of whatever regulations are within the space of where you live. Okay, and if you’re flying your drone at home or at a family occasion or when you’re on holiday.

Okay, that’s; okay, but what happens then? There’s. A lot of drone owners, then, once they’ve been self-taught right, they go and then they start trying to offer services and it’s, calling themselves drone pilots.

Okay, now you can’t call yourself a . Unless you’ve been trained, so let me move on to what a is. So a is someone who is received, training and licensing right from an approved training organization.

A quick way to know whether you’ve, been trained by an approved training organization, is by checking with your local civil aviation authority. They have a full list of all the people who are approved to offer drone training.

Now you going online and getting a drone course for five bucks or 20 bucks or a hundred dollars. Doesn’t make you a drone pilot either okay, so you actually need to go and get training, which includes theory and practical training.

It includes you learning all sorts of different things that are important right to for you to then operate drones safely and responsibly. If you haven’t been trained, then you can’t call yourself a drone pilot all right, and you have no right to call yourself a drone pilot unless you actually have license to actually operate in that way now quickly.

Moving on, i want to explain to you about what a drone professional is so looking at drone professionals. Now these are people who are operating and working within the drone industry, and these aren’t necessarily drone pilots.

Okay, so drone professionals include software developers who are developing software specifically for drones, drone , how the operating systems around it the different applications around drone – those are people who are professionals working in their own industry.

We also have people who are repair maintenance technicians. These are people who have been trained on how to maintain and repair drones. Now these can be for specific brands or all types of of drones.

Okay, but these are also roles within the drone profession. Then you have the drone pilots, which are commonly known. You know the well-known people within the drone profession are the drone pilots. These are the operators of the actual drones who are trained on how to operate specific type of drones and within that drone pilot space, you have different ratings as well, and those professionals operate within the scope of whatever rating that they have also within the drone profession.

You have drone and data analysts, people who actually analyze and interpret the data that comes from drones, depending on the different use case application. All these are different roles within the drone profession.

You also have drone educators who have drone consultants. I myself am a drone consultant and part of what my role is, is actually helping businesses and other organizations to integrate drones into the operations to build drone programs for them so that they can bring the service in-house rather than hiring necessarily okay.

We also then offer the drone service, but my primarily, i’m, a drone consultant, so anyone who looks to try and or who’s looking at bringing drones into the operations we help them to do that. We help them to define what’s needed within that space and help them to build that out.

Help them by giving them advice on which type of drone would make sense for their operational use case, and that’s. Really just a quick definition of that, but all this that i’m sharing with you is found in this book that i was honored to be able to co-author.

This book is called drone professional one, and this book is an amazing drone resource book, especially for those who consider themselves, professionals who are lucky to get into the profession or just want to know more about the different use cases of drones in different industries.

This book is written by 16 of some of the world’s, leading drone professionals within their different spheres, covering all sorts of different sectors, from agriculture to conservation, to drone and data delivery, to medical delivery systems and really um.

This is such a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more to understand about drone , and i share more about this topic in terms of defining the differences between a drone pilot, a drone owner and a drone professional.

So you can get a copy of this book contact me or connect with me and find out how you can get a copy of this amazing book, an amazing resource that you can use to help you on your journey. Moving from a drone owner to, hopefully a drone professional thanks guys for watching this video, please be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos.

We’ll, be doing a lot more interesting stuff and bringing you a lot more information to help. You on your drone journey,

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