Details about Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus from the drone pilot who flies over it

I’m, I want have you stand back just a little bit since apple first broke ground in cupertino drone pilots have been circling Apple’s, new spaceship campus trying to capture every last detail. We met up with my it hurts.

He’s. One of the pilots who’s, been posting monthly updates since october of last year. What kind of got you started? I mean was a hobby, but what got you into this whole thing? I’ve, made little videos just local videos here and there like around Cupertino and just little shots, and everybody kept asking me what’s on the other side of that wall, he’ll fly over.

There go fly over there and it was just kind of peer pressure, and – and I did it one time and I got like a hundred thousand views in the first day. What have you kind of scene and how has it developed over time, are their structures or things that have really stuck out in your mind, they finished all the concrete parking structure that’s underneath the ring, and now they’re, adding The floors on it – and it is going so fast now is that was that garage without that underground garage that they kind of alluded to.

Is that what you’re talking about underneath the the ring itself? I guess there’s, a two-story parking garage under there and then there’s also two like pill-shaped parking garages that are near the freeway highway, 280.

Alright, so out here we have all of your toys kind of decked out some of them, not all of them right, yeah, sure sure this is my the latest one. This is the phantom 3 professional yep, so it’s got the you know the high-definition video downlink running an ipad mini 2.

You get some really nice video on that, okay, so they do make. I have the similar think this is the phantom 2 vision plus, which you have this right. Here is a taro 680 pro this one I built myself after I had purchased the phantom 2 vision plus because I wanted to be able to get have a better camera on there.

So it’s, got a gopro hero4 black on the front of it run an ND filter. You don’t, get all those vibrations you don’t, see the blade, shadows and stuff like that. This is a 6 rotor drone right here right, a little more consistency and you know redundancy.

So if you know you lose prop or something the chances are you’re still gonna be able to land it on one of the Phantom’s, you lose a prop. It’s, going straight down to the ground. I’d, like to keep it within line-of-sight, keep it as close to me as possible.

I don’t even like going farther than a thousand feet yeah. You know you just don’t know because it technically it’s, a flying saw blade and you could really hurt someone if it drops out this guy and being a member of the AMA you get insurance.

I have added insurance on top of that liability just in case. So we know this is one of your three children. Yes want to throw it up in the area. The phantom 2 vision plus is already ready to go, ok cool, so we should have enough satellites.

Just kind of get it out here and for people that don’t really see drones that much, I think the take-off is always kind of the funnest part. We prefer to call them. Multirotors people are afraid of the word drone.

Now, when you go over apple’s campus I mean we ‘ Ve got to imagine they’re, one of the most secretive companies in the world. How do they react to seeing you flying this? You know multi-rotor device like how have you had any run-ins with that I’ve.

Had them tell me actually that it’s illegal for me to fly over their property, which technically it’s. Not what i’ve read is that Apple has a claimed to own the lower 83 feet of air space. So if I ever go over apples area, if I ever cross that fence line, I make sure I’m above 83 feet before you cross that before I cross that fence line be above 83 feet and below 400, which is the FAA limit.

I still don’t like to cross the fence too much just because, even on the sunday at 7am, their security guys down there there’s, people down there. I would hate for the singing fall on this guy and hit somebody alright.

Well, you know what thanks for your time, thanks for hanging out with this it’s, my it hurts my dream on YouTube. You can see all the progress with Apple camps in the future. From you all right, you

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