Dave Av – From Accountant to Drone Pilot – Podcast #5

Lads lassies welcome back to the YouTube, I hope you’re all staying well, I hope you’re safe and I hope some of you are able to get our way for them because I’ve seen in America, it’s still you still able to wait for it. If you have a house on the lake nonetheless, this is another podcast or video. It’S with Dave AV, if you don’t know who he is, you’ve, definitely seen some clips from them before he’s literally the best pilot in and arguably in probably some of action sports as a whole. But anyway, it was good to catch up with him hear how he went from basically being an accountant to now a full-time pilot. Oh yeah, so enjoy a podcast.

If you do enjoy these home videos give us a comment. Let us know our guests who are next like the video, because it helps and thank you so much for watching all right, pretty sure. We’Re live Dave AV Dave after leo sorry ii, you’re right in the state at the moment, yeah yeah, that’s wrong. Right yeah, I mentioned it to Al and I I was I was pretty lucky to get into the audit so yeah. I was in the Philippines basically and yeah.

We obviously the whole coronavirus situation, sucked kick off and I actually at first they shuttle the airports where I was in the Philippines, so they overnight. The government just said right: airports a shot, no one’s leaving. I you’re here for at least a month and yeah I mean. Luckily I was you know I was with good friends. I was at the cable so like I could have been in a much worse situation, but, like still, I didn’t really fancy being stuck in in the third world.

For how long you don’t know how the situation’s gon na pan out alright so we’re starting to get a little bit sketched about it, but fortunately they open the airport’s back up and yeah. I had to fly it going back to the UK, so I was gon na take that and I was like. Obviously the situation also in the UK is not so great right. Now everyone’s I’m locked down – and I thought I can either go home and just be stuck indoors for like, however long or I can try and mission it to land up and just see. If I can, you know and keep on filming and hopefully write a bit and yeah.

Luckily it will worked out so so yeah I mean have you had you plan to go to Florida at that time? No because I right now I would have work back home and in Europe and obviously like starting to get into the pecan season so so yeah. That was the original plan. I mean that’s the the real hard side to all this is that all the competitions are canceled and that’s kind of my bread and butter with the with the filming and everything so yeah kind of gon na wait and see how that pans out for the rest Of the year but yeah so so suddenly I’ve got like a pretty free schedule and you know I’ve been planning to shoot a bunch with with very this guys out here so see. I just kind of made sense to try and get some of that done and just you know, yeah just keep keep putting stuff out ready, yeah and obviously you’re in Orlando and there’s so many like places, and it seems like from what I can see on Instagram.

Everyone’S still riding and actually go there on their boat. Apparently, the lakes are like the flooded busy. Are they pretty much yeah? Yes, it’s kind of funny like a lot of the guys, have been saying you know like they’ll they’ll, be in these like lakefront properties, and a lot of people have boats, but you know, and they they have. They have the lake bear in their back garden, but they never use them never.

Now, because everyone kind of stuck at home and technically you’re, just going out into your back garden, there are different rules of boats as well. I think you can have like a maximum of 10 people on the boat. Without you know, it’s not the same like like social distancing rules and obviously it’s pretty chill. You know if there’s only a couple of you on the boat and one guy is being towed. You’Re you’re not ripped, supposing any risk or whatever say so yeah a lot of people are going out on the boat and just it’s definitely a pretty pretty good place to be stuck good, safe, yeah.

It’S perfect time for you to work on your air. Your boat, curry, okay, was shot pretty recently so say, o WC was still open for a while and then that closed. So I went to two elite. They had a couple more days and then they’ve closed. Now pretty much everything is closed.

The last one that was open was Valdosta, so so I’m actually I’m staying with John Dreiling and alone and we’d be missioned it out to Georgia just to go and catch the last day at Valdosta before they shot so yeah. Unfortunately, now like no cable, but yes, it’s a good chance to get into the boat of stuff and I’m loving it Matt. I really enjoy it. So I’m no good! I mean I’ll.

Tell you what there is no way. I just saw you around clip you put up like an errand here we go and Iraq in the half. The pro enquiries in the world can’t do one of the tricks you did, which was a switch tantrum like that’s so hard I mean like yeah. I don’t know I’ve, always I’ve always kind of like really tried to focus on doing, switch and regular and and that’s definitely something honestly like from when I first got into Whitewood thing, which wasn’t that long ago you know I was. I was been watching all your videos and you know, and seeing it the other stuff that come about from from Maria whatever was available.

Basically – and everyone was like, you know, switch and rank. You know try and do everything like get your fundamentals of both sites and I feel, like I don’t know. I really. I really respect anyone that can do everything light as well switch and Rec. So it’s something that I’ve always tried to do with my own writing.

Like I’d, rather, you know I’d rather do that than banging tricks or whatever, and rather focus of like being being able to do it both ways and the boat is really nice for that, because it’s like you can just do everything in Lyons and just go back And forth, that’s what I wanted to talk about so much is like and I don’t even really know it as well. As you obviously said, they’re like you should haven’t started wavering all that long ago. I think we met like maybe at the very beginning when you start awake, where you were headed almost okay, first, like just as a hobby. That’S done about that! First!

So hey did you get into it and when did you get into it? So so what happened is my a friend of my girlfriend at the time just said one day like? Oh, I do you want to go and literally all I knew about before that was was playing Unleashed and you know I was like yeah. I played a lot of video games as a kid which actually kind of ended up. Yeah right fly.

Yes, you know so that was really my only experience of weight boarding and I played like you know Tony Hawk’s and all that sort of stuff and like didn’t, really think about it, any more than that and then yeah this this dude said I would you want To come right and it was behind the boat, we’ve got a lake like fairly closer to my house, and – and so I said, yeah, why not, and literally like I just I just fell in love with it like as soon as I went out there like just The adrenaline and like I was into I, was into free skiing before I go into wakeboarding, so I’d never really done any board sports. Like no skating, and nothing like that, so I was. I was used to like going like straight forwards as well, which is another thing I think has helped with the whole spectrum right thing, because I didn’t really have like a natural foot so much I got left foot forward but like it never felt that different yeah Yeah so so yeah started riding boat. As you know, it’s like it’s super expensive and yeah. I couldn’t really do a whole bunch, but we were going out, maybe like every couple of weeks or something and then yeah.

Basically shortly after that I tried cable. I went down to South Coast way Park, which is where a lot of my old lightweight videos are filled with up and down, and we did one awesome place. But but yes, the way I went and tried that, and that was when it really clicked it’s like. The first time I remember turning up – and I was just gon na like go up and down and just you know, try and work out how to do the corners or whatever, because it’s obviously a bit different cover for the boat. But the the kid down there he’s guy’s name he’s moved on, but he he said why don’t you hit the kick up and I was like I remember be like super sketched about it now.

Do it do it, okay, which one and like because they had a smaller one and a big one? It’S not a big one, and I’m like oh no, like this dude’s. Just like you know, it just wasn’t see me like my face flat or whatever, but but he was like no, no, like that. That’S way easier, and of course it is, you know you get get a bit more air time so more comfortable, rather than hit some like tiny little wedge thing. So I did it and, like literally from that moment it was just like boom like and yes, I’d, ride him rails and and just haven’t really looked back since now.

It’S like little life, pretty much yeah, it’s crazy and that’s kind of, because I’m a then, and maybe you can elaborate on like the time scale this, but I met you in extreme gene. If I’m not incorrect, that’s right that was like, and that was probably like. Five years ago now, maybe not even actually yeah four years, yeah yeah. So then just started yeah. You start but you’re, you’re Ryan, both, but as well like you only like getting into like.

Let’S say: no! No! That’S right! No! So I got my first .

That was like three years ago and yeah. I think, like I just got like a camera, and I I’ve got it. I can look through my old hard drives lanka’s like you, you were there. I think, like the first day at extreme G, make so much bail as well. Yeah yeah, that’s right yeah and I actually got some clips to you buy it.

So I got ta like dig through it see if I can find that, because that’d be pretty well but BS I hadn’t hadn’t. Even I mean I definitely thought about buying a drone like I wanted to get one for years, but it always just seemed like something that was gon na, be like an expensive paperweight. You know like like yeah, they cost a lot of money and I thought like what, if I any fly like two times and then yeah exactly, I think that that tends to be the way, the way that people go with it so, like I always like, so On the fence about it and then when they brought out the first Mavic, that was the first time that it was sort of like reasonably priced and and it was like a big hype around it – and I was like you know, I’m just gon na get it. Maybe I’ll try it with the whole wakeboarding thing so yeah yeah and then you like you’re a really interesting case of of like cuz, I’m gon na go ahead and obviously there’s main strings. What you do but like you, would be in my mind that class he was like definitely like a professional way pour it in in some way shy before him, and now I think that terms are broad.

It’S not just competitive, but most Pro April is the gloom. Myself grew up into him, but maybe I’m an ad caster that I didn’t grow up in the states. But I’m still, I grew up around it and I did as a child, and I took a lot of heavy hits when I was a child which also helps a lot. But so many people then think if they’re like 20 or 21 or 20, that you can’t get into it, you can’t make like a career out of it. Were you fully did it’s like when I’m 80, you were an accountant, yeah, that’s right, yeah yeah.

So I was just working some boring office job basically and yeah. I mean I always kind of knew that it wasn’t for me, but, like I couldn’t really see a way out. It’S like you know, you got to add some money, so basically you’re like as soon as I started, getting paid to do, competitions and – and you know the drone thing started like taking off for me. I was like I’m just gon na. Do it like, even if, like it, doesn’t, work out long term, and I can only do it for a couple of years, like you know why the hell about, I mean like back to the the pro wakeboard thing like.

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself and in a way like I’m almost happy with that, because it’s like, I don’t, have the pressure of having to like constantly progress and, like you know, we have sessions or that video parts, but I still get to ride every day and Do what I love and I get to you – know film with like the best way I’m yeah. I couldn’t be more stoked with like how things have worked out honestly yeah and it seems, like you said like, even if it doesn’t, you can’t do it for years to come, like definitely from what I’ve seen like. Obviously, I’ve been to certain places we people even on social media. You look like you’re really enjoying you probably have that perspective, then not a lot of like people who came up through the system for one of a better word have which is like you know. I just like to have that nine-to-five like a real job as much of a better word and which definitely pays off.

And how did you like so you say, like you, made the switch when you’re starting to get paid to do some competitions and stuff. But like was that scary or wasn’t like just a no brainer um, I mean, I guess, yeah the first time the best time I did plastic playground. I mean so it’s true the guy. That runs the whole thing shout out the street, but he he took a massive chance of me and just he you know, I showed him some of my work and he was like yeah be stoked to get you down and film come. But you know it’s like.

Suddenly I’ve gone from flying around like my mates down at South Coast like bigger liquid of filming. Like you know, the best wakeboarders in the world is like for sure that was like yeah. It was scary, but but yeah I mean I haven’t, really looked back and now it’s like I’ve done so many, but it’s like it’s just and it doesn’t. I was gon na say it’s just work, but it never feels like work. You know like I’m having the best time but yeah like it’s, you get into your routine.

I know what I’m doing and yeah just I try and just enjoy it as much as I can. I’M still there like. I’M obviously like I’m, focused on just trying to make sure oh, but I get a good shot and everything runs smoothly and obviously, with the competition. There is a lot going on there’s a lot of pressure, but at the same time like you know, get a few moments where I get to like. Take it all in and damn you know, like I’m hyped for like just to see what goes down yeah yeah.

Exactly you’re watching it first time; no, no, no! That’S a lie. Why it’s a this is a funny story, so like an additional thing with, though with with passive playground. So I change do some of my footage and he he basically said right. Okay, like yeah I’d, be so fee to do it far get some footage.

Ah I, like you, know like go, go fly around liquid and I never. This is the first time I’d film, full cable as well right. So I was, I just turned up and I didn’t I didn’t even know anyone you know like it. So I just rocked up and just like kind of looked around saw. Who was ripping and there’s a kid max LePage shout out to him.

So I basically, I just saw him throw the shred in the cable and I was like dude. Do you mind if I film you with the drone for a bit? I just got to get it like a couple of Clips. Deixar start flying around with them. Get a load of good stuff, and well I mean now like I think, if I look back at it, it was probably terrible, but, like you know it’s like at the time I was 30 got some good clips.

He falls. He comes back and added one more battery left, so I was like well, you know. I’Ve got another battery if you want to keep going yeah sure, so we go out and yeah halfway through, like basically the signal cut out and it does this sometimes like anyone. That’S flown a drone like you, you know yourself. Sometimes it just lose the signal and it that can be like for like a fraction of a second or it can be for a long time, and I think it coming out for like four or five seconds, so it just went complete black, and so I’m, like.

Okay, like I kind of got used to I’d flown a bunch by this point at south coast, I was getting used to advice. I was still pretty inexperienced. You know like it only had the drone like what like four or five months or something so so yeah. I still like, I was still trying to figure the whole thing out and I thought oh okay, so he’d like it cut out, and he was in the middle of the lake and there’s like some pipes over here and over on the other side. You’Ve got like another feature and then the middle island with a bunch of trees, and I was like right: what’s the safest place, because you can still, you can still fly it when the screen goes black over see, you just can’t see anything and as our, if I move over to like past, where the pipes are based on where I remember it was, then I should be pretty safe, and hopefully it comes back at the exact same time that I do that he decides to go for an outside in here on the pipe.

So he’s like cut super wide. The screen comes back on I’m over the other side of the lake and I just literally see a flash as it hits his leg and then drops in the light so said not only above us. My drone, but I was thinking more like you know, all the guys running plastic. It is gon na think. I’M an idiot now like there’s no way that I’m doing that anymore and yeah.

So long story short, basically like he max, killed it as well. He just dropped the handle and he was like. I ran round the other side of the lake and he’s there he’s like. I stopped like the drones right down here and to get someone to like go and scuba dive for it. But I managed to like recover the SD card which still worked and like got all the footage, and I didn’t even like I didn’t even bother like talking to stew about it.

I was like, oh whatever, like they’re, just there’s, no way that I’m doing this now got the clips made little light into the thing for it and then the next time I happened to be a liquid. I walked in and she was like dude like I saw. I saw you a clip on in sir everyone’s talking about it like this is sick, like you’re, deaf coming into in plastics, and that’s kind of how the whole thing started. Yeah, that’s. That is the only time I’ve ever crashed in such wood, but pretty funny hard.

One drone crash, so total crashes I think like for now, is like, besides that one first one when I was like super inexperienced like it’s, never when I’m actually following anyone like I pride myself on, like you, know, one of the main things besides, like never sort Of like missing the shot is I ever want to be in a position where they’re like I hate someone, because I don’t want to ride you to be totally relaxed like I’ve. Been I’ve been filmed by guys to the dry and definitely been in that situation where I’m like or like I’m thinking more about them than you are riding and that’s how this thing know what you were: that’s a rider so so yeah I mean like. That is something that I really you know, try and never do, but I was the same so yeah like so crashing. The drone and you’re saying you’ve crashed what I actually flying into so yeah. It’S never like it’s never actually following anyone around it’s always dumb stuff, like I’m trying to get a scenic shot of like you know the lake and I was like I’ve backed up into trees before and just you know, Steve or something like that, we’re just it Was like a real like rookie thing, but it’s like you know like yeah.

I was on like a really good streak up until recently, and I actually to be fair, I say for but the the last one just kind of dropped out of the air. I think maybe I had like a battery malfunction or something but like basically I was I was following along and it just suddenly just died and the guy on the carrier before saw it and he said yeah literally it was, it was going along and then just Just dropped out of the air, so I think that was more of like a technical malfunction but yeah that’s pretty cool. I said I was like, for example, last summer. At this stage I have a decent amount experience and like I collected, but I knew it wasn’t. Brand-New, I bought a secondhand, thankfully off my friend, never food ever in Ireland went to America.

I was flying and I was getting some like cool shots as like a load of Centurions lined up. I was getting like a little drone shot and there’s loads of people around there. That guy was like a guest at this event and loves pure, like watching me, fly it and that was growing. A cool backing up shot like a big seed just straight into the trees, bang, I’m a constant like 250 or the au pair. I’M even now have a maverick Pro I’ve Sullinger on the gimbal I just I’m just and yeah, and then I was like.

Luckily, for you – and I think this kind of happened last summer now you’ve kind of got a thing going on with DJ. I, like you working for them, we’re flying for them at home, yeah yeah. So basically, I’m like, I think, the what’s the technical said. It’S like a content partner. I think they call it so basically, I produce content for them and they pay me to sort of showcase their products.

So it’s like a it’s like a contract contract based thing, but yet, like they’ll basically get in touch and say you know, we’re launching this product and we want to you know, get some promotional videos and they’ve been pretty good as well about you know, see most Of the stuff I do is wait: boarding yeah like kiting and snowboarding another other sports, but they’re pretty happy for most of that content to be labeled focused, which is great in two ways and in one it means that I can do what I love and it Was so in a way Oakley, it helped showcase wakeboarding. That could be like an oversight of like not getting any footage away, because it’s also a difficult thing, I think, to film, and that makes a lot of sense, that’s cool and so how long’s that been going on for it, so that when did that start, that’s Nearly a year now actually yeah yeah, so yeah, it’s pretty much when I got back from Asia last year, just as I was about to the lights started, not the constant. Have you ever tried any? Like the you know, the glasses that you put on. I have yeah, I like it.

The thing is for especially when you’re doing competitions, that sort of thing, but even even just just normal, filming it’s nice to have that awareness of like what’s going on around you and you know, I’m constantly like bringing the drone in and catching it like say now. Again, swapping the batteries and also constantly having people come up and talk to me, which, when you’ve got the goggles on, is like super disorienting. You know you just suddenly got this boy, you don’t even aware someone’s there and it’s like for me. I prefer to do most of the stuff without loads, but they are sick of you. I’Ve never used them.

No, no! Never I’ve done it with. I was at Munich March last year and they brought it was like a Red Bull. I was there a Red Bull and they did a and they had like a guy, and his name was Mac. Pv is a Peter.

What’S that so you I didn’t like I looked into them, but, like it looks pretty, I mean it’s pre and saying they’re like flying through trees and stuff. I don’t know if I like the footage of them as much as just a normal drone shot like the way Tilton’s good. That’S that’s always been. My thing is like a lot of people. Ask me about that about like flying fpv, so i fly like race.

Drone is just for a bit of fun. Basically, you know it’s there’s, there’s nothing like it, just like ripping around the trees and doing the lesser stuff, but from a filming perspective by is yeah. I justwe prefer that kind of, like stabilized cinematic footage yeah having the like the horizon, constantly tilting. I feel like it’s cool for maybe like a short clip on an instrument like that you couldn’t, you can look at it, be like wow, but at the same time it’s like. I want to showcase the riding not like how well I’m flying yeah like for me, like it’s filming, first and foremost, and the drone is just like my tool for them and I don’t feel like with a lot of those shots that one you can get.

You can start feeling sick, pretty dude because like because it’s just constantly like you – and I mean the other thing – is like you’re kind of you’re not really focused on the rider you’re more going like wow sick drone shot. But, like that’s, that’s not kind of what I’m going for. If you know me yeah exactly I’m all about and the whole like. You said they like normal and as the whole social media thing I mean you’ve grown decent following in relatively fast. If you look at it like it and you’ve like I was looking at Instagram, like you, probably have one of the highest Instagram followed accounts in wait for you.

I know you doing this don’t play in wait for any pre do yeah in terms of like real followings anyway. There’S a lot of that’s a pretty inflated numbers out there, but yeah yeah. I guess it’s it, which is really cool like it is I’m stoked that people you know enjoying what I’m thinking out and yeah. It’S getting like messages of on those lines like people saying that it’s kind of like they’ve, seen my stuff and it’s inspired them to go to the lake, and that’s, like you know the the best thing that I could hear honestly like that none of the stuff, Like really good like say so, yeah it’s it’s great, it’s nice! The people have I done with it and I’m sure it’s like snowballing there so like at the beginning.

Well, you said like max, was willing to film straight away, but I’m sure at the beginning it was more difficult and now I’d say people are almost lining up to get to go shoe even look at that car. Yes yeah! It’S honestly, like it’s still kind of weird to me in a way like when I first came to Orlando, which is only back in September, so I came out for Expo, which others they’ve got cancer yeah, but I’d sort of come out out planning to shoot a Bunch of boat cuz we’ll get onto that in a minute, because that’s my first time coming by it was actually with you but yeah. So I hadn’t hadn’t shot a whole lot of boat stuff and I really wanted to do it because you know again, like I started behind the boat and I love it just as much as the cable, and I think you know it’s great – to showcase like every Aspect of the school right, so I definitely came out planning to shoot a bunch of boat, but I didn’t know if any of the boat guys even really like knew who I was or what I was doing so like I kind of figured it might be a Little bit difficult to you know, do that and so some of them you know like guys like Dylan or Gunther, like they obviously do boats and so, like, I kind of you, know we’re recording you those guys and they were super stoked to shoot. But the sort of like the pure boat riders – I didn’t really know how like go down and then I turned up but yeah.

Everyone was like just so welcoming and, like you know and stoked on, like getting some footage with me, which was really good. But it’s still it’s still like kind of trippy to me honestly, like yes, like you’re at Marian stuff as well. Aren’T you yeah, that’s right, yeah. That was like I don’t know. I couldn’t have been more hired honestly and I know you’ve done a bunch of stuff with him he’s just like the nicest do.

You know like the like yeah, like some people will have that personality and that’s like the face that they put out. But you don’t always know that someone’s gon na be like that in real life and he’s genuinely just like the nicest either but yeah, and he just says, like I’m gon na yeah yeah, it’s so good and there has been cheating with this last week or so. This last few weeks, so a lot of people actually like yeah I’ve just done a bunch of stuff with like a gun from Megan. I’Ve just been out with. I don’t.

You know, J, Graham still, awake skater, but we’ve been filming a bunch of stuff yeah. He ripped man, he absolutely ripped and then who else about shot with lately? Oh dude did a bunch with like Luca, and I am and Mitch wise, his boy from the UK. So yeah I’ve been all over the place really and I’ve got loads and loads of stuff lined up so yeah, I’m just just trying to get after a while about here. Man, I mean not not old, I else to do with with the whole Cronus situation.

You know it’s not like there’s much partying going on yeah yeah, no Johnny trying to get on it really yeah, and how is it let’s say you said a minute ago that I was the first person and you flew the drone with a true honor on the Boat, but how was it with how’s it going they’re like, oh, oh for sure, yeah 100 %. I mean that’s like that. Was the really funny thing is. I look back at some of that footage a couple of weeks ago, just just to kind of see like I was interested to see like what the progression was like and it’s funny you can. You can definitely see that that first set where I was filming you and to be fair.

You know we turned up and it was like it was the windiest day ever right. We crammed like we had to fit the whole thing in in like 15 minutes, you were like you were small yeah. Those like conditions would not pry, you know, but but basically it, regardless of all that you can just see that, like I’m trying to film it cable style, you know and trying to like film in the same way that I would just like sticking close behind you And then you know trying to like maybe swing around a little bit, but it just with the boat. It’S so completely different. You know, and I’ve kind of like I’ve started to figure that out I mean for one thing: it’s a lot faster, so you’ve got to be really on it, but most the time I maxed out in terms of the speed of the drug.

So like a lot of your like input into the sticks is is like two seconds before. The thing has actually happened like you’ve really gon na like predict exactly because that, although to live view, that’s not it laggs. It’S like a second or two seconds, like you said that makes it so hard, because if someone comes at you, you don’t have the time to react. You really yeah. I notice it like, even just in terms of the setup like by the time the riders start edging into the lake they they’re going so fast that you’re not gon na catch over them.

So you almost need to be like a little bit ahead and then kind of like float in and catch than just at the right moment. Then yeah it. Definitely. It takes a lot of practice and I noticed even like when I first got out here, which was like about two weeks ago now. I was super rusty because I in the meantime, I’d you know September was the last time that I filmed everything behind about say.

There was like a big gap. There said, then, we took a couple of days till I get back into it, but but now I’m like I’m pretty stoked to live game and the cool thing is as well. I guess, like I’ve, shot a lot of cable and I’m still definitely getting better but like that progression is a bit slower. You know same as riding like when you, when you first start riding and you’re, just like nailing tricks like left, right and centre. You know getting five new tricks a day or something and you were like you know, baguette.

It gets progressively more difficult to like to advance. You know a lot of people, just you just say, really learn five new tricks a day. People like what, but now I know you mean like the marginal game as you go up, is just so much yeah. You start to like plateau whatever, like with the bow. You know that curve of progression for me flying is like still, you know.

It’S still still going up so much so it’s like from day to day I’m seeing like how much it’s improving, which is sick. You know it’s another thing to get stoked about yeah and so you’ve gone cable boat, and you said you did better coiling in a bits of snow morning. Do you think you’ll go into completely different sports or like in the future? I mean you know I’d like to you, I really enjoy it like, like. I said I used to be a free skier and I’ve always liked bit of fan of snow bunny, so I’d really like to shoot more stuff.

That was honestly part of the plan. For this winter was to actually like get back and yeah go into the mountains, ensure their stuff, but obviously yeah. This whole situation, that’s kind of like it completely changed my plans and everyone’s really, but you know that’s definitely something I’d like to do more of the kite side of it is really fun as well done a bunch of stuff with it sound like this is also Shreds on the cable as well, yeah, really recently about the podcast or funny enough, actioning and but yeah no he’s he’s like sick on both the wakeboard anechoic, really, isn’t it yeah. It’S must be hard, though, because there’s obviously gon na be a lot of wind with coining for sure yeah yeah, it’s um. It’S definitely another challenge, but then there’s different aspects to it.

You know you can you can sort of like boost way up in the air and catch the kite? You know a lot of like for the commercial stuff, especially like the the companies want to see like you know that kite like shooting past and, like you know, nice and I’ve, seen it backdrop and stuff, but that but the same time you can kind of drop Down, and especially with with the Freestyle stuff, and also foiling where they’re going like a little bit slower, I can do the same kind of stuff as on the cable, and it starts to feel like pretty much the same. But then you’ve also got that added challenge of like the kite lions could literally go anywhere. You know like if the rider falls. It’S not like the cable, where you know exactly where it is that it’s not moving like it could fully.

You know just like come around and swing straight into you say: yeah different challenges, but but that’s that’s what I enjoy you know like I just not flying the thing and and any kind of like any time I get taken out of my comfort zone. Like I read yeah, and how do you think like what do you think mostly kind of prosperity, because you know a lot more like to the insider, but where do you think commercially? Where could it go? Like I said Jackie you could get to doing like events like the X Games obviously go there. Is it just kind of oh yeah sure I would love to do that and yeah I’m gon na, like hopefully sort of work towards that?

But you know it’s definitely difficult within the wait world world now like I feel, like you know at least no enough people and have put enough work out there, that kind of like those tools, that kind of open where it’s just snowboarding, like I kind of taken That, as an example like, I would need to completely start from scratch. You know, like I mean I’m, I’m reasonably knowledgeable about snowboarding but, like I don’t know anyone but like in the industry or whatever four years in wakeboarding. So it’s like it like in four years time you could so easily. You know I’m like yeah yeah, my understanding, it’s similar to reporting in the fact that, like every like the whole sport is a small closed community that once you kind of get in knock down the door, one or two people, you should be the whole deck yeah. So, what’s this space, I guess but X Games space.

Have you flown more chair of with with the inspire this as well. Yeah. I’Ve done a bit so like I’ve also done a bunch of like more commercial work. You know like yeah, I guess like TV and like adverts and that sort of thing and for some of those jobs like I’ll use, an inspire. But when it comes to the wakeboarding I mean taking it back to, like you know, one of the big things talking about like potentially hitting riders.

Like I say, I pride myself on not doing that, but if you did hit someone with an inspire, that’s gon na do a lot more damage than the wild flight. So that’s one thing is safety, especially when you’re getting as close as I am to the rider. It’S like it becomes a little icky and the other thing is it’s just kind of not necessary, like with with a big drawing like that. They’Re faster, but they’re, also like a little bit manoeuvrable. So I feel like yeah, something like the Maverick or the Phantom is kind of perfect for yeah.

There’S, no real neat like unless you know like the cool thing is, you can put, you know, cine lenses on it and you can have like a much bigger sensor. So yeah the footage is higher quality, but I feel, like you know, I’m happy with the stuff that I’m doing out and I’ve. Even you know, I’ve done stuff. That’S gone out on TV. That’S been shot with the phantoms, so it’s not like it’s lacking in in image: quality, yeah, yeah you’re, talking about the blade, hidden, hidden yourself, one time this is like two years ago.

Another one of my craft is no but you’ll be glad to know. The drone was not damaged in this experience, but I was so I was on being a barbecue and I was like my parents and it’s like a lake and it looks it looked. It was a lovely evening. I was like I’m gon na get a cool drone shot of me like doing the barbecue and then like I’m gon na reverse it back up and way. A little looks like four.

Instead of reversing I just ran into my back see, I can imagine getting wound to the face if you’re I’d love to see a video like your your top ten drone crash. What else I do reasonably like I didn’t crash when I was doin recently, and it was just like it – was actually thinking commercial video really like commercial commercial for like it was a job I was doing and they just wanted, like one drone shot of like it Was like a building I mean I just hit a tree, but thankfully it like sometimes you know it hits it and they’re levels and after a while, so I got away with it and but yeah that was only like two weeks ago. Well, yeah there’s been some. This made some hairy hairy moments, the first one I ever got. I bought it and the next day I was three to Bali and then like two or three days into the cable around Bali.

I am, and you know, you’ve been to Bali. I mean your waters. Are so salty, and so I had, as I kind of like, I think I was on my own filming. I can’t really remember so. I like put it behind like to kick or something like that.

I mean it was all good, then, basically, the role of like another person. They hit the rope just talking the rope and just took a it’s off to the bottom, one of the guys there swam we got it, but I was like renting in the show yeah you’re pretty much when it goes into the water. There’S there’s not really much hope at that point. Unfortunately, do you think they’ll do waterproof ones? I mean there’s there’s been a couple of kick starters which have all kind of like fizzled out whether they were like you know say: oh yeah, we’ve got this fantastic drone.

It’S gon na be waterproof. It’S you know it’s brilliant. It’S the next big thing and yeah they’ve all kind of quietly disappeared. Yeah. I forget their names.

Now that I can, I can think of a couple of them yeah they were showing like you know, they threw it in a lake and they’re like flew out. I mean in theory as possible. The problem is that, like, if you, if you seal everything up yeah, you think about your phone. It’S all like sealed to be waterproof, but then, like is very difficult to like get rid of the heat and obviously with with motors that are spinning that fast and all the you know, the computer chips are running the camera and everything he is a real issue With drones so like trying to get something, that’s water sealed and that’s gon na be you know it’s not gon na melt. Basically, it’s like a really technical challenge, so I mean maybe we’ll get to that point sometime in the future, but but yeah at the moment.

It’S it’s definitely difficult today, yeah, I’m sure he knows where to go and what he plans know. Then he has John been going to say you stay with him. Has he been gon na yeah? Yes, yeah yeah we’ve been been out a couple of times the last last few days and he’s ripping man honestly we’re both on our cable boards. I, like just sparks um, he was doing toe side, but I just realized.

You’Ve posted a few instruments, but I haven’t seen you hit that way. No, so I did I’ve done it. I’Ve actually done it so like by the time this goes out. I just need to grab the clips of John, but but yeah, I’m actually like, like regular. Like did like regular toeside switched outside and yeah it’s, it is difficult and the difference between, like you know, just doing a 180 or like even like doing like a toe 3 or something versus just doing toe side straight air like it’s.

It’S tough like yeah so say: are you gon na? Are you gon na do what I don’t think you do? I try do all my tricks switch switch, oh! No. That would make sense.

I don’t know I have to work on that. That’S something I want to do is like a video. You spoke already and switch and regular wanted to do because I’d say I can do like 80 %, maybe even more of everything, both ways it’s only when you get to like do like heel lines like I can only really do them switch I’ve done regular ones, But not consistent and yeah like every, but I men wear these as well, can do switch tantrum. Think of don’t switch attention to blonde, never switch moby-dick and never switch whirly. I think switch Bernie, but doesn’t program in my head.

Hardly hardly does like Bernie takes back-to-back. Really great, like I’ve done on the cable I’ve done like both Moby Dick’s, but but yeah, I’m I’m not anywhere near doing out of the boat. I mean Graham just messaged me and said, like oh, you left a comment saying I want to see like both tentative lines in a line now so yeah. So that’s kind of go. I think like, while I’m out here, I’m just gon na try and like do all the basic inverts behind the boat, and then I’ve done I’ve done all the threes.

Already, though, like pretty happy with that. Well except no, I haven’t done. I haven’t done my toe back yeah yeah, like I’m gon, na work on that one. So that’s that yeah I’ve got a lot to work with I’ll run a lot down cuz they will you come from being able to be on the cable. So, like you said, you can’t live with five trips a day.

Maybe yeah I mean that’s, that’s the really cool thing is like you know. I’Ve got at least that grounding and, like you know, being able to pass the handle, and you know having like done the flips and everything like the first time, cutting in to try and do a tantrum like. Oh, my god like well, both of them light switch generate like I was just thinking. How is this gon na work? Because this you know, yeah, like as I understand you it like you’re you’re, getting like tripped up by the wake as well right, you’re sort of like you know the squaring off and it’s very different how you do on the cable.

So it’s like. I know my body wants, I’m in the air can do the right thing. I can pretty much just do that muscle memory, but like cutting into that wake and then just like turning my back to it. My heart is terrified dude I honestly had like did not expect it to work out so, like luckily go pretty quick, so so yeah, I’m hoping like as long as I can get that edge into the way, and the thing I’m really struggling with the moment is Pop, I think, like yeah, partly like I mean not having fins, probably doesn’t help, but also like it’s just, is so much technique. You know like I’d like to go a longer, but at the moment, like I’m sort of I’m just comfortably like getting wait awake every time, so I don’t know if that’s like the right idea.

Well, the reason I ask is because, if you’re on a really short line, sometimes the way cousin like fully-formed, so then you don’t get like it’s like having a mellow kick as opposed to a seat kicking, but like 70, I mean I would openly reckon them. I ride 72 72 and a half feet on 95 % of boat. Sometimes it goes up, but I reckon most pros be between 7 but probably be 72 between 70 and 75. Very for you right along. Maybe the old school guys would be like 80 feet, but it’s just so much good work and it just feels weird cuz.

I bet you find deep Rd. You find like the road kind of pulls you down as opposed to the cable where it pulls you up. For sure yeah and that’s like going blind is where, like I really like that, like yeah a bit like my favorite thing in the moment, it’s going funny rap so doing, let’s say like like it just it feels so gangster when you like you come down like You know it down down that [ __, ] and you’re like placing into the wake and it just like it feels really cool, but like the first few times trying that it was like so hard because yeah, I’m expected being like up here and suddenly it’s like Dragging me down into the water and it like it, feels totally different starting to get used to it yeah. It can be some like if you land on that, damn ramp, it’s so soft and so nice. But if you don’t it’s like like yeah, it can mess.

You have you had many cuz I’ve seen some bad spills that you’ve actually not felt too bad. No, I had one yeah when I was just trying the tensions, which is only yesterday. I had one where I kind of like ended up taking a back edge and I think, like like everyone’s boat like they came over dude. You look at you again but like it felt, like I think like, but this one mostly got used to kind of like how to you know how to deal with it, but I’m sure I’m sure I have like a gnarly style. At some point I mean I don’t see, there’s any way I’m getting out, but yeah like you, just got to resign yourself to it’s gon na happen at some point you know.

Hopefully it’s not too bad, but I mean yeah. Like definitely boat crashes are the worst. Actually, I watched your you’re one of these with with the Peacocks the other day, and I knew you guys are talking about. You know like what was worse, like boat or cable, but for sure yeah, but we mentioned there, which I thought it was a good point. I can’t remember who made it dad.

I think it was maybe Ryan but like if you fall on a cable on an obstacle. You’Re gon na cause yourself, like maybe more damage for sure, like it’s in you, because you’re more likely to like bring a bone or like get it head, injury or a spinal injuries make through, but on the boat, you’re, more likely to put yourself in a lot More pain in the moment, much like when you get a package of bad bad back edge and people if anyone’s listening to this is kind of, like, let’s say a beginner to intermediate at that point. For some reason, we always think face plants are the worst, but I do I don’t know baby, but I take ten face bands – everyone by our back ish, completely yeah, the worst one. The worst one is like know is that I remember like that, like the worst edge that I’ve ever taken was like, when I was trying to tell you aliens for the first time, and it was like, I got, I the point where I was doing them and I just got to that comfortable stage where I was like. I felt confident about it, but I still wasn’t that good and I did one they’re just kind of like half-assed there.

I guess, and just fully like just you know, like nose pick straight into the water and, like my my vision, went like green and purple like I’m. Not even joking, like everything was the wrong color like the horizon, was off in one. I’Ve got brain damage that this is but but yeah, that’s the only time on the cable that I’ve had something that about, but like Bo I’ve had like yeah when I first started out, like I said it, so many bad, but back edge is a definitely worse Than bright ideas, especially it’s like because then you spend like a week just like unable to move, you know at least the run edging on it. You can see it and you can do something like that hand down or whatever you’re, not you’re, not gon na, like smash your back up too much your neck, you don’t damage your neck in it as much from it did. You know actually heard it so like this is definitely not scientifically speaking, but it’s like kind of bro science and that wakeboarding and like water sports, we take it like barefooting, for example, when you’re taking a lot of bad crashes, it increases your chance or decreases your Chances of getting whiplash or a car accident – true story, yeah, because you’re more used to it.

So I actually know someone who’s in a really bad car crash like an older guy as well. They were so surprised that cuz he broke his neck and everything and they were so surprised, basically died. He was okay, almost and long story short the doctors put it down to. He did like 40 years. It’S just like he was barefoot.

I’Ve just be like boom boom boom boom, he’s like just really strong muscle. So maybe I’ve been inside like I’ve, been in a bad car crash and it was like it was. I have nothing to make. Maybe these back edges are taking all these years of just already out whiplash, so many times, there’s like I’m. Actually I still kind of suffering from so you just can man they’re enjoying life?

Is it hot yeah at the moment? It’S a bit cooler today, it’s a little bit windy at the moment, so yeah, probably just gon na gon na chill out today and then hopefully right tomorrow. If it gets good, but in general yeah it’s been really nice weather. The cool thing is was like last summer’s out here, it’s hurricane season so, like you know the was the expo got canceled and yeah, but there was a lot of like a lot of panic about that for a start, but also the whole time. I was filming, it was just super windy did an edit with Graham out here, and it turned out.

I mean that you know from his site. Like you know, anytime, you filled with Graham it’s gon na, be like crazy good, but like the filming just was was not like on point and just because it was gale force winds, the entire time and yeah. So it’s been so nice to come out now and it’s just like most days like super still on the lake like really easy, film and yeah, nice, nice and glossy. So so yeah, I’m just gon na gon na my flight home just got cancelled actually at a flight home with Norwegian and that’s that’s just been cancelled. When he’s supposed to come back, I was supposed to come back in about a month.

Yeah, I mean honestly like if the I’m just gon na see what the situation is like back home, but because I would like to get home at some point. Yeah I’ve not been home in like what seven or eight months now. So it’s yes, but yeah. So I’d like to get back at some point but realistically like if there’s no competitions going on and there’s you know unless there’s projects like back in Europe all that work yeah trying to work for visas like for people that say you’ve been there for two months Now and that are trying to go home with a cat, I’m like they’re gon na have to stand yeah I mean. Luckily I’ve got.

Oh you get three months. If you like everything, you can you get like with the with the Easter but yeah. I think that’s gon na be like a huge problem, because yeah and I haven’t even checked yet about like whether I can get another flight or how horrendous ly expensive, that’s gon na be or anything so yeah. I should we start like. I was supposed to be coming over in like a few days.

What is 9:00 today, but I suppose for coming exactly five days. I’M rages you just remind me. I need to change that flight because hasn’t officially been canceled, actually right, yeah. Well, I presume the cars – actually, I don’t know yeah from across, so I just haven’t got an email there. I think I should apply, I don’t know and but yeah I know I was coming for a few weeks as well so excited and then and believe it or not this flight, I rigidly booked for last September and I was supposed to go, but it got cancelled Because of the hurricane so rescheduled it for now, because I forgot to do April’s a good time to go, it’s always good weather.

In April this flight is gon na keep knocking on manage to get out soon I mean like yeah, it’s I don’t know so many people like Filner’s riders, whatever that was supposed to be coming out here. It’S like it’s going from that space it like I just. I feel so lucky that, like I mean partly like I just when I booked the flight out here, I was like I need to do this. Aisa, like I just need to get out there before they close the borders. Anything like that and luckily made it, but but yeah, I definitely feel lucky that I managed to manage to get it.

It was amazing, like the the funniest thing about coming in right was the like the security checks. This is actually like seriously concerning, but like yeah, I I turned up to America, half expecting just to be turned away. You know they hadn’t, like because I was coming from the Philippines like I was it wasn’t on the list of, like you know, restricted countries, but I thought I’ve been all around they for like the last few months, but I’m gon na turn up and name and See that in my details, maybe like yeah like yeah – and I thought well, you know whatever I’ll take a chance at worst-case. They deport me back to the UK. I get a free flight home right so so I turn up like fully expecting to be turned away and I went through like the border check and everything they do all the usual stuff.

They take passport blah blah and the full extent of the checks for, like you know getting into the country. The guy goes. So are you feeling well, and I was like yes, I’m feeling well so right go right through Wow and I was like you know like from a personal perspective. I was stoked of it. Yes, I’ve made it like.

I’Ve actually managed to get into America, and I thought about it was like that’s kind of scary like if that’s that’s all there in the screen bit like no temperature check, no, nothing they just now. I know like last week I knew someone who was on a flight from New York, which is like one of the epicenters now in the world to Dublin, and there was a hundred and fifty three people on the flight and then they just land in there. Like. Okay, self isolate for two weeks so for like, what’s to say those people just go straight there and like go see or like I’m in Harlem in a few months, go see their grandpa like you’re, completely putting your trust in people which seems a bit on the Spot yeah, yeah yeah, most of the restaurants, are still open, yeah. Well, the show.

That’S all I need to keep running Bo just just to keep the weight down. You know it’s ya know so we’re fully a foot we’re set like self. I know we’re like reluctance. I don’t know why she didn’t say so we’re locked in so we can’t go further than two kilometers and we can only go from one more walk a day now today yesterday the actually got like like. What’S I don’t know, they can now effectively arrest you or find you two-and-a-half thousand euros if you’re outside you’re, like area and they’re enforcing it big time to today, I like on all the main like highways and motorways.

They have like checkpoints, I get standstill, checkpoints. I’Ve been through a few just locally and yes, it’s pretty you don’t like, but I think there’s like here. I don’t know, what’s like in the UK and Ireland, like people kind of had pretty good respect for it so like there, and I haven’t really seen anyone in like every three weeks, nearly two weeks anyway, well to four weeks and then nearly three weeks of the Stage, and but it’s I mean it’s fine, it’s boring, but like it’s good, it’s got to happen, it’ll be fine and I mean you can still go to supermarket. You can still like order takeaway. You can like you’re not like it’s not idea what it’s.

Not. If you live near the sea or something I’m like wise, if you lived in somewhere where the lake is, you could just go right, we’re going to stop you it like completely. If you names on a lake with a boat, you could ride every day. It’D be perfect and yeah. It’S it just sucks from like a business point of view, like all the work is just dried up, such as life will be okay and gon na be an interesting year.

Man for sure, like yeah, I might have to get a real job again for a little while, but I think at the same time it’s gon na hopefully feel the fire of like of going out wakeboard when we get to go out, we’ll be so excited for It and then blue and everything is, I heard like there’s a dealer in Orlando. I think it’s called Tommy’s boats, Tommy boat says, but apparently they have like their best ones ever it just they’re like in the end. No because at the end everyone was like lockdowns coming: let’s go buy boats and then it’s not ideal, but if people are getting back then that’s great for this point. Thank you. So much Dave for you time you too, so as you can see an interesting perspective on things and Dave’s.

An absolute gent been filming with a man for probably four years, because the first time ever filming him was literally before he even really did this, and so thank you so much today for coming on. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you did, let us know what the gasps you’d like to see and I have one other thing there become remembered. Oh there was a little bit of audio bleeping on my side. Don’T know what that’s bad, because I do have a good mic now.

So I’ll try and figure that out for the next one, but thanks for watching, I will see in the next one

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