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My name is Abbie Spiker and I’m. The CEO and co-founder of dart . Dart is a flight school for pilots. are going to be a part of our world and, as you may have seen in the news that they may be coming sooner than any of us had expected from Amazon who plans to deliver your packages with a to land surveyors.

Who can now get too difficult to reach places with just a few clicks of a button? Construction companies can create 3d aerial images of the skyscraper that they’re about to build, and this used to cost over $ 900 an hour for a helicopter.

To help you do this, environmentalists can better track and research endangered species and realtors are finding daily uses for drones every day when they’re going out to their listings. So if there’s, so many positive uses for drones, why are we hearing about only negative incidents with them and there’s? Two main reasons: number one learning or knowing where and when you’re allowed to fly a is actually really confusing.

So if you don’t have a private pilot’s license. You could be breaking both federal and local laws on a daily basis, without even realizing that you’re. Breaking them and number two is that drones have an incredible learning curve, so you could spend a thousand dollars online and two days later, you have a drone at your backyard and ten minutes later you’re at 400.

Feet to the point could barely see it. So how are you supposed to get it to come back with you if you’ve had no training and no one tell you how it works a huge piece. This industry is going to be training and making sure that people are safe with their drones.

My company dart drones is a flight school for drone pilots and we’re, focused on making sure that drones are safely implemented into the national airspace and that people have access to the proper training.

We offer training courses that allow students to learn the proper use of the equipment, learn all of the settings so that they know exactly what would happen if it’s set to a different setting, know where and when they can fly legally and get Hands-On practice with one of our expert flight instructors a year and a half ago I met my now co-founder Army Major Chris Costello, who spent over 30 years with the Army National Guard and used surveillance drones.

While serving overseas. I have been completing my MBA at Babson College in entrepreneurship and I had started my first company when I was 17 and I was looking for my next opportunity. The two of us connected about the commercial use of drones and we decided to join a business plan.

Competition and compete with our idea, so while Chris was pitching, I would decided on my second day of ever flying a drone to fly in a room much smaller than this, and I took off the drone and didn’t realize just like a lot Of our customers that when I spun it around and I pressed right, it went left and it went over the judges their papers are flying everywhere.

I had no idea what I was doing and somehow I got it to crash back in front of me and then we yelled. This is why you need training, so their backup plan. But what happened was the judges ended up, realizing that we were? We were at the head of this market.

It was before you ever really heard of drones in the news besides Amazon, and that training was going to be a huge piece of it, and this industry is going to be enormous. So we ended up winning the business plan, competition and here we are a year and a half later and we’re, a fully functioning company with eleven employees.

There’s, eight of them here in this picture and our employees include FAA. Certified flight instructors, military trained drone, pilots and commercial helicopter pilots, along with an expert team of and sales, we also employ seven of our employees, serve active duty military and we plan to hire primarily military veterans going forward.

We have generated over a hundred and fifteen thousand dollars in revenue since our launch six months ago and we trained over 250 new drone pilots since December. We were also featured on the front page of the Boston Globe and we won Babson’s.

Beta business plan competition, our biggest news to date, has been that we are only one of only a few training companies in the United States that is legally allowed to fly drones commercially, to train people to use them.

So we’re certified by the FAA to use drones before this commercial license comes out which will cause an explosion in the industry. We’ve, been learning a lot about our customers and really trying to get to know who our customers are and what kind of classes do they want, and we’ve had some really cool customers come through, including the lifeguards of Southern California, who are southern New Jersey, who are now using at $ 1,000 drone to go above the beaches and look for sharks.

The fire department of Blakely Pennsylvania can now use a $ 2,000 drone that has a FLIR camera on it and they could look for search-and-rescue victims and they’re figuring out. Where exactly should their men get into a fire? And we’ve had dozens of photographers who realize that this is going to be essential in their business.

If you’re having, if you’re a wedding photographer, you’re, going to need to have a drone with you to get aerial photography, because the brides are now expecting it. And this is going to be a huge part of photography.

What makes our drones different is our expert flight captain’s, so we make sure that they have Chris’s, military expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the equipment, and then they’re, also really fun and really personable.

So this isn’t a class where you’re bored. This is a really fun experience. People are leaving ecstatic, they flew a drone for the first time and it feels almost more like a paintball than a class. We are currently in a position to take advantage of this market.

We’re, offering classes in 22 states this month and we’re, offering classes in 22 states and we’re continuing to expand our expert flight captain’s across the United States. This makes us special because a lot of companies are out there offering different courses or offering different services for drones, but there’s, no national drone services company and that’s.

What dark drones is going to be. We’re, starting with training and expanding into all the services that a drone could require and being a national brand for this. If you want to be a part of the future, get dark drones trained today.


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