DARTdrones Wings Program | Earn Your DARTdrones Wings Today

by Jose

As a drone pilot, you have challenges and we’re not even talking about actual flying. Perhaps your company asked you to figure out a program or you’ve had some training, but there’s no way to show your credentials or a clear path to additional specialisation. Many of our students have expressed these concerns. So after months of expert planning with top aircraft pilots, we are ready to present the new standard in drone credentials. Introducing the dart drones wings program through a three-step system.

You can finally show that you’ve reached a professional standard as a drone pilot step. One is flight, experience and assessment. You will receive personal instruction about your equipment, safety considerations and advanced fly features in an all day. Training course step. Two is obtaining your part.

107, remote pilot certification with a ninety nine percent pass rate will help. You learn everything you need to pass your part 107 exam. After passing, the exam you will move on to step three, which is the real-world flight planning and execution program. You’Ll have access to 11 courses to experience, real-world fly issues and scenarios, so you’re ready to launch successful missions. Now that you have your wings, you can earn additional specializations called endorsements to showcase special missions like mapping inspections, night operations and thermal imaging start earning your wings.

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