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Everyone is my way of this trumpw and it’s time for some myths: [ Applause, ], everyone, Matt Williams, welcome to today’s video, so lots of questions coming in about the content that we’re doing at the moment. Primarily, I would suggest about the changes which are coming in November. It was at this moment that he knew he got everyone just a very quick disclaimer. We shot this video the day that the CIA announced the change in dates for the implementation of the ESO regulations. So, anyway, throughout the video that I mentioned dates for November for the new rules, regulations coming in please now at the time of doing this, amendment to the amendment read that as the 31st of December 2020, one of the big things I think this hopefully is going To be fairly quick that we can cover off with this now, a lot of people are saying, and I just when it comes to the changeover in the regulations, convert my PFC o to a GBC.

When I have renew my PFC, Oh does it become a GBC and actually the answer to that is a little bit more complicated than it might at first seen, but then simple at the same time as opposed so the longer the shorter is that a PF Co Does not become a GBC okay, you can use your current permission for commercial operation when you renew you get the qualification, but I suppose the GBC allows you to get in a way. Okay, so um. You would use your current PFC, Oh to get an operational authorization. That’S ultimately what it becomes, and I think this is a bit of a a misnomer in a way it’s a bit of a change in thinking and thought processes, because what we’ve always people have always said, I’m going to do my PFC, Oh Corps, so I’m gon Na do my PFC, of course, and get my PFC, Oh actually, what you’ve done with the NQ ease, as they were then actually qualified entities, the companies is. You have done a course which has given you an NQ e recommendation, certificates and you’ve used that certificate to apply to the CA and get your permission for a commercial operation.

Okay, so you’ve done the been given an increased TIFF, get that certificate that you’ve been given. You’Ve used that to get your PFC. Oh, the new system is exactly the same, but it’s different names and terminology ever-so-slightly. So you now will do your with a company a in RA e rather than NQ e. You will be given your now from completing that so, instead of getting an NQ e recommendation, as you would have done back in the day, you complete your training and you now get given a GBC, a general visual line of sight certificate.

That effectively is your license, although I don’t want to use that word at the moment, because it isn’t a license and in effect, but it gives you a card. It gives you a certificate that you then use apply to the CIA to get your operational authorization. So you will no longer get a PFC. Oh you will, if you’ve done the GBC after the first of November, you apply at the moment using your GBC to apply you’ll get given a PFC. Oh, if you point after the first November, when the new regulations come into effect, you will be given and an operational authorization in line with your GBC permission in line with your TV II kind of restrictions.

And what I mean by that is that the GBC, when you first get given it exactly the same as a car license in effect it gives you emissions or it recommends you to the CIA, that they give you on the operational authorization. The standard permission. The whole point is, then that when you then come and do the Bolton’s to the GBC, so when you do the extended visual on a site when you do beyond visual on a site, when we move on to things like congested areas and over crowds, when you Do those extra things those will be bolted on to your general visual line of sight certificate that piece of paper that you get given by the recognizer assessment entity? You’Ll then show that to the CIA and they’ll say: okay they’ve been assessed against these frameworks. This person can be given extended visual line of sight that you will then have your operational authorization, which is effectively what replaces the PFC.

Oh, when we change over to the new regulations, you’ll be given your operation, authorization with standard permissions on on the GBC and then any of the additional bolt ons you’re. Given so you know for myself in terms of driving licenses, it would be the driving license. Then, with permission as to drive a minibus or permissions to driver or t-turn articulated lorry or whatever it may be, and I hold my driving license, which affects me for the drone world – would be your GBC that general visual line of science difficut with those permissions on You then applies the CAA using the GBC your certificate, and that says you’ve been assessed as competent in these these areas and that then allows you to apply and get your operation authorization with those ticks on. So the FCO doesn’t become a GBC they’re, very different things. The the GBC is the thing that enables an operational authorization in the same way that the misnomer of people saying I’m going to do.

My PF Co course was always a little bit wrong, but we ran with it anyway in the industry. You the same way, the GBC allows you to apply for your operation, authorization, the the recommendation, as it was allowed you to apply for a PFC. Oh, so you know, I think we need to get away from thinking that they’re the same thing. The PFC, oh, is the certificate. The permission from the CIA, the angular recommendation was the thing that enabled us to apply for that.

Similarly, the GBC, isn’t, you know, UPF co doesn’t become a GBC UPF CEO. If you move across becomes an operational authorization and in the new system you would use the GDC that general visual line of sight certificates you apply or that operation. I hope that makes sense. You know fairly, hopefully straightforward now and the key to understanding it is that the PFC, oh, is from the CIA. The operation authorization is from the CIA things that enable you to get those all the bits underneath so bit for the PFC.

Oh, was the certificate bit for the operation, authorization going to be done, revision and a B. It make sense, thoughts, comments, questions as always down below. Please keep your questions coming in and don’t forget to follow us on all of the socials. Please give the video a like if it helped you out, give it a thumbs down if it didn’t and subscribe. If you haven’t and I’ll see you in the next one I mean Matt Williams, bye, safe these guys, [ Music, ]

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