Chengeta advanced drone training in Mali

by Jose
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Turning the Rangers to use a drone and is to main focus one is on the actual piloting of the drug. The skill doing that now there’s, how you use that drug in the field, contrary to popular belief.

They’re, pretty useful useless for tracking someone. It’s very useful for reconnaissance of an area very useful for scouting ahead of the unit as it’s moving. It’s very useful for verifying, say, for example, a carcass it’s good for scouting.

At potential ambush positions and so on, and the skill is something you can’t. You can’t learn other than by doing, and you can teach someone the controls. You can teach it up down, left right forward, back pivot and so on, but to really become proficient with it.

The guys have to practice and practice and practice. So we have a series of batteries, they just change and they keep keep the drone up in the air taking turns to practice different maneuvers to the movements and so on and as they’ve become more skilled.

We give them more complicated tasks and show them more advanced features that they can use, but it’s extremely useful and you can imagine with dogs detection dogs, drones, trackers motorcycles vehicles, aircraft.

All of these things working in harmony. They’re able to respond using other techniques, we predict and then we’re able to to pursue an interdict purchase using all of these tools. But this is one tools are very useful to, but in itself it’s, useless it’s, the tactics, the techniques and the procedures that go with it and using it.

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