CES 2020 Reactions (From a Pro Drone Pilot)

Some donors be here and guess what I got to go to and there was a lot of stuff happening and it was super super dope. So, let’s get into it guys Brennan here, food runner and I’m EXCI, that’s 2020 and I thought I’d go and find all the cool drawings a little bit for you guys to check out. It is a lot of stuff going on. I’M really excited yeah! Go get into answer any questions for anyone, because you guys are gonna be on the line.

This is the new. A man over here is buying it supposedly as a 40-minute flight time. Easily pretty smooth [ Music ] that battery the shape of it is really interesting, seems really really really smooth close to a 45 miles an hour right now. Okay, I’m here at Auto MOBOTIX, I’m really excited because I’m hoping they just put out a . That’S gonna be anything you guys done, which I’ve been wanting to do forever, because you guys know everything I put out is that you’re?

Obviously I applied to Cairo, but I’ve always wanted competition, because their customer service is real competition. I think, as soon as I got GPS, that literally ran way over [ Music ] right there right over there right over there Industrial it’s a little bit heavier than having yeah, not my bucks to me. I can live with that if they really do live up to the 40-minute flight time. That is absolutely true. Interchangeable, [, Music, ] that I’ll never use me.

I’M really excited to see what the log picture looks like what kind of colors made the bit rates. The camera and on of these otherwise pieces of my head all right, join us. First of all, I’d like to apologize for the audio quality literally shouted on the iPhone. I didn’t really plan it out. Well, it’s kind of a last-minute trip, but I hope you guys got to enjoy the experiences myself as much as I did and what’s even more exciting is, I hope I was able to form some connections with some new drone companies that maybe you’ll be seeing some Unboxings or first flights for soon we’ll see either ways always make sure that you guys subscribe to show your support for the channel, make sure that you hit the notifications button.

So you know when the videos come out and make sure you stay fly.

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