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Thermal 101 for Drone Pilots | FLIR Delta – Episode 1

Hi, Dave Lee here, commercial aviator, thermographer, and Part 107 drone pilot. Welcome to FLIR Delta, a new video series dedicated to helping you effectively integrate thermal imaging into your work. Our goal is to help you better understand and properly use thermal imaging from your drones so you can be more efficient, effective, and improve your business. We’re going to cover everything from infrared fundamentals, to solar panel and commercial roof inspections, to how to choose the right color palette for your mission. I’ve been a drone pilot for a decade, a thermographer for 20 years, and a commercial […]

FLIR CEO Andy Teich on Black Hornet and Thermal Imaging for Drones

https://youtu.be/f6xPy0Eeh-Q Well as well flight test crew here today with Andrew teach, who’s, the president and CEO of FLIR systems, and we’re sitting in the lobby of their headquarters right here in Wilsonville Oregon. How are you doing today, Andrew ah well, Patrick it’s, been just over a year now, since Lear entered the civilian drone space, with their partnership with DJI to produce the zenmuse XT? How has that been, since you & # 39? Ve entered this market, it’s. Really. Quite amazing, though, that when consumer drones hit the market we saw, this is a huge opportunity because […]

5 ways drones are used in business

https://youtu.be/gLNeQut_ABQ Well rocket mine is South Africa’s very first commercial drone operator or by being one of the first is we really had a lot of exposure to the new technologies and new customers and new problems which the market is bringing to us using drones. For small-scale farmers in a large scale are able to fly every single day, be able to identify weak or hot spots within the crops as well to say, where’s, their poor watering points. What areas need no fertilizer so instead of, for example, spraying your whole crop all at once. You can only […]

What Are Drones Used For? 31 Uses For Flying Drones and UAV.

https://youtu.be/bGdNzt3ddDs Hello, my name is Ben Lavrov and I used to learn the drone aerial photography business in this video. I’m, going to give my answer to the question. What are drones used for and list thirty-one uses for flying drones and UAV drones or UAV unmanned aerial vehicles are being employed in ever-increasing areas of life. Apart from the fact that they are small light and maneuverable drones have many other uses. If the task is dulled. Dirty or dangerous, it makes far more sense to send in the drone. It seems. Barely a week goes by without new […]


https://youtu.be/FAIRNVHTLzE So customers are calling us constantly asking for custom solutions, one of the common ones that we get a lot is people want to put a FLIR camera on the bottom of the DJI Mavic. It sounds hard. It sounds like it’s not possible, but we figure out a way to do it. We figured out a way to keep your 4k resolution coming out of your normal DJI Mavic camera and then adding a FLIR camera to the bottom of the Mavic and it works it’s really amazing. I’m gonna show you guys the kit here. This is […]

JJRC H26D Camera Drone with Gimbal Flight Test Review

good morning quadcopter 101 here and I really have something need for you today this is the H or jjrc h20 6d model what this is is you can see is it's a large quadcopter a large brush motor quadcopter but it includes something very different than other quad copters that I've reviewed in the past you know in the past there hasn't been much improvement in cameras particularly you know in aerial video quad copters more or less it's been the same 720p pinhole camera over and over and over again not anymore hopefully this will be impetus for […]


– It's just started raining right now, not much, just sprinkling right now. Just as I was about to launch a drone, a cloud decided to pass over. (gentle music playing) Ciao. I've just said goodbye to the driver at Dumaluan Beach, 25 pesos per person to get in, just to access the beach. Not even staying here. Just to get on the beach. Which is owned by the people, not some resort. Anyway, little bit of a rant. Um, so anyway, should be nice. We'll go and check it out. Might even take the drone out for a spin […]

Putting Our RED Cinema Camera on a 100mph FPV Racing Drone

sam what do you think about flying fpv drones it's the hardest thing i've ever had to do when i first started flying this fpv drone this is what i looked like this is tough i look stupid and sam you've been practicing right yeah yes you want to show us your skills okay all right sam let's see what you got [Laughter] there you go sweet there you go hey there you go hey you're way up there oh my god you're gonna lose it you're gonna lose it oh my god did i do good it's harder than […]


what's going on so basically I am on my way to Ipswich I'm staying with a mate his name's Peter you've probably seen him in a load of my videos I'm going to be spending about two or three days in Ipswich I've taken the whole week off work I made sure I had buffing boots so I could just spend this time boom I need to do so when I left University and I finished that dissertation I handed it in 8,000 words God knows how many hours of sweat research yeah I've done my dissertation on the GoPro […]

A Russian drone operator encounters a UFO, then must decide what is real and not. | The Occupant

Unbeknownst to the public, a covert military coalition is using nuclear powered drones to lure alien object. In an attempt to immobilize and capture them. Mantis drone operator for command center. Over. This is Major Nikolaev. Come in. Sir, I believe we've got a nibbler. Are you able to identify the object? Negative sir. But it's coming for the bait. Excellent, start reeling it in. It's biting. Accelerate immediately. Make sure it doesn't get too close. Start up the electromagnetic pulse. Remember your training Sergeant Galkina. You're going to do fine. Thank you sir. Electromagnetic pulse started. Object in range […]