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Attop YD 829 Sky Dreamer Drone Review

by Jose
good morning quite copter 101 here and I got you for you today a neat review is the yd eight to nine sky dreamer now this is a quadcopter I'd been meaning to review for quite some time now I just never never got around to doing it I never had a chance to do it but today we're going to achieve that review why am i interested in a YT 289 mainly because I hear it's a great flier I find it kind of find it kind of hard to believe that it would be a great flier because […]

Drone DJI Mavic Mini Landing on Water Test FAILED!

by Jose
Assalamu 'alaikum Welcome to my channel. Today I want to test a floating kit for the DJI Mavic Mini. Since I often fly my drone in the area with many trees or over the lake or river, do I need additional equipment for my drone. I also installed the swim kit and propeller guard. So let's start. First try, I'll let it off the ground. In all honesty, I'm a little nervous because this is my first time. oh … did you see that? I didn't do that, it's just circling around, so strange. It seems unstable even though the […]

DJI Mavic Adventures | Episode 3 | How To Shoot Surfing With A Drone

by Jose
We've just got down to the beach, the surfs up, so let's get the Mavic in the air. For years, you could only get really great surf shot by using a huge lens or by sticking some fins on, and getting wet. The Mavic is a super compact drone it's easy to take to your local break and gives you the opportunity to get some awesome aerial views of the ocean. In this episode we're going to cover a few useful techniques for flying your Mavic over the surf. Before taking off the first top tip is to get yourself […]

Bridge Inspections by drone with Hoverscape Professional Drone Services

by Jose
Complete regular bridge inspections quickly and easily using our industrial drones Fitted with an upward facing camera, we can capture imagery of hard to access areas. High resolution detailed imagery, can assist you to identify defects and arrange scheduled maintenance efficiently. Traditional inspection methods that are risky and complex, such as abseilers, EWP,’s or arranging barge access, can be reduced or avoided completely By minimizing the time engineers or inspectors. Spend working at Heights will significantly improve the workplace safety and reduce inspection times and costs. Our inspection drones are sophisticated machines that feature multiple backup systems to provide enhance […]

Eachine Racer 250 Drone Flight Test Review

by Jose
good afternoon my copter 101 here and what I got for you today is a neat review of a new quadcopter well it's relatively new this is the II seen 250 racer from eachine actually that's a I guess that's a band good brand as you look at it it appears to be and it is a 250 style racer nearest competitor to this and I just want to put it up briefly here to show you is the Wow Kira 250 runner which I have here this one's got a lot of bad press on it I kind of […]

DJI – Introducing the DJI Digital FPV System

Absolute freedom flying like a bird is a long cherished dream of mankind Flying an FPV drone is a breathtaking experience and brings us closer to that dream than anything else. Today,’s analog. Video transmission only offers low image quality, which results in a generally poor. Flying experience, Even if the task seemed impossible, DJI has developed a low, latency, HD digital transmission system. The system consists of four highly integrated components. The light and compact DJI air unit is easy to assemble and has an internal HD video recording The robust FPV HD camera offers a 2 1 mm […]

FPV and Drone Racing Part 1 – What is FPV?

Hi guys, we often get asked questions to require the help of an expert, and let me say that trying to find a real expert in this field is not easy. Not someone that’s got real life experience mixed with credible professional background, but today we introduce ash who is an expert, a real life sized accredited, experienced professional and a credible expert in the field of UAVs over the coming weeks. He will introduce us into the world of hobby drone racing. It’s pretty exciting, pretty much edge of your seat, stuff and absolutely amazing for watch. So if […]

The astounding athletic power of quadcopters | Raffaello D’Andrea

by Jose
Translation: Norbert Langkau Editing: Daniel Hoffmann When is a machine athletic? We'll get the concept of machine athletics and the research needed with the help of these aircraft, the quadrocopters or “quads” for short, demonstrate. Quads have been around for a long time. You are so popular today because they are mechanically simple. By controlling the four propellers these machines can roll, tip, yaw and accelerate in all common directions. Also on board are a battery, a computer, various sensors and radios. Quads are extremely manoeuvrable, but this maneuverability comes at a price. They are inherently unstable, and need a […]

Hubsan Zino Drone – My Experience

by Jose
– Hey, what's up, YouTube? You're watching Ready Set Drone, and today, I have the Hubsan Zino. We're gonna fly it, check it out on a cold, windy day, so stay tuned, and let's see how it does. (intense electronic music) Before we get started, if you haven't already done so, please hit the Subscribe button, the notification bell, and if you really want to support the channel, hit the Join button down below. You'll see all the details. There are definitely some perks to joining the channel, so I hope you'll do so. Hubsan did send me this to […]

Part 2 – How to get your part 107 drone license – A step by step guide

all right so Part 2 – I kind of want to talk about getting your drone license and what you should so as I was saying the rules are changing really fast and I really believe that soon honestly if you don't have your own license you're gonna be really limited to what you can do with your drone even just as flying it around your house if you get your own license then you know you really can take full advantage of your footage if you ever want to sell it or use it to promote a business or […]