Catching up with FPV Drone Pilot Fincky | Spotlight Ep2

Hey guys, welcome back, we’ve got something super special for you this time it’s, another spotlight with the one and only thing hey how you doing. I’m thinking. I’m 28 years old. I’m from Paris and I’m.

An pilot, also known as racing drone pilot kind of wrongfully cuz. I don’t use these for racing. I use these to capture images. I basically fly these little toys here and I have a GoPro on top of it and I just use it to capture kind of crazy stuff, [, Music ] all right.

So this video was true special. It’s. An abandoned water park between LA and Las Vegas, and I was there thanks to the good guys, the good Norwegian guys at rain arts and media, and I was kind of invited to shoot some stuff with them over there.

And while we were there, I thought if we had this opportunity to shoot something with a rider. I would definitely take it so that’s. What we did we went over there we shot in about an afternoon and yeah.

Here it isĀ  speaking of Norway, that picture right. There is with a martyr Sandberg. I was just last week in in Sweden because in Norway it’s forbidden to drive snowmobiles, but she is from Norway and we got to film together.

It was really really cool and we found out that drawings were actually the perfect, perfect tool to film snowmobiles. I’m. Super super excited about this one. It’s, going to be pre epic, so yeah stay tuned is coming up.

Pretty soon oh yeah, that next one that was my big break, we were on a trip with my team at pirate frames and we went to the South of France. We found this amazing place. I had been dreaming of flying it for one year and I thought this was the perfect place to do a really really cool line, so that’s.

What we shot, I posted it online and it got picked up internationally, pretty big. It got on complex got on if you’re high, it gone well star, hiphop and all I got shared and shared. It got over 10 million views in shared views, basically so yeah.

That was. That was a truly special video for me and it also a really really fun place of love next one I was in Dubai filming buggies, but not the regular kind of buggies, really really powerful, buggies 1,600 horsepower.

I think I think that was incredible and we thought maybe there’s a way for me to fly from the body. So that was a personal challenge. For me, the footage came as it is. We didn’t have a lot of time, but it was.

It was just a lot of fun yeah this post, it just came out. Actually it’s with my man, Lotfi an amazing longboard dancer, and we were trying out this little drone that is protected. The ID with this drone is that you can really hurt yourself with it and that allows you to get Miklos.

I’m in, like so close, he could grab it just like he did in this video. I love it because it’s. It kind of pushes the limits of what it can be done with this kind of things, and that is truly amazing and that’s.

What I’m all about the last pictures from my phone. Well, the thing is, I kind of shoot like a lot of random things, and sometimes just random screenshots of all kinds of stuff, so yeah, but I ‘

Ve got a few that I can definitely show some not-safe-for-work as well. So I’m gonna I’m gonna find some well the first one yeah this one. This one is: is it’s kind of funny, like I started riding dirt bikes when I was about four years old? Basically, my dad saw me just do a return trip on bikes without wheels and he immediately took out a little dirt bike that he had prepared for that moment, and then I am kind of rocking it on that video well, except for the end other pictures, I Have our pictures with my wife she’s, so cool.

She supports me in everything and yeah like I like to take pictures of art a lot of other pictures, and I have might be buildings that I want to fly that I want to. I mean inspire me so much and I just want to rip as hard as possible and yeah that one that one is a true winner, yeah and then I’ve got some random means that on my phone, because I’m, worried Post in facebook, I get inspired by a lot of things.

Honestly, I get inspired by the people that fly with me, big shout-out to Tom’s and Jay. True, by the way I get inspired by the people that shoot their style, the way they dress the way they move and another big inspiration is the places it’s very different from an abandoned building to some amazing natural environment like I show Norway, So all this really inspires me and then beyond the just films and all kinds of stuff.

I sleep, [, Music, ] thinking. That was awesome man. Thank you so much guys. I really hope you enjoyed that, because I was insane incredible. What this guy does make sure you follow his social media or link it down below and yeah.

Let us know in the comments, if you want to see more of this, if you want to see more of drones and yeah, we’ll, see you next week. Guys have a good one. [ Music, ]

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