Canada drone pilot on mission to map hurricane-ravaged Bahamas

You’Re, looking at just some of the devastation left by durian in the , this Canadian drone footage of East Grand Bahama shows the scale of destruction and the years of rebuilding ahead using . In a situation like this is to expedite the response rate. has been in the for about a week working with a nonprofit global medic he’s map more than 2,700 acres of damaged areas in the country so far information the government will use in its rebuilding efforts. A category 5 storm made landfall in the . On September, 1st, killing more than 50 people and forcing thousands more from their homes, globalmedic was on the ground within days working to provide critical needs like food and water.

Our real focus on this mission is to do that. Mapping Global medics, Raoul Singh says the thousands of detailed photos from the drone mission will help the Bahamian government secure funding to rebuild missions like this help that nation prove the extent of their damage. Their managers get a better understanding of just how bad it is, so they can figure out their steps in rebuilding clear systems Skyranger. Our 70 is made in Canada and designed during all four seasons. Those wide range of conditions allow engineers to prepare it for some of the world’s toughest situations.

The environments that we fly in aren’t the sunny day favourable conditions. We must be able to fly anywhere at any time. Industry experts say have become an essential part of emergency response and that this is just the beginning where we’re going with this is the transfer of aid and supplies in and out of areas or in some cases, and I don’t think this is too far Off and into the future is being able to airlift somebody right out of the water or right off of a roof. We hope that the information that we provide the government had people to get their homes rebuild. You know be by Christmas right so that people can can have somewhere to celebrate Christmas Albert Dell Atala Global .

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