Everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. mpw, and welcome to this expert . Video in this video we’re going to be taking a look at the CAA. Rejection fees for manual applications and permission applications which are due to come into a force on the 16th of September 2019. Everyone welcome to today’s video.

If you are new to the channel, welcome, don’t forget to press the subscribe button press the Bell button next to subscribe button. It’S really important that you stay up to date and get notified whenever we drop new content and new content is coming all the time. Don’T forget to like the video, if you do give us a double thumbs down if you don’t and drop any comments and thoughts on this or other things that you want to see down in the comment section below so in today’s video we’re going to take a Look at something that has been a little bit controversial on the forums and across the groups across the internet and amongst the communities of which we are part, and I can see it from both sides. It’S like many things. There are always obviously more than kind of one side to the story.

There, a couple of sides to this story – and I can see why and where the frustration is coming from to a degree from within the community, but also I can see why and where. This time, I’m afraid the CIA are having to impose these fees for rejections to people who submit a manual and manual, in this case, a drone manual which isn’t up to a certain standard, a required standard. Now, then, the long. The short of this is that the CIA at the moment are working very hard, I’m sure, as they always do to make sure that manuals and so manuals drone PFC. Our applications, PFC, o renewals, are turned around within their mandated 28 working days so from them receiving your renewal application or your initial application they have and they are mandated by the Department of Transport to turn that around within 28 working days.

Sometimes we bang up against the stops on that. You know we see people who are like. Oh, it’s been 28 working days and then it boom. It drops in at 4 o clock that day. Sometimes, as is the case at the moment of doing this, video it’s taken between 10 and 12 working days, it’s for most people to get their renewals and their initial applications PSEO through.

However, we all need to play a part in making this more. I guess a smoother process: okay, the the CAA, are, I guess, inundated every day with operations manuals that they have to read through and bear in mind because there isn’t necessarily a fixed template. There isn’t a you know. This is what we need to see. These are the paragraphs that we need to have and all the information that needs to go in there.

It’S kind of left quite open and in most cases it’s down to the nqe that you use the training company that you use I’ll. Do another video on that very shortly so stay tuned to the channel, because we’ve got some fairly strong thoughts and opinions on that too. But because they don’t do that, they have to read every single manual and there is a matrix that they use within the CIA. To make sure that you’ve ticked all of those boxes now here’s the interesting thing on the CIA’s website and I will drop a link in the description to this down in the description, the video description down below on the CIA’s website. They walk you through the flow kind of checklist that they use to sign off on manuals.

So really, I would suggest that there is very little excuse when you come to renewal or when you come to a initial application for your application to be rejected. One of the things that the CIAA from what we can gather are seen all the time is that people aren’t keeping things up-to-date, they’re, not keeping their references up-to-date in their reference table, they’re, not keeping their manual. When they’ve made an amendment when they’ve added a drone. Taking a drone out changed people around they’re, not changing the amendment log and they’re, not changing the ops manual version number, so they are picking people up on things like that, and to be honest, if, as a commercial operator, a professional operator in most cases, you know You are being paid to do that these bodies of work – that’s why you have a PFC, are in the first place now as a commercial operator, you should really be on top of that admin. Do that you know stay on top of it, and the CIA have the sky wise portal that you can use where they will tell you when things are changed and amended.

That should make it super simple. If you sign up to that, you’ll get an email. Cap. 72, you’ve been updated, as it was again for the third time two days ago. Before doing this video you know, then you need to go in.

You need to change the references to the cap. Seven to two. You need to have change your amendment log and you need to change the version number of your operations manual. If you keep it up to date, then there’ll be no issue. When you come to sending it in now, we see some manuals, and obviously I mean we have an ops manual update service.

We have a new service coming soon, so stay tuned to the channel, for that whereby we can kind of maintain and monitor and adjust your manual on the fly. So it’s always up to date, but the there’s no excuse for these things and we see some of these manuals. I haven’t been amended for kind of 18 months 24 months. They’Ve got references to cap, the sorry articles 166 and 167 of the air navigation order, and it’s just like. Oh man, those disappeared in 2016.

So how have they been? I don’t know how those manuals have got through the CIA to the point that they have but they’re now picking up on it they’re picking up on all sorts of things. If you go back through the channel, go through the drone business series on the channel before you put your submission in and then there’s no excuse because we’ve literally gone through there, how to change a drone operation, name, the company name, how to add drones to Manual, how to take turns out of your manual what you need to do to update your manual and we keep an up-to-date version of all of the reference table and the event and the amended documents on a link that you can download in that video. So, there’s really no excuse guys. Ok and that’s, I think, where the sea-air getting their frustration from they’re trying to do things as efficiently as possible, but if we don’t help them as a community, how can we expect them to help?

Us is the big question, so the fees as up the 16th of September. If your initial application, all your renewal gets rejected, it’s a 124 pound-feet that the CAA will charge you on top of the fee that you’ve already paid them in order for them to reject your manual. Tell you what’s wrong and then for you to be able to send it back and get it through hundred trifle pounds a lot of money. I know, but at the same time one it’s a great deterrent. Like I say we give you we’ve.

Given you all the information for free on the drone business series the playlist within this channel, so if you are unsure, go through that, you know have a look at it. Make sure that you get everything up to date before you go also check the CIA’s website again, there’s a link down in the description go to the website, take everything off on their flowchart to make sure that there’s no reason they would reject your application. They also have now on the website, as a time of at the time of doing this, video they have and we’ll put the link down. They have a reasoning behind this rejection when you’ll be rejected. Why you’ll be rejected?

Naturally, everyone is getting our rate about this. It’S one of those: where do you know what the things that they will reject you for is if your manual is miles away from being done, if you basically haven’t done anything to keep your manual up-to-date, so I haven’t made any attempt in their eyes to keep Things up to date, they are not out to kind of capture people and make more money from this from what we can see. Okay, I genuinely believe that, from the the steps that they’ve put in place and actually they’ve had and been talking about a mechanism for doing this for a long time and they haven’t yet they’ve – been putting up with people sending in manuals and getting them rejected. If it’s a small alteration from what we understand or if there are a couple of little things in there, they will bounce it back to you, as they always have done. Tell you what to change, and then you know change it and send it back.

There won’t be a charge for that. It’S if you haven’t blatantly haven’t done anything or you don’t understand it and if you are in that situation, just give us a shout, go and look through the drone business secrets. You know all the operations manual update videos and then, if you still can’t do it gives a shout out, we can help you out we’ll walk you through it. We will actually, if you want, do it for you for a small fee and, as I say, we do have a new service coming soon, which will manage and maintain everyone’s operations. Many more so I hope that’s useful, just be aware of it.

We will put all of the links down in the description below if you’ve got any thoughts on this any comments on this. Please don’t them down below. It’S really useful. We get in these videos out to you because we’re getting loads of feedback and it’s been really good so far. So thank you for engaging with us and it’s really good to see that and build this community and help everybody move forwards.

As I said, if you haven’t subscribed to the channel, make sure you do you press the bell button next subscribe icon to stay up to date, give us a thumbs up like it. If you did give us a double thumbs down, if you didn’t I’ve been Matt, Williams fly safe and blue skies.

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