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Everyone, its Matt Williams, miss mpw and the day after drone registration day started in the UK. Finally, the dust has settled, but what else do you need to now do if you’re, a commercial drone operator in order to stay legal everyone, it’s, met with you, mister and PW, and welcome to today’s.

Video, so there are a bunch of things that you might need to start thinking about it’s worth getting done getting on top of so that you are legal, come the 30th of November now, yesterday, 5th of November, if you’re Watching this live 2019 was the day that the UK drone a model, aircraft, registration, education scheme, admirers, went live and if you haven’t seen it already, then there was a video about that and how to run through that process, which I will drop.

A link to down in the description below – and I hope that those of you who have done it – and I know like say we’ve – pushed back against this on the channel again and again and again since it was kind of it was mentioned About eight months ago, but actually do you know what we went through the process yesterday we showed that live and it’s fairly straightforward.

There is actually some relatively interesting questions. I think in the question Bank that we’ve, seen that I’ve got people talking and yes, there are some typos. Yes, there are some questions where there’s, a bit of ambiguity in there.

But actually, do you know what the CAA, I’m sure will nail that down over time, particularly once enough offers have paid, are nine pounds and they ‘ Ve got some more money in the in the coffers to kind of improve it, but actually the discussions it generated were valid and quite interesting and useful.

I would say on the most part, so that aside, you ‘ Ve done your registration, you ‘ Ve got your operator ID you ‘ Ve got your flyer ID. If you need one and you don’t kind of operate, you know operate under the exemptions that are due to be announced.

Soon. More than that, when they are launched, so what you need to do next? Well, actually there isn’t a huge amount. If I’m honest, you need to make sure that your operator ID is on your aircraft somewhere, so that you can fly legally.

You need to make sure that you got your flier ID or the exemption, which doesn ‘ T kind of exist yet properly with you. Whenever you’re operated in case, you do get stopped and searched, but remind the , now have pilot powers to stop and search and seize, if required, whilst they investigate.

So once that’s done, you’re, then into a place where actually, there are a couple of tweaks that you’re, going to have to make to your operations manual and it’s. The kind of age old thing right operational resume operations manual now in your operations manual should be fairly straightforward.

Make sure you have the latest version of the air navigation order in your operations manual or the relevant sections of the air navigation order in your operations manual. So article 94, we deliberately didn’t update article 94 in our operations manuals or any of those that we manage on behalf of our clients, because we weren’t sure whether there would be another amendment to the air navigation order between The drone registration scheme being announced and its inception as of yesterday and when it goes, live officially on the 30th of November 2019.

It looks as though that is now fixed. Obviously, if there is a change, we will let everybody know but make sure that you have the current version of articles 94, 95 in so 94 abcdefg. All those different bits now need to be in there, whereas before we technic traditionally were putting not to be included until November 19 for the kind of articles that were surrounding drone registration, so those now need to go in ok.

What we have done for that is, I have created a document whereby, if you go on to it download it, it has the current version of the air navigation order in at the time of making this video. So if you’re watching this in a month or two months or twelve months time down the road today’s, the six on November 19, it is current, is up to date.

I’ll. Do my best to keep it up to date, so you need to check it yourself. This has been given with no warranty or liability. It’s, sad that we even have to say that kind of thing nowadays, but it’s. No one, I see no liability, it’s there to help you if you’re, doing it kind of in the next week, or so I say: if things do change, I’ll.

Do my best to keep you up to date, but we do that in our master operations manual template anyway, which you can get by watching the other video down below, so that’s. The operations manual template video and that will be kept up to date, so go down below grab the the text out of that copy that into your operations manual and that’s.

The full article 94 that you’ll need in your operations manual to kind of cover off all of the drone registration pieces. So now we are so that’s. You’ve got the operator ID your flyer ID. If you need it, you are carrying the documents with you that you need.

I’d, suggest potentially thinking about putting those into your operations manual. We’ve, updated our operations manual as well. We’ve got our operator ID on our drone. Don’t forget when you update your operations manual, you need to change the version.

Number change the date on the front of the operations manual. Then change your amendment table to reflect the changes that you’ve made and the changes to your version number in the dates, so that’s. What you need to do there now.

The other thing that we are recommending to people is that you put your operator ID on the front page of your operations manual. Underneath the accountable manager ‘ S name might not be on the front page.

It depends where you are page. 2. 3. 4. Wherever it is, wherever the accountable manager’s name is, and their signature is put in there, the operator ID done. Then it’s, all squared away, also in anywhere in your operations manual, where you reference your remote pilots.

We’re, also suggesting that you put the flier ID for each remote pilot in there as well. It can’t, hurt it’s, something that actually, you know the whole point of having operations manual. Is that everything’s in one place? It’s all in one kind of easy to reference document and it’s.

All there at hand. If the do stop for you, whether you’ve got a physical copy, you can show them. If you’ve got a digital copy. You can pull it out and show them on the digital copy. So it’s.

Like boom, there’s, my operator ID or who the operator ID of the person that we operate under, and here is my flyer ID or the exemption so short one today really just to help people get up to speed. So you can start thinking about that.

If you are struggling, please give us a shout. We normally offer a service whereby we update operations manuals. It’s 149 pounds for the next week. If you’re watching this, then we are gonna offer that for a discount.

So if you want things like the operator ID and the air navigation order, stuff, adding in then get in touch with the team, I ‘ Ll drop a link down below over at flyicus, and we can look at helping you with that and getting that done for you.

If you’re struggle in thoughts, comments, questions as always: please drop them down below I don’t know how you found the camera drone registration scheme so far like say not something that we ever wanted to have to do.

We’ve pushed against it as much as we can. We’re still fighting this. It’s, not something that we’re gonna roll over and take particularly when the new Parliament comes back after the general election in the UK.

On the 12th of December, we will go to the Department of Transport. We will engage with the whoever the transport secretary is when Parliament gets reestablished and we will bring this back to the forefront and you know see if we can do potentially a similar thing to what happened.

Yes in America, with the FAA, where actually I think there was a class action taken against them and everything was overturned and people got a load of money back and the registration has now been done, but done, I think more properly, and I think a similar thing Could potentially turn the UK but, as I say, thoughts comments, questions down below.

Let us know you’re getting on with everything. If there’s, anything else you want to know about this. If there’s, any confusion, please get in touch and let us know it’s only by you coming to us with the questions and ask him for the answers that we go and hunt them down.

If we don’t know them already and then do our best to get them out to you. You’re, not something to give the video a like. If you did, give it a double thumbs down. If you didn’t subscribe, if you haven’t pressed the Bell button to stay up to date with everything we’ve got coming, I’ll, be Matt.

Williams, fly safe and blue skies.

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