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Everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. empik, this just it’s, just see I can’t. I can’t talk if I don’t wave my hands around everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. npw, welcome to today’s. expert secrets, video in today’s.

Video, we’re, going to take a look and an update, so ya actually can’t. Do it like I’ve tried right and because my hands have been bound together. I’m and I can’t even do the intro, okay, everyone, its Matt Williams, mr.

MPW, and welcome to today’s. expert secrets. Video now come wave your hands around. I can talk properly again fingers crossed in today’s. Video. We’re, going to talk about the cia’s, registration scheme and give you a little bit of an update.

We’ve just spoke to the CIA, so let’s dive on in and take a look everyone it’s about with you, mister npw, and welcome to today’s. Video, if you’re new to the channel, welcome don’t forget to press the subscribe button.

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Please drop us an email, Matt ma TT with two T’s at mr. MP So we have just spoken to the CIA and we wanted to bring this to you because there are lots of rumors out there. There’s. Lots of conjecture out there and actually the best thing to do as always, is to go to the kind of the horse’s mouth or straight from the horse’s.

Mouth is where we’re bringing this. So we spoke to the CAA about drone registration. Hopefully most people are aware. If you weren’t, then you will be after this that it is going to be mandatory for us to register our drones at the end of November 2019.

The drone registration scheme is set to open on the 1st of October, and that gives us kind of eight weeks. It gives us two months to work out what we want to do as drone operators go through the process.

Hopefully, it gives the CA time to bed that system in so that by the 30th of November, the cutoff date, where everybody then who is flying a drone or owns a drone, needs to either be registered as an sua operator and or a remote pilot.

More on that in future videos, so, as I say, stay tuned to the channel because we’ll, keep you up-to-date and we’ll, bring out a whole series of videos which walk you through the registration process which teach you and talk.

You through what all of the different things mean and how long it lasts, etc, etc, etc. But we’ll all need to be registered by the 30th of November and as people are pointed out on all the social channels in the groups in the forums we’re, actually getting quite close to that system being open.

So we asked the CAA the question: are we going to be running on time? Are you expecting the drone registration thing to still happen, and is it going to be happening on schedule? Now? Quite rightly, I guess the CAA towed the party line with the answer, which was we are fully expecting at the moment that the drone registration scheme will open as planned and it will become formal as planned at the end of November.

I asked them the question about brexit. Is that having an impact – and they didn’t, give us a direct answer, but they did say that brexit may or may not be having an impact on what is going to happen.

They’re gonna wait out for that, but at the moment they are adamant that, even though we are 11 days away 12 days away from the drone registration registration scheme opening, they were adamant that it is going to happen on time.

Things are going to happen as planned and they will, if anything, changes. Let us know as soon as possible. They did say that the decision is with the government and, if I was reading between the lines which I am this is me purely kind of speculating, based on the conversation that we’ve had if I was reading between the lines that says to Me that actually they may be holding back on launching it officially, because if things change there may be a reduced requirement for it all the requirements, for it may change that’s me speculating the wrister mpw, you know, and I can see everyone go In probably gonna go nuts about this, I say: drop things down in the comments below.

We will bring you more of the facts as we get them, but the facts at the moment or the CF said today. Drone registration will open on the 1st of October and will then become mandatory at the end of November.

Now those of you have been watching the channel since its inception will know that I was fairly still am fairly kind of staunch against the drone registration scheme. I don’t, think it’s going to impact or affect the people who are doing things properly anyway.

At the moment you know the people are gonna commit criminal offences with drones. Aren’t going to register their drones. They’re gonna use a drone. They’re gonna fly. It do whatever they want to do with it, which you know for nefarious means or whatever it may be, and then the people who have registered will have just registered.

I’m still very much of that opinion. However, we have gone through the beta version of the drone registration scheme. We’ve, seen the learning that’s involved. We’ve, seen the kind of question bank that’s involved and actually, given that it is gonna become mandatory.

The system isn’t, particularly onerous. It’s fairly straightforward. The the learning is okay. There’s, not a huge amount of it. I think was about seven pages, seven pages or so of learning that you need to go through and then there’s.

A simple kind of 20 question test at the end, which I presume is from a bank of questions. Although the questions that we saw came round again and again, but I presume, will be a bank of questions and it will, it will roll out from there and then you can get your sua operator number and/or your remote pilot number.

As I say, we will bring you more on that when we’re allowed to it’s embargoed at the moment, it’s all under NDA as and when it’s released, and we’Re able to release that the day that comes out, we will have all of the information available for you.

I will do some videos about what the different terms mean, how long it will last how much it costs that sort of thing and actually our icarus one course. We will be reshooting so that it includes not just a drone code and how to fly safely, but also all of the learning that you need to be aware of in order to pass the the simple tick test for the drone registration scheme.

So hopefully, making that even more helpful again, if you’ve, been watching the channel. The whole point, hi Nicholas one four years ago, was that you could understand the drone codes you could get registered effectively for free.

It was something that we paid for, and we still pay for for people to do, to learn how to fly safely and be safe, operating the drones and they get any unique certificate at the end you know technically, the idea was them that we put forward to Parliament was that someone could take that certificate to a retailer, prove that they knew the drone code and the drone regulations and then be allowed to buy a drone, still, no idea why it’s, gonna cost over four million pounds or whatever to Make the drain registration database it’s, not for me to debate here.

If I’m brutally honest just to make people aware of it and the fact that actually, I still think it’s fundamentally wrong that we are being taxed as drone operators in an environment in an industry. I should say that we’re, trying to kind of help, build and grow and nurture, but there we are.

That is where we are. The CIA have said it is coming in on time. If things change as soon as they change, I will let you know, and we’ll, keep on to the CIA so that you don’t have to. If you want to know more about it, please let us know we ‘

Ll do our very best to answer those questions and we will bring you as a save the information as it comes out of the CIA. If you like, the video, please don’t forget to give us a thumbs up, give us a double thumbs down.

If you really really didn’t like it drop your thoughts, comments, questions down below and yeah get in touch with us on all of the social channels. It’d, be really interesting to see your further thoughts on this as we move forward.

I bet Matt Williams fly safe and blue skies.

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