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Everyone is Matt Williams for mr. npw calm and a couple of big news things run through for this week. First up DJ, I have officially announced the launch of the Mavic mini the CIA. Drone registration starts next week on an Excel spreadsheet and volley. Copter takes the singapore skies, but can air taxis take off so first up today, DJI have officially announced the launch of the Mavic mini an almost pocket-sized drone, which they’re dubbing their flying camera.

This new drone looks like it could be a game-changing evolution in the small drone market and, at the price point DJ announced that will certainly open up prosumer level, drone tech a much larger audience. Of course, this isn’t in itself, without its problems, whilst making capable of taking high quality photos and videos available the masses will enhance the uptake of interest in and awareness of, the drone industry. Will this additional influx of drone pilots create a proliferation of people who aren’t aware of or more worryingly, don’t care about, the rules and regulations surrounding safe drone usage and then potentially lead the first wave of drone accidents? Personally, I don’t think so, especially given the low all up mass of this drone, which comes in an incredibly meager 249 grams without any additional accessories attached. This means that, at the moment, if this is the only drone you operate, you can fly this in the UK and the USA without having to register with the CIA or the FAA respectively.

The question here is: how long will it be until the regulator’s catch on and decide to regulate drones in this space to leave you comments and thoughts down below, and let us know what you think talking about this CAA drone registration. If you’re in the UK don’t forget the CIA’s drone and model aircraft, registration and education scheme, the demurrers is due to go live next week on the 5th of November, still lots of confusion surrounding this process and lots of unanswered questions. So I’m begging the CIA and the Department for Transport, please for the love of God. Get on to this now get the messages out to the general public, not just to those people who are already in the drone industry and are already aware of the requirements. You need to get the message out there to the general public that they need to register.

You need to clear up the confusing messages regarding who needs to do what who they need to pay when they need to pay, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on and on. Otherwise. This thing, honestly is gon na, be the floundering fish that everyone expects. It to be well so we’re talking about the demurrers we mentioned last week that we’d formally ask the CIA to allow n qyz non qualified entities in the UK to be able to automatically register or bulk upload their candidates onto the system, and this kind of makes Sense to us – and I think to the other end cues, hopefully, because we ultimately already hold the information for people who have done drone education and are very much aware of the rules and regulations.

We also, then, have information about what drones they have and what they fly and where they live all of the things that you need to do to register. So why couldn’t we potentially take the nine pounds on behalf of those people or even potentially use that as a tactic? I suppose, and we could say, look we can register you and you don’t then have to do the drone registration scheme. We send that to this year and ask them the question. They did come back with a reply surprisingly quickly, but interestingly, they excluded an qyz from being allowed to even partake in this mechanism.

We can’t even apply to be assessed as capable of loading people onto the damaras absolute madness again, but not to worry and I’m sure those who’ve you been following the channel aren’t surprised about this. We’Ve gone back to them with a formal request to the Department for Transport to explain why n Kiwis have been explicitly excluded. Even if we don’t get the response, we would desire, at least it will make more people aware of the state of this whole, ridiculously expensive and poorly executed exercise. And when I say about ridiculously expensive, I don’t mean for the end-user, because actually at nine pounds, it’s not too punitive. Now I wouldn’t suggest, but it’s the cost of implementing the entire thing in the first place.

Just to add to that to, as is now public knowledge, the CAA reply exposed the fact that anyone who was authorized to bulk upload details onto their system would be given a link to a shared Excel spreadsheet. To do so, which begs the question: how is this thing so expensive and is your data really safe? I’M sure they’ll be the appropriate gdpr provisions placed on those transferring the data to the CA but who’s going to ensure that access to the spreadsheet is secure. What happens if there’s a breach and how on God’s green earth is this thing costing 4.1 million pounds to implement and then to point something million pounds a year to maintain, given that the CAA have already had a data breach this month, which affected PFC o holders?

How are they going to guarantee the safety of all of this additional information? One thing really, I would say to think about before you hand your details over, I think I really need to get into this. Making spreadsheet based data storage systems for government departments and regulators, and then maybe I can have enogh retire to my yacht on the Bahamas or something anyway. On to the next point, point number three for this week’s news: German aviation startup volocopter – and this is one of those where being aware of what’s going on in and around the kind of larger industries gon na be quite interested in. We need to be keeping up-to-date with this kind of stuff because it could have an impact.

It may have an impact on where we go with the drone thing in the future. But German aviation startup volocopter have conducted further tests in the last few weeks of their incredible attempt at making urban air mobility a reality. Bini Dubai and Finland follow copter, for those who aren’t aware is one of several companies developing a drone equivalent to traditional helicopters and proponents of the idea and the so that electrically powered air taxis offer a say for quieter. Emissions-Free alternative the company’s aircraft can take off and land vertically and it’s flown either automatically all by a pilot with an initial that can fly to people and their luggage for distances approaching 30 kilometers volocopter said it hopes to cover high traffic routes in major cities. Such as between airports to city centers at a speed of up to a hundred and ten kilometers per hour.

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M PW show real challenge on social media so that we can find your show real and potentially give it some critiques so give you some advice and get it exposed to a whole bunch of people so that wraps up for this week. I hope you have a great weekend. I hope you’ve enjoyed everything that we’ve done this week. Don’T forget what to do.

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