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Everyone is Matt Williams, mister and P W, and welcome to today’s. Video in today’s, video potentially quite a controversial one, I suppose in a way, not from our side of things, but we’re, going to be talking about the proposed scheme of charges from the CIA for the 2020 2021 financial year.

So this will come into effect after April 2020 and yes, some changes. Some interesting points to notes, but overall not a massive difference to what we pay. Now, anyway, let’s, dive on in and take a look.

This video is proudly sponsored by hub comm, connecting you to the heart of the drone industry. Everyone so welcome to today’s, video. So all of this information you can find in the CAA cap 1848 and it’s pages 21.

To 25 within the cap 1848, which is the proposed scheme of charges, as I said, for the 2020 2021 financial year now, these changes happen every year and the proposals actually came out quite late. This year they only came out a couple of weeks ago, December 2019 and actually the end of December 2019 was when I think they were released and we’ve, only just been kind of made aware of them, if you like, but I thought I’d point them out to you, because there is a cutoff date of the 10th of February so midnight on the 10th of February 2020.

There is a cutoff date, so only a couple of days away for us for us as a community to be able to tell the CIA our thoughts about the upcoming changes to the charge proposals and, like I say actually, I would say in on the whole, they’re, pretty good.

The charges, haven’t really changed, but more on that and the nuances involved later in the video, and I will drop the link to the the cap down in the video description and the place that you can go to the online forum on the Cia site, where you can go to to put your point of view across please be pleasant.

Please be constructive with anything that you do put in to them. Let’s, not make us. Look like a bunch of ass clowns as a community to the regulator. If you have got issues with it, let them but like say, be positive, be constructive! Put your point forwards as succinctly and politely.

I would suggest as possible now one thing we still haven’t had confirmation on from the CAA is what, if any charges there will be to hold an a to CFC certificate? We are still waiting for the CAA to get back to us on that.

This wasn’t included in the cap document and we haven’t seen anything on it. We have asked the question as soon as we get that answer. I will get it over to you as quickly as I can now diving on in to the amounts things are going to cost us an operational authorization with the PD are a permission, so an operational authorization with these predefined risk assessment permissions in them effectively.

What is going to be standard permissions? This is, if you get a GBC, you will get PDR a permissions read if you have a PFC, oh and I’ll, get in that updated. It will be an operational authorization with standard permissions on it, but actually, interestingly – and I think what is great for us – is that the scheme of charges for Oh a with PDR a so GBC applicants – Oh a with San of a mission, so PFC, Oh grade.

So sorry, PFC, Oh renewals, are going to remain at 253 pounds for the initial issue and a hundred and ninety pounds for the renewal and that’s. The first time I’ve ever seen this happen where the charges have been held and they haven’t even taken into account inflation in these.

So that’s. I would say really good in general, for the community. No changes to the charges in the proposal, so that is good one thing that has been added in the specific categories. So if you get your GV see your general visual line of sight certificate, you’ll, be issued with your operational authorization with the PDR, a the GV c permissions built into it.

If you then go on to do the additional bolt ons that we’ve been telling people about, there will be a fee of 127 pounds to add each bolt on onto your operational authorization. But again, what is quite good is that that is for 90 minutes of the cia’s time to do all of the things they need to to issue you with the operational authorization with your PDR, a permissions and the additional permissions you’ve asked for, but there are no renewal fees proposed for this cost 127 pounds to add it all in the first place, but thereafter it would be your as it is at the moment, 190 pounds at the annual renewal point to renew it with those additional Privilege or privileges on so, which is great, I would suggest now.

If you look at this, then actually there’s, notes on pages 21 to 25 and these down on page 24 and 25 of the cap documents to say that the new charge will apply to operations that can be covered by a standard scenario.

These STS is, and we’ve talked about these and videos previous, we’ll talk about them again. I’m sure and the standard scenarios where, for example, you can come to us eventually, once we get signed off by the CA to the boltons, which they’re, not doing until all the our e ‘

S have converted across you could come to us. You could do for the e VL OS a practical assessment. We’ll, give you some theory learning as well, but if it’s a standard scenario where effectively, the operator is simply required to declare his or her intent to conform with a particular s.

Yes and the CAA is only required to acknowledge receipt of the declaration and the standard scenarios which will be published at a later date, either through regulation amendments to the eye or the implementing regulation.

All within a specific section in the cap 72, which we expect to come out in May of 2020, so very short, really time: separation from the cap 72, the new version dropping in May and the actual change over the regulations on the 1st July happening and yeah.

So example, the first scenario STS 0 1, which will allow you for standard permissions and then the e VL OS on it. The 127 pounds is the processing time for that declaration and their reckoning. That’s, going to take no more than about 30 minutes to receive check at knowledge and file that change and hence the 127 pounds they charge 253 pounds an hour at the CAA.

What a nice hourly rate that would be – and I’m sure, obviously that doesn’t go to the people who are working there, but certainly into the organization, so that’s, that one with the bolt-ons hooding 27 pounds.

No renewal costs on an ongoing basis. It’s. Then, in your operational authority authorization renewal, then we’re on to the operational authorization with OSC permissions, so specific permissions. There are different scenarios within these.

It’s worth going and checking the notes if you are looking at doing an OSC application long. The short of it is that again, very little change. If I’m, honest 1771 pounds for the initial application of a sub 20 kilo operating safety case permissions to go on to an operation, authorization slightly different name but, to all intents purposes exactly the same and as we talked about in a video last Week, if you’re watching the channel live the OSC process, doesn’t stop on the first of July 2020.

That is extended to account for the fact that the Bolton’s. Aren’t ready. Yet from the regulator and the asset to allow you to do some of the things under the current OSC, the operating safety case scheme and you’ll, be able to apply for an OSC still so 1771 for the initial application of the OSC 506 Pounds for the annual renewal, so no change there.

Sorry, if I’m struggling a little bit with my words today, my neck has gone into spasm and again those have you been watching. No, I had an accident fine accident a number of years ago. This is what I wonder struggling to get my medical, because I damaged the vertebra in my neck and it’s.

It’s. This close scan is a spasm, so I’m, struggling a little bit just trying to get this done for you, because it’s important to get this information out there. So, apologies if I end up looking a bit for robotic today if you.

this is really important, I would say as a point to know if you lose your operational authorization, so if you lose the physical copy, if you weren’t savvy enough to save The email and you lose that way because bear in mind we need to now take the Oh a once it’s issued out with, as well as we’re operated by law, and we need to have that permission with us all.

The time while we’re flying it’s up to you, whether you carry it digitally or physically, we don’t, always always carry it physically, as we were to the ops manuals, because iPads and different devices batteries tend To go particularly when they get cold, particularly when they get wet batteries tend to die, and then you can’t prove too.

If they ask you whether you’ve got it. So if you take it out with you and you lose it, it’s. Gon na cost you 83 pounds for a duplicate certificate, so make sure you save and double save the email at CAA Sanji.

With that certificate on to save yourself an 80-pound 83 pound fee for getting a hold of a duplication. Interestingly, a little bit of a digression, we had a student come through the course this weeks, if you watch in live the students on the course and surely, in Monday Tuesday, over this week, one of those students and it’s.

The first time I’ve ever heard of this had been stopped by the whilst flying a drone and asked to show their flier ID, which fortunately, they had with them and could show them, and they were operating legally.

So interesting point for everyone who’s watching and listening on the podcast. The are aware of this. Now they are checking people’s, fire IDs, like the CAA or going out toward it. Pfc, oh hold us now so just be aware of it, be careful make sure that you do carry a fire ID with you.

If you’re in a position where you need that um next, one then cross-border operations. Now this was never a problem before when we were part of Europe. However, because of brexit, the CAA are now imposing a three hundred and eighty pound charge for an EU Member State with an operational authorization to come to the UK.

Have their operational authorization checked and approved by the CAA? Now? Why is this a problem? Because, obviously, if we’re in D, if we’re in the United Kingdom, then we won’t have to pay this, but why am I telling you well? Actually, I would suggest that if the CAA are going to be charging people 380 pounds for assessing their application, I would be very surprised if you Member States, therefore, don’t charge United Kingdom CAA operational authorization holders ourselves in the UK in a similar Amount to sign off on us go in and operate in European countries, that’s in addition to any visa requirements, any trade you know agreement or disagreement requirements so frustratingly – and this is really frustrating we’ve – always had a system in Place where most countries we’ve, been able to provide our PFC Oh permission for aerial work as it originally was and be granted permissions in other countries based on that as an acceptable means of compliance.

The whole point of going to the ISO regulations was so that europe-wide we could go and operate with our certificate without a little license card or well. However, it looks when the CAA presents it and, in the guidance material from the AMC from the Yaser side of things, it is a little card like a driving license.

Well, the idea is that if we had that – and we were still part of Europe still a member state within Europe, we would be able to just go notify the authority within that country. The aviation authority within that country and just say I’m.

Coming over and they will give you an email and say yeah, that’s, absolutely fine, no charge. Now we’re charging, other people throwing nades pounds to check theirs to come and operate in the UK. I would suggest that it’s, going to be the same, to go and operate in other countries, but cross-border operations.

There is a note for it down on page 24, 25 of the cap, so defining UAS operators from other EU member states wishing to operate in the UK. They require an examination of their operational authorisation that the operator holds for operations within the parent state.

An examination of the mitigation is provided to cover use, pookay airspace requirements and the issue of a confirmation letter to the US operator and the parent CIA discharge is based on the equivalent of 90 minutes work, and the requirement for this charge is, to some extent dependent On the final brexit scenario and these subsequent agreements within the EU, but it is included within the consultation for completeness.

So, although, as I say – and this is the thing we haven’- t had anything finalized yet and we don’t know what the trade agreements are going to be now. That brexit has finally happened and it’s. Kind of going on for the next year, the negotiations, etc.

There’s. This mechanism for charging so expect. If we don’t get that wave. If we don’t wave that as part of the agreements, I would expect that we will see that for the States. But again, if you have any thoughts on this drop it down in the comments down below the most important thing to do, though, if you have any comments, questions or queries, isn’t to come and throw the spears at ourselves.

As you know, not part, the regulator’s. Trying to get these bits of information across to you is to go to consultations, see a doctor at UK forward. Slash finance forward, slash CIA charges. 20. 20. 21.

There is a whole bunch of stuff in there. I will, as I say, put a link to the documents down below. I will put a link to the place to go that link. I’ve. Just read out in the video description you’ve, got until midnight on the 10th of February this year, the 10th of every 2020 to put your thoughts into the regulator, so rather than drop them down in the comments below.

If it’s been useful, let us know in the comments below, but if you’ve got any comments on the actual proposals themselves. Go to that now. Well, actually, don’t go now. What I want you to do is give the video a thumbs up or like it.

If you did come subscribe, if you haven’t and yeah drop your comments on the video down below, but your thoughts comments to the CIA over at that link. That I’ll, put in the video description above or below wherever it is depend on what you’re watching on, so that we can have our say.

This is one of those things a bit like we did with the damaras when it was announced, we told people and petitioned and pleaded with people to go to the consultation meetings, send your thoughts into the regulator.

So few people did that that we were issued with the damaras. We’re now subjected to all these changes. You know there’s no point. It should have moaning about this after the events go and sort it out now.

Okay, but you ‘ Ve only got a couple of days. If you’re watching this live, and if you’re watching it at the weekend, then you ‘ Ve, probably missed the boats. Alright, so make sure you go and have you say like say, give the video a thumbs up if you did like it subscribe.

If you haven’t, I’ve been Matt. Williams fly safe and blue skies. You

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