Bridge Inspections by drone with Hoverscape Professional Drone Services

by Jose

Complete regular bridge inspections quickly and easily using our industrial drones Fitted with an upward facing camera, we can capture imagery of hard to access areas. High resolution detailed imagery, can assist you to identify defects and arrange scheduled maintenance efficiently.

Traditional inspection methods that are risky and complex, such as abseilers, EWP,’s or arranging barge access, can be reduced or avoided completely By minimizing the time engineers or inspectors.

Spend working at Heights will significantly improve the workplace safety and reduce inspection times and costs.

Our inspection drones are sophisticated machines that feature multiple backup systems to provide enhance safety and reliability.

A ground based system provides precise positioning and flight path, control, enabling centremeter level hovering accuracy.

This allows us to deliver clear, detailed imagery for thorough analysis of the bridges condition For more information on how can assist you with your bridge inspections contact a member of our friendly team.

Today We’re always happy to have a chat and there’s absolutely no obligation to book.


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