Best POLICE encounter with DRONE Pilot EVER!

by Jose

Yes, other buddha, very, quay, sees himself, off, line, at, therefore, sell, we the go, fine yes, that is that, is all himself Pope, cycling this is not. Me too, very, well, problem, because, the one, the yourself, no, jodie, totally, under, him, with it, but, all the trimmings look there, comes from everything, look nice, also yes, technique, is , well, a bit in my blood, the yes, [Music,], just, nice, through the trees.

Owner the camera that is there, so then just so in love, but all those, other things that face me down, that if you want a lot more gay, I don’t want too much, more, I want just hard by construction is one.

Weird was not a nice idea, idea, I think, I, well, at the dose in it. If it is already up then yes yes that, money, to also taste it and ideas go yoga no I will come, you too I just want to cross the trees in the one more, nice height on the left, I have, no above what is this not to, yeah, yeah, android, oh mean, you [, music], no yeah, you come, like one, grabbed my, network, like, me, kinda nice and some guys put up and whack out with kind of buckled there dates: numbers delta, to, home, subiet, you and racing that is not.

My thing I like it more, love it, your head very, much, trees, one, are, well, I, do, not, black, research, white, liked it is not: my thing, yes, nice, our, planes , I, too, will through hearts and do crazy things, as a nice thank you with your Family death yes, boys and girls so it can also be respect, for, this, interest, thank you,

Source : Youtube

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