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Hi welcome to B’s 360. I am Jonathan in this . I will walk you through how to conduct your drone roof inspection using the B’s 360 app. This app supports maven phantom 3 phantom 4 and inspire series of drones from DJI.

Before we get started. Please check your drone. Has the latest DGI firmware there’s? An SD card in the drone that has enough free space battery has sufficient power and the DJI Go app has been closed as there may be some interference between B’s, 360 app and DJI Go app when you are ready to get started open Bee’s 360 app.

This will first take you to your project list where all of your inspection jobs are listed at different statuses, to create a new project. First, click. The plus sign at the upper right corner then enter the basic information of this inspection job, including type of loss date of loss, name of the policyholder phone number email and address click.

The Save button on the upper right corner to create the job then in the project list click this job. It asks you to take a picture from the front elevation to start this inspection after the front elevation picture is uploaded in the Images tab.

We provide quick detection and full detection options. The quick detection will generate a real-time damage detection report, using only 9 images on site. The full detection function will fly. Your drone autonomously to acquire imagery, is to generate the measurement report and then give the control to you to fly the drone to take detailed photos to create a premium damage report in quick detection mode.

There are five sections overview front right back and left slope in each section. You can take up to five pictures, but you can upload only one image to overview section and two images to the other four sections respectively.

First takeoff, the drone take one overview image. Then tap right take up to five images for the right slope, then tap back, take up to five images for the baxlo continue until four slopes are all covered.

If there are fewer than four slopes on the roof, just skip the ones which do not exist once finished. Taking pictures tab confirmed, wait until the thumbnails of all pictures show up. Meanwhile, fly your drone back and land it don’t turn off your drone and disconnect your controller from your mobile device.

At this moment. Select the images you want to upload to determine which pictures you want to upload click, the thumbnail to look at the picture in full screen after you select the pictures. Click the upload button on the upper right corner.

Wait for a couple of minutes until all nine drone imageries are uploaded. Please keep your drone on and ensure the controller and your mobile device are connected during this process. If the drone is turned off or the controller and your mobile device is disconnected before the uploading is finished, the real time damage report will not be generated once the upload is completed.

Click the back arrow on the upper left corner to return to the images tab. After several minutes, you will receive a notification telling you the real time damage report is generated, go to the report, tab click and open the real time damage report in full detection mode.

If you want a roof measurement report, keep measurement report tab on then click start. First, you will see a rectangle in your screen, drag the rectangle to cover the property you want to inspect. Then click the arrow on the upper right corner.

A white circle shows up indicating the boundary of this flight, then setup the property height, the obstacle height within the circle and rectangle. Once the setup is finished review, it click confirm the drone will take off and fly autonomously.

It will first take an overview image of the rooftop, then fly circle and zigzag to take oblique and straight down imageries respectively. After autonomous flight is finished, the app will notify you and you will gain control to fly the drone according to your interests, if you want to overwrite the autonomous flight, there are three ways: first, quickly switch from P to a and switch it back to your controller.

The second method is to press the pause button on the screen and then abort the mission. The third way is to press the home button on your controller for two seconds. The drone will fly back and land at the takeoff location.

If you don’t want a measurement, you simply fly the drone by yourself using our out and take the detailed images as you want. Click go to gallery. You can review the drone imageries in full detection and quick detection category respectively.

Remember in this version, you still need to take off the SD card from your drone and upload the images in full detection category through our . Instead of from your mobile device directly to our cloud, you can also modify the inspection information in the profile tab by clicking modify.

You can review all the reports in the reports tab. You can share the report to anyone. You want within the app on your mobile device in the field. Those are the basic functionalities of our app. If you have any questions, please go to our wwlp.

com to submit a request. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you for your time and interests. We look forward to working with you. [ Music, ]

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