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Why did I decide to study at Ace? Well, I thought the whole thing looked very solid. I think improving my skillset by learning how to fly a professionally. I think, would greatly add value to myself and my company aces the best value yeah.

A Swiss cheaper than all the others, primarily because it was the cheapest price. I want excellent how to fly drones responsibly, how to be aware of all the safety factors I’ve learned a lot of Technology about batteries about some flight pubs, airports.

Just the whole industry and has an informed, responsible operator, a lot more thought of going as we open my eyes up to the extend of possibilities and the range of different industries and directions you can take.

I didn’t know anything about drones. I was a novice, so yeah everything I’ve learnt has been here. They’re well instructed by mark, and you get plenty of flight time. I’ve learned a lot of different things from taking this course at .

I feel like the safety promotions and procedures. They were really important to me. Probably the biggest thing would be safety, so safety is obviously very important, so that’s. Probably one of the main things that I’ve, taken away from won’t, learn a lot from .

One again. I always needed the industry so that that’s taught me a lot in the way of battery aerospace. I guess your general general rules and regulations and how and when you can and cannot absolutely you know.

I come back to pass anyone else, but I found an extremely a good place to to do the study, since it is the training and found the guys really did to work with everything work, equipments good estimate.

I have actually recommended ace to a few of my different friends. One of them has taken the course yet yeah highly recommend yo would recommend ace aviation to friends, family and anyone that’s, looking to do that, RFP help and get into the dragon Street

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