Become a Commercial Drone Pilot With the Professional Operator Package

by Jose


The dart drones professional certification package is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to be a professional and commercialize their drone flying gained access to our full day in person. Phantom and inspire course which gives you outdoor time with our expert flight instructor to learn how to operate the phantom and inspire series to its fullest potential, learn everything from basic controls to more advanced features such as Follow Me waypoints and point of interest.

You also gain access to our full day – part 107 test prep course in person. Anyone looking to make money using their drill, needs to pass the FAA Airmen knowledge test. This 60 question two-hour test requires extensive aviation knowledge.

The dart drones part 107 test prep course is a professionally developed course. That teaches you everything you need to know to pass this exam and help you become a certified after completing the in-person course. You also gain access to the full course in an interactive online format. Additionally, students gain access to our launching a drone business under part 107 online course package. This course teaches you, everything you need to know about, starting and maintaining a drone business through multiple online classes.

Art expert flight instructors are all manned aircraft. Pilots who have extensive experience in creation, drones and teaching, learn from the experts and sign up today.

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