Be a Safe Drone Pilot this Holiday, and All Year Long.

by Jose

[ Music, ] tis the season for gift-giving. If you get a drone for the holidays, remember to register it before flying it’s. Easy just go to FAA, gov, slash UAS, to register and stay up to speed on drone rules and important safety tips.

A drone is an aircraft, you are its pilot and safety is your responsibility, for example, never fly over groups of people and always respect the privacy of those on the ground and, of course, never fly near other aircraft or into restricted airspace.

Finding all these no drone zones is easy with the before you fly app for your phone download, this free app for updated airspace restrictions and requirements throughout the nation, including airports and national parks.

This holiday season take the steps for safe flying all year. Long get started at FAA, gov, slash, UAS, it’s. What smart pilots do? [ Music ] you [ Music, ]

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