Autel EVO II DUAL vs DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise DUAL – Thermal Comparison!

Hi, this is max with maverick systems, I’m a part 107 pilot, as well as an l1 thermography. We’Re gon na do a short comparison: video on the OTT le veau to duel and the matter to enterprise duel. We’Re going to focus primarily on thermal today and our subject of interest. Is the savage water tower I’m gon na try to tell the water level in it we’re gon na start with the DJI to enterprise duel? This has two cameras on the front, one being the visual camera that were used to, and also a 160 by 120 leptin thermal sensor, [ Music ], the color palette that I’m going to be using today, who’s gon na be white, hot or greyscale.

Now, what we’re looking at right now is called MSX, which is a special software that the matic to enterprise duel runs. It allows the visual camera to overlay the outline onto the . Now we’re actually going to turn that off. So we can get a truer image of what the looks like right, like I said, we’re able to see the water level on that water tower pretty clearly in this one. Well, it is grainy that is the point of MSX one of the things that the matter tuna price tool does well is isotherms right here: I’ve isolated the area around 150 degrees, looking for where this blacktop is getting really hot, I’m actually in the center of that.

You can’t see me, now we’re moving on to the hotel Evo to duel. This once again has a visible sensor on the front, as well as a 640 by 512 boson thermal camera and that one’s running at 30 Hertz. Now neither of these are radiometric, which is fine as long as you’re not trying to run a report after here there is no MSX. This is straight . This is 640 by 512 at 30 Hertz, and we can see exactly where that water line is here.

I’M backing out kind of showing how well the auto evo2 duel is able to perform as we’re moving thousands of feet away now. Well, the bottle Evo two dual does not have any MSX capabilities. It really seems like it doesn’t need to. I’Ve got a bunch of different shots here that should give you a really good perspective of what it looks like just flying around [ Music ]. Now, if different capabilities are not the only things that make these incredible and if you’re trying to decide between the two you’re gon na have a lot of work to do to find out what best suits your needs.

But before we go we’re gon na try to show a side-by-side comparison of the auto evoke to duel and the Maverick to enterprise tool. Thanks for watching, feel free to subscribe. If you’d like to see more content like this, and if you leave a question down in the comments I’ll try to get to anything that I see again, this is max with Maverick drone systems of a bandit day.

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